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White students take offense to anti-white racism masked as white privilege education - they get called ignorant racists, of course.

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On Wednesday night, New York Times contributor and associate professor at the University of Nebraska, Jennine Capó Crucet, spoke about her novel Make Your Home Among Strangers to first-year students at Georgia Southern University (GSU). The book, required reading for some of GSU's First-Year Experience classes, focuses on the story of a Cuban-American girl from Miami who is accepted into a prestigious university in New York, and the struggles she faces to fit in with the predominantly white environment.

At the invitation from GSU, Crucet gave a talk addressing diversity, especially in a college atmosphere. It is one, according to a statement from Crucet, she has delivered at a number of other schools. However, the student's reaction to her lecture was "nothing close to... any of my previous campus visits."

When the floor was opened for a Q&A, some students questioned her authority to address white privilege at the predominantly white public university.

“I noticed that you made a lot of generalizations about the majority of white people being privileged,” one student said, according to the university's newspaper, the George-Anne. “What makes you believe that it’s okay to come to a college campus, like this, when we are supposed to be promoting diversity on this campus, which is what we’re taught. I don’t understand what the purpose of this was.”

“I came here because I was invited and I talked about white privilege because it’s a real thing that you are actually benefiting from right now in even asking this question,” Crucet said in response, according to the paper. “What’s so heartbreaking for me and what is so difficult in this moment right now is to literally have read a talk about this exact moment happening and it’s happening again. That is why a different experience, the white experience, is centered in this talk.”

According to Crucet, students immediately began shouting back and forth at one another. While some students raised more questions about race, other students apologized to the author for their peers. Tensions remained high on campus.

Some students believed Crucet made unfair comments regarding white people and claimed the author "wouldn't stop talking about white privilege" when she was supposed to be "promoting diversity."

"I feel that she addressed white students and white people in general unfairly," Andre St. Pierre, a freshman at GSU, who attended the lecture, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "She stated multiple things about white people as a whole that placed all white people in that stereotype of rich and snobby, which is very untrue. Instead of promoting diversity and equality, it’s more like she hated on white people as a whole."

In since-deleted tweets, captured in screenshots and published in the George-Anne, students who attended the lecture tweeted Crucet photos of her book with torn-out pages and accused her of being “racist” towards white people. The paper also shared one student’s tweet, which showed a video of other students burning ...
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Hircus says
focuses on the story of a Cuban-American girl from Miami who is accepted into a prestigious university in New York, and the struggles she faces to fit in with the predominantly white environment.


Has she ever watched Desi Ornez struggle to fit into the 1950s New York Arts and Entertainment scene, aided by his wife, Lucy?

That shit might intimidate Upper midwestern students from a 99% Scandinavian/German little town, "analyzing" racial diversity, but that shit shouldn't fly anywhere else, no wonder she was shocked at the response at GSU.

She's fuckin' White, look at her. You'd think she was French or Italian. Her fist and last name is French, FFS. Crucet and Jeannine aren't exactly common Spanish names.
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NoCoupForYou says
Her fist and last name is French, FFS. Crucet and Jeannine aren't exactly common Spanish names.

I heard a rumor her real last name is Dolezal or Dolita... something like that. lol.
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My cousin went to NYU for one year. Transferred because of the spoiled brat, rich kid infestation. 18 year old kids driving Ferarris in NYC and making friends w Saudi princes.

NYU is douchy af, not because its white, moreso because it caters to the children of the rulers of the world (many arent white).
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If these failed ethnic types spent their time in school, applying themselves, studying, progressing, working toward real life's goals, and succeeding, they wouldn't need to be out spouting about 'white privilege' because they would be manufacturing their own privilege.

It must be wonderful broadcasting your life as a victimized cop out playing the blame game.
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Left owns most campuses where they push “fuck white people” theories. Finally few students understand that it’s racist veiled under guise of virtue.
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Sure are a lot of caucaphobes in the news these days. Caucaphobia is the number 2 illness affecting snowflakes in this day and age, with TDS still being the most prevalent disease.

It strikes friends, family, and loved ones alike. While there is currently no known cure, we hope to find one during our lifetime.
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willywonka says
She's white herself.

White Leftards are the worst racist by far. They make the Aryan Nation look moderate and reasonable.

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