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Reflections On 50 Years Of My Life Since The Moon Landing

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#moonlandingGood Morning Everyone:
Sir Richard Branson is a famous British businessman. When he finished high school he was voted "most likely to go to jail." He stated in humble circumstances. He has gone on to build a big retail company, a couple of airlines, and a space company. He got knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
He has a favorite saying in life:"Each of us should have a notebook where we analyze our lives." I have such a notebook and write in it by hand. The last two days I have been analyzing the 50 years of my life since Neil and Buzz landed on the moon.
The last 19 years of my life (38% of that 50 years) have been the best years of my life. I can thank Elena for that. She has been a wonderful influence on me and brought out the best in me. When she sets a goal, she never quits. Like all people from South America, she knows how to take hard times.
In the last 50 years there have been some people who betrayed me, stole from me big-time and broke my heart. There have been some people who did not live up to my expectations. I shall not list them here.
There have also been some real heroes and I will list them here as follows (Please note that the majority of them are women!):
1) Maria Antonieta Fuentes
2) Elizabeth Ferrell
3) Lois Franco
4) Barbara Broadhurst
5) Nicholas Humy
6) Joao B. Santos
7) Alan Sherman
8) Rebecca Darr
9) My father Vasco L. Walters
What stood out during the exercise was a pearl of wisdom that my father gave me long ago as follows:
"Do not worry about your enemies. You know who they are, where they are, and what they are up to. It is your friends and your relatives..those are the people who will "'do it to you every time.'"
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