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When RT does better reporting than CNN

By CBOEtrader follow CBOEtrader   2019 Jul 18, 10:05pm 575 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Epstein case broken down by RT.

I find it interesting they are fingering mossad as the source behind this.

Question: at what point do we remove all intelligence organizations from all governments? What good are they doing the world?
1   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   ignore (4)   2019 Jul 18, 10:23pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

pretty much everyone reports better than cnn/npr/motherjones and so forth.

liberals gone off the cliff ever since Trump, and haven't regained their sanity.
2   Ceffer   ignore (4)   2019 Jul 18, 11:47pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

It isn't hard to do better journal-izm and journal-isn't than the usual USA suspects these days. However, it IS RT, and the issue of agency, double agency, triple agency etc. is a murky one. I'm sure the Russians would be tickled to blame it all on Mossad. However, to think that CIA didn't know all about and use Epstein would be fatuous. Israeli politics have had some socks tossed with Ehud Barak being implicated with Epstein as well.

You could probably make a good argument that the Clintons are double and triple agents. IHLlary's open email server was a great way to send encoded or direct messages/information without IHLlary having to trudge around to dead drops. She believed that she had plausible deniability and immunity, and so far, she has been right, since it seems the Clintons have 'gotten away' with it. Also, the Clinton Foundation and all of Bill's busy bee trips abroad one would think would raise red flags, even without the Lolita express.

Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese driver/gofer for 20 years who has turned out to be an agent of China proper. It turns out she brokered some sweet deals for China. She also has had a long stint in military appropriations. Is Dianne Feinstein a double agent? That one seemed to sink beneath the publicity waves of un-permitted press investigations.

As many have mentioned, politicians are 'chosen' because they ARE compromised and compromise-able to begin with. The mutually assured blackmail angles makes them compliant to their behind-the-scenes masters. The Dems have flip flopped so much on many issues, including immigration, they are clearly getting their marching orders from somewhere and it isn't each other. If they are NOT morally or ethically challenged to begin with, they just are not good political investments. Part of the Skull and Bones secret handshake seems to extend from photos and videos of members at initiation engaging in perverted activities, to be held over their heads if they ever got out of line or disclosed the brotherhood. Their choice: a life of unparalleled privilege and power albeit corrupt and compromised, or instantaneous, overnight disgrace and possibly imprisonment if it became necessary to use their dossier against them.

Getting actual sex tapes is a real clincher, and the intelligence agencies probably have to generate new honey traps periodically to keep fresh blackmails as valued currency, so Epstein is probably just the most successful of a succession of old and new whorehouse one way mirrors.

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