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Who cares about the cost of housing when you can live in a tent and sanctuary cities keep the drugs cheap and plentiful.
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SUMMARY: Because liberals are idiots.

1 Every time they pass more "tenant protection" laws, landlords are forced to bake that into the rent. Every time there are limits on increases, landlords again have to price it into the rent. So rents skyrocket.
2 Every time those green hippies want to restrict building to save a desert cockroach, that's housing not built, so prices go up due to supply and demand.
3 Every time those loving liberals bring in millions of illegals, without housing to back that up, that's price increases on housing everywhere due to supply and demand issue.
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Leftist Boomer Assholes!

I say we eat em!
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just_dregalicious says
Leftist Boomer Assholes!

I say we eat em!

What are you saying? You eat ass?
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d6rB says
HeadSet says
What are you saying? You eat ass?


Well, I guess since we eat the intestine as sausages...

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