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Marxism: What's Behind America's New Anti-Freedom Love Affair

By cmdrda2leak follow cmdrda2leak   2019 May 24, 7:51am 658 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

* Hyper-diversity and deterioration;
* Public schools as containment zones and ultimately, indoctrination centers;
* Ideological condtioning leads to Intolerance of an open marketplace of ideas;
* "Victim Culture" is currently trying to murder "Dignity Culture";
* Economically, a debt bomb looms;
* Demographically, the Population Overshoot that the West conquered in the 20th century still festers in the global south and is surging at our gates;
* Those products of the indoctrination center education system lack the critical thinking skills to parse these world trends so instead reach for the state to feed them and tell them what to think ;
* The financial cartels and their owned media mouthpieces happily cheerlead for this deterioration, as it plays into their goals of a disempowered and globalized chattel populace;
* The naive participants in this potemkin revolution think they're "smashing the system", when in fact they're agents of the Globalist Cabal and are really smashing their countrymen, in particular, the working class.
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WTF! Sponsored by a game

This, and many other independent content creators have had to resort to in-video sponsorships to pay the bills over the past year or so, as YouTube has "demonitized" open content that covers any topics that aren't strictly Politically Correct.
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Easy answer here.

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