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Gone full Breitbart.

Are GOP donors still picking up the tab?

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Did Farron point out that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. spent the entire Presidency of Obama carrying his water? Or the entire Trump Presidency bashing him?

That the Honeymoon Period afforded every President, in a dire and dark break with Tradition and Precedence, was even denied Trump?

It's entertaining that the Left ignores the fact that 90% of Print, Radio, and Television Media in Existence is 92% Negative on Trump.

That's not including Social Media controlled by Democrat Fanatic Big Tech.

Par for the course for the Authoritarian Left. They ignore that 90% of Media is under their total control, and blame the 10% they don't totally control for all their problems in convincing people that shit isn't shit.

The other funny thing is that the Left IS the Establishment, but still think they're revolutionaries, which is most entertaining when talking to college students parroting their Teachers, Professors, Deans, and the majority of the Media Outlet's Official Opinion and acting like they're all rebels for justice and shit.

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