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Let's Review

By NoCoupForYou follow NoCoupForYou   2019 May 18, 1:54am 284 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

1. The Vaunted Mueller report turned up bupkiss on Trump.
2. The Democrats are now going to be investigated for collusion with Russian Agents, who were hired to make a Fake Dossier by a Foreign Agent (Steele) working for a Democrat-employed Lobbying Firm (that was also an intel contractor simultaneously), which was then leaked to the Media to give high level FBI operatives an excuse (the Articles) to eavesdrop on the Trump Campaign. Additionally, foreign agents from Australia, Malta, and the UK tried to entrap Trump Campaign Employees with "Russians".
3. Trump is standing tough on China, finally somebody does something instead of mope and kick the can down the road. Even Tom Friedman (!!!) is on board.
4. The IRGC is on the fritz and desperately trying to gin up some nationalism for the Islamic Republic by launching attacks abroad and hoping for a massive embroilment in return (they won't get it). Probably in Iraq, the Straits of Hormuz, or possibly the Golan or Lebanon.
5. Socialism absolutely failed again in Venezuela.
6. ISIS is literally no more; Jihadi Brides are trying to guilt trip the West into letting them back in. Trump is not having it.
7. Refugees were cut 60%+ from 100,000 under Obummer to just 30,000.
8. Another $1.5B was moved from the Pentagon budget for the Wall.
9. The Dem's clear favorite is haunted by Ukrainian and Chinese lobbying and "business" connections with a multiple of corrupt officials, some of whose names will appear again in Barr's Investigation of the FISA Malfeasance. Biden will also be 78 years old by January 2021, 77 during the 2020 Campaign, and be over 82 (!!!) before the end of his first term.
10. Finally, four of the Steele Dossier authors were agents known to US Intelligence as FSB and SVR agents, yet Comey and Brennan pretended they came from Steele despite knowing otherwise. Dem Activists in the Intel community literally got a FISA warrant to spy on their Opposition Party's Presidential Campaign based on testimony known to have come directly from active and retired Russian intel operatives (Treason?!)
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This just means Trump is more diabolically able to hide his true evil, like SATAN! IMPEACH TRUMP!

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