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Hey Uncles Can you spare what you can for Roger Stone and his wife. They have laid themselves out for America. Let Catch them now they are falling.

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Being caught in the cross-hairs of the Mueller investigation is something that can cost you millions in legal fees, but also ruin your ability to earn a living. Few have suffered more at the hands of Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors than Roger Stone, a longtime aide and ally to President Donald Trump.

Since being arrested in an early morning raid televised by CNN, presumably due to a tip-off from someone involved in the targeting of Roger Stone, the notorious political operative has been raising funds for his legal defense through the Stone Defense Fund, a fund that can only be used for legitimate legal expenses.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stone, like many others who have become the subjects of Mueller’s wide-ranging “investigation,” most of his clients and longtime business relationships have been either terminated or put on hold until the outcome of the trial scheduled for November. As such, the Stone family has cut costs in nearly every aspect of their lives. They have moved from their Fort Lauderdale home to a small one-bedroom apartment, they have had to cut their health insurance, they have had to sell their car.

Despite all of this, the relentless fake news attacks on Stone’s integrity and a gag order issued from Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Mr. Stone has remained steadfast in his support of President Trump and maintained his commitment to prove himself not-guilty at trial. President Trump has praised his refusal to bear false witness, saying that Stone has “guts.”

On Thursday, his wife launched the Stone Family Support Fund, which aims to help the Stones pay for the basic necessities of life over the next few months. Not surprisingly, The Bulwark, a fake news publication that has become a haven for the Never Trump neocon losers who used to work at the defunct Weekly Standard, shamed Mrs. Stone for having the courage to ask for help.

The NeoCons are just as bad as the Democrats and alt-left losers peppered across the fake news media, they literally want us all penniless and disgraced for having the nerve to stop their precious Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton from reaching the White House.

They claim that Stone is a grifter and con-artist who is trying to trick people into fueling his standard of living. As someone who has known Roger for over half-a-decade, I can assure you that he has tightened his belt and is not seeking to live some opulent lifestyle on the backs of donors. Let me put it this way, the Stones are simply trying to survive from what I have seen in the aftermath of the CNN filmed FBI strike-force raid earlier this year.

In Mrs. Stone’s own words…

“I can assure you that every penny is dedicated strictly to our basic no frills living expenses as we face the greatest challenge of our lives and at the same time prepare for my husband’s trial,” Mrs. Stone wrote. “Won’t you please send an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100, $200, $300, $500, $1,000 or even more to the Stone Family Support Fund today?”
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That Bulwark is a barf fest. Their twitter feed is full of some schmuck praising Cass Sunstein. Funniest of all, on the heels of an unprecedented smack down on China by Trump that nobody else even hinted of doing, they run a piece bemoaning activists in Hong Kong not getting help. Pathetic, all of them.

They are even bitching about Alabama's pro-life laws, as if 30 years of Neoliberal Fakeass Conservatives have done anything to advance the Pro-Life cause. Again, they make the tired "Endless losing on principles feels right!" repeated humiliated loser Cuck argument.

"You might risk Pro-Life not changing anything, though we've failed to change anything towards Pro-Life for decades, and indeed lost ground!"

I wonder what that witch Rubin has been up to.

I'll donate to Stone's legal.

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