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Remember !ZOMG! The! drought?

By mell follow mell   2019 May 16, 6:53pm 1,861 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Seems like an eternity. CA leftoids wanked off moralizing about Globull! warming! and climate! change! Possibly it would never rain again and we'd be in a worse drought every year. Now it's almost fucking June and one summer event after the other gets canceled due to rain while you can still ski in Tahoe. Instead of moralizing and conspiring on how to extract the last dime off the CA taxpayer by raising water rates ad inifinitum gov moonbeam should've built more reservoirs instead, to 1) amass more drinking water and 2) prevent floods. Of course utility prices and taxes never come down although CA is drowning in fresh water this year. Oh well, the church of globull warming must go on. Or maybe it's el nino now. Cali stronk! Rezist baad orange man!
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