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Facebook Hired Hillary Staffer to Announce Recent Purge

By cmdrda2leak follow cmdrda2leak   2019 May 8, 10:29am 592 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Lots of coincidental timing in these recent purges and digital bookburnings...

1   Tenpoundbass   ignore (16)   2019 May 8, 11:19am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

It is backfiring big time.
I was over at my Liberal friend's house last night playing music and discussing politics like we do from time to time.
He was looking at his Twitter feed(just set one up to market his on line music). As he was scrolling through it, he kept bemoaning the stupid pictures.
He kept asking me "What's up with the stupid pictures, Man!" I looked at his screen and saw Liberal feeble attempts at Memes ala Marcus style.
My friend just thought they were infantile and silly. Then what wasn't stupid pictures, was ugly ass fat women posting short vids trying to be sexy.
He just kept saying What the fuck is this shit. So finally I asked him to check out Gab for some perspective. I was going log in with my account. He said No I'll create one, I want to see it as unfiltered what someone new coming to the site would see. He gets to the home page and he's scrolling and reading the posts. He said, "You know, this isn't bad! Not bad at all. It's just current unreported news events. "

He then went to look at the Groups to subscribe to some. He saw one that said. Dank Memes. He said what's a MeeMee I said it's pronounced Meem.
I said it's what the Democrats were trying to do on Twitter but they have no soul and they are not in the right so it's not funny. I then told him to subscribe and check real memes out. I said they work for Republicans because we're in the right of the issue. He went to it, and tears were pouring down his face as he was laughing so hard. He couldn't believe it. He said a couple times. "I'm going to post that on my Facebook account." I told him if you do, you'll be banned and labled a White Supremacist. No it wasn't a racial meme there were just memes pointing out the deep state crimes, 44's criminal legacy, and the double standards of the left and their own private set of rules.
He said "I want to post that on my Facebook" a couple times. Finally I said, "You know what? Maybe you should post it. So you can see first hand just how Orwellian the Democrats really are." He has thought 90% of everything I've told him over the last two years, was hyperbole, conspiracy news stuff or just made up shit.

I told him I think the race baiter there are Liberal operatives. He saw only one Ignorant bigoted posts. I told him it's probably a Liberal. He replied "Ah come on you can do better than that." the guy gave him a like and a follow. I'm sure the guy looked at his profile and could tell he is black. He saw that and told me, you're probably right.

I hope he posts some of the Dankest memes and gets thrown off Facebook.
2   Ceffer   ignore (6)   2019 May 8, 11:26am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

There is a strange awakening in some LibbyFucks, like, "Am I being had?". Even in Santa Cruz, some are starting to squint at the shit being shoveled down their throats and taking a look at the real world.

Probably won't last, but the champagne cork sound of heads popping out of asses is kind of refreshing if only temporary, until the fake news machines re-gain traction.

'Cmon, Lefties! Your talking head shit nozzles need to be ramped up, can't let the lamers wake up!

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