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Trump imposes 25% Tariff on $200B Chinese Goods

By HonkpilledMaster following x   2019 May 6, 10:01am 1,091 views   46 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

I love this President!

If !!!Jeb!!! was elected, he'd be saying how Trade Deficits are an "Act of Love" or "Compassion" or some bullshit.

If Hillary was elected, we'd probably be glowing at night from a nuclear winter.

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Williams-Sonoma CEO says the company saw tariff hikes coming, hired more US workers

Williams-Sonoma shifted some furniture production to Vietnam, Indonesia and the United States after President Donald Trump slapped 10% duties on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods last year.

n December, Williams-Sonoma announced that it would open a facility in Tupelo, Mississippi, in January and add hundreds of jobs to manufacture upholstered furniture. Alber said it’s beneficial to bring jobs back to the United States because “the cost from the freight coming from Asia offsets the costs of the labor,” as the company learned after opening its first Sutter Street Manufacturing unit in North Carolina.

“We looked at opening another unit in Tupelo and then bolstering up our other two West Coast and East Coast manufacturing units,” Alber said. “And so we’re hiring … 500 people, and we’ve got 140 right now in Tupelo. We need to hire more, and we need to hire more on the coasts, as well.”
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HonkpilledMaster says

...completely avoided if you buy from a non-Tariffed Country, or you buy the product inside the USA (the best idea). That’s Zero Tariffs. Many Tariffed companies will be leaving China for Vietnam and other such countries in Asia. That’s why China wants to make a deal so badly!...— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

He isn't wrong!

That is true - companies scramble to Vietnam, which is nice since Vietnamese hate Chinese guts, and are very, very friendly to Americans.
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Also, Fentanyl. China is world's top producer of it but claims they have no idea where industrial scale quantities of it are being made, though they have a social credit system and no 4th Amendment whatsoever.
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zzyzzx says
RC2006 says
60 billion, china is going to run out of things to tariff long before we do they can fuck off. We export 1 billion for every 5 we import, China will loose.

I don't understand why the Chinese haven't figured this out yet.

They play the long game and know we are ran by a bunch of greedy sellout fucks. They hope Trump looses and they can go back to selling us cheap shit and stealing our tech while watching us collapse.

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