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1   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   ignore (7)   2019 May 4, 3:09pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

This is really really bad. Alex Jones does what he does to make money. But whatever I don’t know anyone that buys his nonsense. He still should have the right to do what he wants. Paul Joseph Watson though...I’m not even sure what the objection is.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc have promoted themselves for years as public platforms. Basically the modern town squares. The msm cheering the banning of people who hold opposing views seems incredible, especially considering the number of incidents where the Washington Post has written articles as news that are blatantly false. Yet no one calls for the banning or shut down of the Washington Post.

It seems that the Democrats have abandoned all semblance of first ammendment support.

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