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Boston Globe writer urges waiters to ‘tamper’ with food of Republicans

By Patrick follow Patrick   2019 Apr 15, 9:30pm 312 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

A Boston Globe columnist called for waiters to contaminate the food of Trump administration officials.

The column by Luke O'Neil was modified and then taken down by Globe editors. “Keep Kirstjen Nielsen unemployed and eating Grubhub over her kitchen sink,” referring to the recently ousted Department of Homeland Security secretary.

“As for the waiters out there, I’m not saying you should tamper with anyone’s food, as that could get you into trouble,” O’Neil wrote. “You might lose your serving job. But you’d be serving America. And you won’t have any regrets years later.”

He added that “not pissing in Bill Kristol’s salmon" when he was a waiter was one of his eternal regrets. “I was waiting on the disgraced neoconservative pundit and chief Iraq War cheerleader about 10 years ago at a restaurant in Cambridge and to my eternal dismay, some combination of professionalism and pusillanimity prevented me from appropriately seasoning his entree,”

The Globe to found itself dealing with a wave of outrage.
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I wouldn't recommend he ever eat outside his home again

Three words would have sufficed.
EAT SHIT! Republicans!

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