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PC Culture Run Amok: This Fat White Boy Was Expelled Just For Getting Fully Nude On The School Bus To Change Into His Dashiki

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Every single day, the SJW cuck armada tries to enforce a new rule about what Americans “can” or “can’t” do in this country. But this week, the P.C.-police stooped to a new low entirely and proved once and for all that political correctness is the biggest threat to our God-given rights as patriot-blooded Americans: This fat white boy was expelled just for getting fully nude on the school bus to change into his dashiki!

Oh, so it’s “problematic” for an overweight white boy to get totally naked on the bus to put on a dashiki? Truly, lib-logic is the result of serious mental illness!

Yesterday morning, Rubin O’Leary, a fat white boy at Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, PA was minding his own business in the seat closest to the school bus driver when he stripped completely nude to put on a dashiki that perfectly covered the upper half of his body. Though Rubin did not hurt ANYBODY, he was met with outrage from the soy-infected bus driver, who apparently thought it was so “offensive” for fat white boys to get naked on the bus to change into African garments that he threatened to report Rubin if he didn’t put his clothes back on. Once Rubin got off the bus, still in nothing but his dashiki, a school security guard blocked him from heading to class and instead took Rubin to the principal’s office, where he was told he was not allowed to come to school anymore.

Hmm. It seems pretty obvious to any true PATRIOT that if Rubin had been an African-American boy who wore a dashiki and never exposed himself in front of his classmates, he would still be in school. But just because you’re fat, white, and stripping completely naked to wear a dashiki, you get punished for it today. That’s how INSANE PC culture in this country has become!

“When I heard the reason why my fat white son had been expelled and that I had to find a new school for him to attend, I was consumed by rage,” said Chuck O’Leary, Rubin’s father and a gun owner. “It’s just so sad to know that our children are growing up in a time where you can’t be a fat white boy in America who gets naked on a moving public school bus to change into a dashiki. Since when did the PC police get to say that was an unacceptable thing to do in our country?”

Teachers like the ones who punished Rubin are brainwashing our children with beta-ideologies each day, and it should fill all patriots with uncontrollable anger!

With this disgusting incident, political correctness has officially been taken too far in America. For all the libs who’ve never read the Constitution, here are a few basic facts about America for you: Fat white boys CAN get naked in front of other people to wear traditional West African clothes, Democrats have NO PLACE in schools, and PC culture DOES NOT BELONG in America!

PatriotHole stands proudly with this fat white boy because he did NOTHING wrong!!!

UPDATE: Incredible news, patriots!!! President Trump has once again saved the day by inviting the fat white boy to the White House! See Comment #1 below !


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Trump To The Rescue: The Fat White Boy Who Was Expelled For Getting Fully Nude On The School Bus To Change Into His Dashiki Was Invited To The White House

Patriots!!! If you are still disturbed by how P.C. culture got that fat white boy expelled just for getting 100 percent nude on the school bus to wear a dashiki earlier this week, we have a BEAUTIFUL update to that story that just goes to show how INCREDIBLE our President Trump is! Our mighty leader, President Donald J. Trump, has invited the fat white boy to the White House!!!

Rubin O’Leary, the fat white boy, must feel so proud to hear that President Donald John Trump Sr. has his back! See, libs? The Prez just proved there’s nothing “politically correct” about doing the right thing!

As soon as President Trump heard how PC culture had ruined this fat white boy’s life (OVER NOTHING!), he knew he had to use his platform to speak out and let every fat white boy know that it’s okay for them to get naked on the bus and put on a dashiki, no matter how much Demo-crazies whine that it’s “culturally insensitive” or “indecent exposure!

Check out President Trump’s official tweet inviting the fat white boy to come visit him in Washington below:

The fat white boy not only took up the president on his amazing offer, but also received a true patriot’s welcome at the White House! After giving the lucky, overweight white boy a tour of the Oval Office, Trump himself got fully naked to put on his own dashiki right alongside the fat white boy! It was an absolutely heartwarming gesture that was made all the more special by what happened next: The fat white boy was informed he’d been invited to join the Army, and that he’d also received $20 million in donations towards his college education from compassionate American PATRIOTS across the country who’d heard his heart-wrenching story!

Sorry libs, but the scores are in. PC culture: 0 points. President Trump: 1,776 points!!!

We are SO relieved that this fat white boy’s nightmare story has a happy ending—all thanks to the best president this country’s ever had! It’s moments like this that remind you no matter how many mentally ill libs are trying to pervert our freedoms, America is in good hands with President J. Trump (Donald)! God bless him!!!
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A fat boy going commando in a dashiki is the next best thing to a line of kilt wearing Scotsmen doing the can can. It is basic right, like manspreading and mansplaining.
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line of kilt wearing Scotsmen doing the can can.

LOL!!! Accompanied by bagpipes playing the Can-Can song.
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A fat white sissy wearing what Fred Sanford called a Duck Shaker? Lamont and Rollo would be pissed.

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