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These Idiots are a Menace and the Illegals TOO!

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According to a ruling by Obama-appointed federal Judge Beth Bloom, it is not a crime for an illegal alien to use fake federal documents to obtain a state license.
Rubman Ardon Chinchilla is a roofer who lives in Broward County, Florida and has been illegally living in the US for decades.

Chinchilla got busted using fake immigration documents in order to obtain a Florida driver’s license and was indicted on two counts of violating federal law.

Chinchilla was one of 20 illegal aliens who was arrested for using an “Order of Supervision,” — this is a specific federal form to prove to the Florida Department of Highway and Safety that an individual is allowed to be in the US.
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The US Chamber of Commerce wants illegals as a way of driving down wages and increasing profit.

The US Chamber of Commerce is the biggest lobbyist in DC.

The US Chamber of Commerce gets what it wants.

(For those who don't know, the US Chamber of Commerce is a "bosses' union", organized specifically to benefit employers at the expense of their workers.)
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US Chamber combined with the tech elites want unlimited H1-B visas for engineering and computer science jobs.

By the way, Chinchilla committed fraud according to Florida statue when he presented false immigration papers in order fraudulently to obtain a Florida driver's license. Hand him over to the local Florida district attorney if the feds cannot prosecute him for a federal law violation.

From what I have read of the article, he obtained the drivers license with a fraudulent documentation. Hence, at least Florida Statue 322.33 (Making false affidavit perjury. ) since he presented himself under false pretenses to obtain a drivers license. 

Florida Statue 322.33 is the "catch all" statue to lying or committing fraud to obtain a Florida drivers license or in using a drivers license. Its similar in "catch all" context to the "conduct unbecoming of an officer or member of the military service" as part of UCMJ. If you remember the movie A Few Good Men, the 2 defendants were cleared of murder but they were still dishonorably discharged for "conduct unbecoming of a Marine".

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it is not a crime for an illegal alien to use fake federal documents to obtain a state license.

Wow. So I can use fake documents to get a license, as long as I have other fake documents to show I am a citizen of Mexico?
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Damn Patrick! Don't get my wife started on the Chamber of Commerce.
She's like a group of raptors.

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