Kavanaugh porno video making the rounds

2018 Sep 27, 5:56pm   1,225 views  3 comments

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Feisntein orders truckload of Senior Diddler™ vaginal lube.

"Ooohhh, you big Catholic boy stud. Take me with your hunky wingman! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!"

What Was In The Envelope That Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Slipped To Kavanaugh Accuser's Lawyer?


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1   NDrLoR   2018 Sep 27, 8:57pm  

What movie is this scene with Shelley Hubba Hubba Winters from? Is she still married to Jonathan Winters?
2   MisterLefty   2018 Sep 28, 3:56am  

P N Dr Lo R says
Shelley Hubba Hubba Winters from
Alfie. Don't think they were ever married.
3   NDrLoR   2018 Sep 28, 8:12am  

MisterLefty says
Thanks! I saw that but had forgotten she was in it. i knew she and Jonathan were never married, was just acting silly like the time someone told me Brenda Lee had died. I responded and said you know who her parents were, don't you and they said no and I said "Peggy and Pinky Lee" to their laughter. Peggy like Shelley, having been born in 1920 was deep hubba hubba having spent her 20's in the 1940's.

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