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Could Physical Silver Demand Overwhelm the Paper Markets?

By smaulgld follow smaulgld   2018 Sep 14, 10:53am 1,999 views   3 comments         share      


1   Onvacation   2018 Sep 15, 8:07am  

No. Bitcoin and all the other e-currencies will overwhelm silver. The above ground silver in the world is worth 17 billion. Bitcoin alone is worth six times that.
2   smaulgld   2018 Sep 15, 8:38am  

and the answer is NO!
3   Onvacation   2018 Sep 20, 11:34am  

AntiOcasioCortez says
.you allowing your site to be used for infomercials?

FREE speech. You are allowed to ignore anyone you want.

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