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Trump's Approval Rating Rises Among Hispanics

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By Steve Cortes
June 28, 2018
In a new Harvard/Harris poll released this week exclusively to The Hill, President Trump’s overall approval rating rose to 47 percent, just two points shy of the highest level of his presidency, per that survey. The main driver of his growing popularity now: a stunning 10 percent rise in Trump approval among Hispanics.

That growing support among Latinos would surely surprise many Trump critics in Washington and the legacy media, who remain fixated on border issues. So intense is their hysteria regarding border enforcement that people like former CIA Director Michael Hayden compared our detention policies to the Auschwitz concentration camp in a tweet and MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch proclaimed on “Morning Joe” that ALL Trump voters are essentially Nazis.

Amid that media madness, Main Street America focuses not so much on concocted controversies but on bread-and-butter kitchen table issues like rising wages and soaring confidence among small businesses and consumers. ...

Moreover, in contrast to the assumptions of the leftist identity-politics hucksters, Hispanics are far from uniform on immigration issues, and actually take a very moderate and pragmatic approach to the border and enforcement. In fact, per Zogby Analytics exit polling from 2016, twice as many Hispanics believe immigration enforcement is too lax versus too stringent. Regarding the recent border issues, an Economist/YouGov poll found that only 20 percent of Hispanics support the previous policies of “catch and release” where families entering the country illegally are not detained but summoned to report back for a later hearing – at which many never show up. Instead, 64 percent of Hispanics support either detaining the whole family together, or detaining parents and children separately. This will disappoint the Democrats, to be sure, but legal Hispanics hardly support open borders.

When it comes to politics, I believe Hispanics are generally very practical people, and seek from government not a laundry list of deliverables but rather the conditions in our country for the increased prosperity and security of our communities. Policies that stimulate small business are especially helpful since Hispanics are, statistically, by far the most entrepreneurial demographic in America. So, as President Trump pursues policies that drive growth and public safety – such as tax cuts and cracking down on the MS-13 gang – no wonder his popularity rises apace among Latinos.
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The leftists always want to lump latinos together.

Good luck with that one.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
The leftists always want to lump latinos together.

Californians are loathed by Cubans because they're always like "What part of Mexico are you from?"

Cubans feel like a bunch of Parisian Intellectuals just being asked how many potatoes they planted in Co. Donegal as a child.
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Aphroman says
Polls are very legitimate when they show people liking Trump. Polls are #FakeNews when they don’t like Trump

Any #TDSer care to explain why they’ve been manipulated to operate in this manner?

The absolute value is easy to monkey with, however the change in value is far more legitimate to identify via polls.

Headline number is dicey, the change is legit.

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