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Alfie Sentenced to death by NHS

By NoCoupForYou follow NoCoupForYou   2018 Apr 24, 6:06pm 734 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

The parents of Alfie Evans have lost a last-ditch legal appeal to fly their son to Vatican City in what a high court judge called “the final chapter in the case of this extraordinary little boy”.

A barrister for Tom Evans and Kate James asked Mr Justice Hayden to show “common humanity and common sense” and allow the seriously ill 23-month-old boy to leave Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool.

The judge said all medical experts agreed that further treatment was futile and it would be against Alfie’s best interests to fly to the Vatican’s Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. However, he added, there was a small possibility Alfie could be cared for at home or in a hospice “for his final days or hours”.

What's wrong with Alfie? Did he have some terminal condition?

No, he had a rare Mitochondrial Disease, which NHS doctors originally labelled "Lazy" and failed to catch early, but Alfie managed to beat off an infection and breathe on his own.

But the after several attempts to cut off meds and support, the NHS still doesn't want to pay. Alfie will never be a net asset producer yet is not Brown and Muslim. So Italy and the Vatican prepared an air rescue, gave him Italian Citizenship, and offered to fly and treat him in Italy, where they are willing to try an experimental therapy.

Yet the UK Government refuses to let him go, the High Courts ruled that the Socialist Health Care System Death Panel was correct, and they could pull all Life Support against the Parent's wishes, AND not permit the Italian and Vatican governments, at their own expense, including paying for evacuation to Italy via a private helicopter and Italian Military Medical Aircraft, via a Foundation.

Now the father is giving mouth to mouth because the NHS has pulled all breathing assistance and respiratory drugs, per the NHS' final Death Order.

And no, this is not like Terry Schiavo because: The Parents of this child are the clear decision makers (whereas the parents of Terri tried to usurp decision making power from the Husband as legally - and Biblicaly - valid) and a foreign government is offering to take full responsibility (payment was not an issue in the Schiavo case).
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Trumpcare prevents all Americans from illness & death.

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