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Not Sure How Or Why, But Stuble Across This Mess - Northern Illinois University Edition

By WookieMan follow WookieMan   2018 Mar 8, 5:19pm 2,707 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Jesus Christ. This is on their alumni page. Someone might want to update this.

https://alumnius.net/northern_illinois_un-8288-65 (if you want to fact check)

Danny Hastert, really! - Pedophile

Sam Hurd - Drug Dealer


Jimmy Chamberlin - Drug addict drummer

I'm signing up for NIU tomorrow!
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It just goes to show you. Being a pedophile, and drug dealer or a drug addict doesn't have to stand in the way of success, fame, big money or fortune! Just think of the hope this gives the many striving young scholars.

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