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Jerry Brown, nearing end of term, defies unions on pensions

By socal2 follow socal2   2017 Dec 4, 11:02am 2,591 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      


Looks like Governor Moonbeam finally decided to get brave and do the right thing in his final year in office when he no longer needs public sector union cash.
If the California State Supreme Court finally breaks the "California Rule" on treating lavish pensions as sacrosanct, California could finally free up some much needed tax money for infrastructure and education and stave off future municipal bankruptcies.

Here's hoping!
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Good luck with that. It is incredible in California how the Teacher's Union has infiltrated every community because you spit, and somebody is related to somebody or knows somebody with some minor job with the school district. It is rampant job bribery.

Of course, along with general socialist infiltration, this means every teacher or worker in the school system is a rabid liberal. They love the illegals because it gives them an excuse to build more schools for the illegal spawns. Primary schools in some parts of Cali are gang incubators. They provide meals and baby sitting services until they kids are old enough to start stabbing each other.
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socal2 says
Here's hoping!

More like dreaming.

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