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Berkeley ground zero for CA housing crisis.

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by tovarichpeter     💰tip   follow   2017 Dec 1, 9:07am  

1   Strategist   2017 Dec 1, 9:21am  

"But when the buyer turned out to be a developer, and when that developer floated a proposal to raze the building and replace it with a trio of small homes, the neighborhood erupted in protest."

They should be building a 3 story, 10 unit apartment on that lot. Building just 3 homes in the middle of a severe shortage of homes won't do shit.
2   Strategist   2017 Dec 1, 9:24am  

Maybe even bulldoze the whole neighborhood and start building skyscrapers.
3   epitaph   2017 Dec 1, 9:41am  

NIMBYs are pathetic.
4   Strategist   2017 Dec 1, 9:50am  

epitaph says
NIMBYs are pathetic.

You can't stop the march of progress. If it's getting too crowded, NIMBY needs to move.
5   RWSGFY   2017 Dec 1, 9:54am  

Strategist says
You can't stop the march of progress.

Yay, progress!

6   Strategist   2017 Dec 1, 9:59am  

KimJongUn says
Strategist says
You can't stop the march of progress.

Yay, progress!

I just changed my mind.
Hey, no one can complain homes aren't affordable anymore. They even come with solar dryers.
7   Ceffer   2017 Dec 1, 11:37am  

Twit BerkeleyFucks in tutus don't deserve housing.
8   Tenpoundbass   2017 Dec 1, 12:01pm  

If California looks anything like South Florida where 2 out of five businesses have been vacant for 5 years or more.
I think there's 100,000's of units in South Florida alone just by rezoning commercial land usage. Do we need a vacant building that used to be a Dentist office in a Strip mall with a Circle K on every corner?
9   anonymous   2017 Dec 1, 5:15pm  

Just for reference, allowable lot coverage in R-2A is 40%, so over half the lot will still be open space after the three units are built.

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