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Menatl Health

By georgeliberte follow georgeliberte   2017 Oct 24, 7:31am 2,796 views   8 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

I was listening to NPR and they featured Van Jones questioning Trumps mental health, fair enough. But, Van jones goes on to talk about being 'triggered' and 'traumatized' y Trump's actions. That sounds like Van Jones is suffering from TDS. On the other hand he did blather about the incompetence of the Clinton campaign, http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/12/van-jones-clinton-campaign-took-1-billion-and-set-/, and is thus equally left and right mentally unbalanced.
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You really can't get a story on NPR these days unless it disses Trump in some way, or divides the public by identity politics.
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georgeliberte says
On the other hand he did blather about the incompetence of the Clinton campaign

I may not have the best memory, but I don't recall a year after a presidential election that the loser is still be talked about this frequently. Vaguely remember Romney disappeared for a couple of months or something like that and then did the media rounds and that was it. I don't even recall much talk about McCain at all after he lost. Gore's loss was obviously big, but even that died down once it was settled.

I know Trump is some of the cause, but the fucking Clintons have a way of just sticking around. It's over. She'll never be president if she couldn't beat Trump. Just retire and enjoy the wealth you extracted from your and your husbands government positions throughout the decades.

Republicans would also be smart to just dump the whole Clinton BS anyway. As someone center-right leaning, the Clinton shit is getting nauseating at this point. Even if she is ever convicted of a crime, taking a line from Hillary, what difference does it make. She's old and will just rot in prison. Republican shouldn't care about this anymore. Makes them look petty.
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WookieMan " Republican shouldn't care about this anymore." Van Jones is quite left of center.
And Patrick, you are correct, NPRS programming seems to be:
Trump is Awful Hour, followed by the Awful Things Trump did or said hour, with another hour of, Why we do not like Trumps, etc. And they wonder why he would cut funding for public radio?
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It's a conserted effort.

Here is the only sensible comment at buzzfeed.

This is a slippery slope. If a Democrat won the next election and a bunch of Republican connected doctors who have never personally met said canidate came forward and said this same stuff would we also unequivocally accept their "professional diagnosis"? As it stands they're only speculating, and we shouldn't rely on doctors who haven't consulted the patient. Where the hell would the line be drawn? Can any psychologist draw conclusions about anyone(and how can we be sure they aren't biased)? These types of unfounded pseudoscientific conclusions are reminiscent of Fascist tactics (Saying your 'enemy' is inferior without thorough scientific evidence). No professional should stand for this and no politician should be attempting to play this dangerous game.

To which he was savagely destroyed by self professed Mental health weirdos.

This can't be good for business. Who in the fuck would go give a whackadoodle like these confused fruity asses hundreds of dollars after the whole industry just collectively admitted they are frauds, quacks and political HACKS?!?!?
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And Kudos to georgeliberte for listening to NPR it's the only way we will kill this Beast and rip out its fascist filthy heart.
By time Rush or Alex Jones are bitching about it, NPR ran it up their Gay Pride fagpole months ago.

Keep up the resistance!
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georgeliberte says
Van Jones is quite left of center.

I know he is. It's just the Clinton's in general. Right or left. It's just old news at this point to me. Hillary & Bill are done. Many Republicans are still clamoring to lock her up. The Left keeps wondering about how she lost to Trump. Everyone just needs to move on. As someone that tends to lean Republican, I was just mentioning that they need to move on from Hillary as a party, wasn't specifically talking about Jones. People in the center/independents just don't care about her anymore. Bitching and whining about Hillary and her BS or about Trump winning, doesn't help either party or the country.
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rando says
You really can't get a story on NPR these days unless it disses Trump in some way, or divides the public by identity politics.

One term for Kenyan born President.
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WookieMan says
Republican shouldn't care about this anymore. Makes them look petty.

Makes them look like they can never get enough changing the subject away from all the terrible extractions they plan to do to the commonwealth, building their careers at the expense of us all. Showering Koch brothers, banks, war industry and medical investment industry with more taxpayer wealth and legal privileges and somehow saying that this is everything that is right and good. --this is not the type of outcome that will withstand any form of scrutiny at all.

When they regurgitate it, it's plain to see that the trickle down pitch is not selling the way it once did. Could people understand that when they relinquish wealth it is gone. That wealth is circling the glode looking for best return on investment to stash in impenetrable shell corporation's offshore vaults.

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