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What does mass hysteria look like?

By WineHorror1 follow WineHorror1   2017 Aug 18, 7:17am 1,750 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Are we in a mass hysteria bubble? Ask yourself which is closer to reality and then check yourself.

1. A sitting president, who is a branding expert, thought it would be a good idea to go easy on murderous Nazis as a way to improve his popularity.


2. The country elected a racist leader who is winking to the KKK and White Supremacists that they have a free pass to start a race war now.


3. A mentally unstable racist clown with conman skills (mostly just lying) eviscerated the Republican primary field and won the presidency. He keeps doing crazy, impulsive racist stuff. But for some reason, the economy is going well, jobs are looking good, North Korea blinked, ISIS is on the ropes, and the Supreme Court got a qualified judge. It was mostly luck.


4. The guy who didn’t offer to be your moral leader didn’t offer any moral leadership, just law and order, applied equally. His critics cleverly and predictably framed it as being soft on Nazis.

One of those narratives is less crazy-sounding than the other. That doesn’t mean the less-crazy one has to be true. But normal stuff happens far more often than crazy stuff. And critics will frame normal stuff as crazy whenever they get a chance.

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WorkInProgress says

Are we in a mass hysteria bubble?

Yes. Trump encouraged and used this hysteria to get elected. Trump appealed to the racists instincts in many people, although most of those people don't consider themselves racist. He really really appealed to straight up racist assholes, who couldn't believe what a deal they were getting even if Trump was not as racist as them.

Trump is currently using his marketing skills to convince as many people as possible of a giant conspiracy theory being perpetrated against him by the CIA, media, deep state, corporations, George Soros (the evil Jew), and every other large organization. The alternative to that is that Trump offers no solutions and is clinging to power for his own wealth and ego and is dividing the country (by accident) in that effort. You alluded to Occam's razor. The simpler of these explanation is that Trump is a con-man sales guy, like he always has been.

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Mass hysteria is those that can't handle others comments.
The truth is not always pleasant.
Anyone know of a site that would be less easy to troll.
It would be a walk in the park for HEY YOU.

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