Planned Parenthood forcing Americans how to raise their children

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by FortWayne     💰tip   follow   2017 Aug 4, 9:03pm  

Can't think of a more fucked up organization.

Their claim to fame is promoting that poor and minorities abort kids.
Now they are sexually confusing young people by telling them that their sex is not determined by their gender... went into transexual defense politics.

There is an organization that is a waste of taxpayer dollars, causes nothing but problems, and needs to be completely abolished to leave America's parents and children alone.


Liberals don't mean "liberty" anymore, liberals have a strange way of telling people how to live their lives.

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1   Y   2017 Aug 4, 9:18pm  

Thunderdome is dead!

2   Tenpoundbass   2017 Aug 5, 5:06am  

BlueSardine says

Thunderdome is dead!

What in the fuck is that supposed to mean?
The Pursuit of Liberty and Justice will never be dead as long as there are patriots still around Cupcake!

4   FortWayne   2017 Aug 5, 7:56am  

Well put sir, well put

Tenpoundbass says

6   Henrick   2019 Jun 18, 3:44am  


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