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Silicon Valley is a den of lies and crushed dreams

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Their code is broken.

Silicon Valley has hit a rough patch. Data released Wednesday by job site Glassdoor finds that software-related job growth in the San Jose area has fallen 7.7 percentage points in the past five years. And the tech industry overall in the area isn’t doing so hot either: Annual tech job growth in 2016 was just 3.5 percent overall, significantly less than the 6 percent growth in 2015 or the 6.4 percent in 2014.

Meanwhile Seattle — thanks in part to Amazon — is having its moment. Software job postings are up 6.7 percentage points in the area, Glassdoor reveals. And overall tech job growth is booming, up 12 percent over the past two years, which led Forbes to put the city as the best city for tech jobs. Washington D.C., Denver, Raleigh and other spots are also seeing software job growth.

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How Companies Secretly Boost Their Glassdoor Ratings

Last summer, employees of Guaranteed Rate posted a stream of negative reviews about the mortgage broker on Glassdoor, a company-ratings website. The company's rating on Glassdoor, which is determined by employee feedback, fell to 2.6 stars out of 5.

Concerned that negative reviews could hurt recruiting, Guaranteed Rate CEO Victor Ciardelli instructed his team to enlist employees likely to post positive reviews, said a person familiar with his instructions. In September and October these employees flooded Glassdoor with hundreds of five-star ratings. The company rating now sits at 4.1.

Glassdoor has become an important arbiter of employee sentiment in today's highly competitive job market. A Wall Street Journal investigation shows it can be manipulated by employers trying to sway opinion in their favor. An analysis of millions of anonymous reviews posted on Glassdoor's site identified more than 400 companies with unusually large single-month increases in reviews.

During the vast majority of these surges, the ratings were disproportionately positive compared with the surrounding months, the Journal's analysis shows. Glassdoor's problem echoes the challenged faced by other online rating platforms, who are trying to ensure their rankings are real and maintain users' trust. Amazon.com, local-business site Yelp and hotel-and-restaurant site TripAdvisor have all had to fend off attempts to game reviews and ratings.

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Ive been working in the Silicon Valley for years...

Lately it’s had this unmistakable feeling that it’s all a trick.

Other than the lucky few executives and senior directors, most are working exhaustingly to compete for the least.

The income to cost of living ratio is absolutely cringeworthy.
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Silicon Valley is a den of lies and crushed dreams


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