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Obesity becomes worldwide epidemic, US is the fattest

By zzyzzx follow zzyzzx   2017 Jul 26, 9:47am 1,783 views   9 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


Life threatening obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, with 711 million overweight around the globe led by French fry loving Americans.

A detailed report in the latest New England Journal of Medicine is winning alarmed attention in Washington because it finds that American children and adults are leading the obesity parade.

"The highest level of age-standardized childhood obesity was observed in the United States, 12.7 percent," said the report.

1 in 5 adults in the OECD area is obese.

"The United States and China had the highest numbers of obese adults," added the authoritative study.

Obesity is no secret in the U.S., but the continued domestic epidemic, especially after the former Obama administration declared war on it, is alarming officials.

While the Journal looked at the global situation, a Harvard University analysis of the new report highlighted the U.S. problem based on data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their analysis said, "About 38 percent of U.S. adults aged 20 and older are obese as are more than 17 percent of children aged 6 to 11, federal data shows."

China and India had the highest number of obese children. China and the U.S. had the highest number of obese adults.

In rich and poor countries, obesity rates increased, indicating "the problem is not simply a function of income or wealth. Changes in the food environment and food systems are probably major drivers. Increased availability, accessibility, and affordability of energy-dense foods, along with intense marketing of such foods, could explain excess energy intake and weight gain among different populations. The reduced opportunities for physical activity that have followed urbanization and other changes in the built environment have also been considered as potential drivers; however, these changes generally preceded the global increase in obesity and are less likely to be major contributors."


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Oh this again.


But it's easy though because even the Handsome Republican base hates Disgusting ugly ass Fat Liberals.

Some low hanging fruit to make America hate Fat Liberals Again.

YAY Keep it up you petty shallow fuckloads. You are doing yourselves in exceptionally well.

Conservatives don't see their fat Mama as obese, when they hear fat people they think of Triggly Puff. GET IT?

Of course you don't; you ignorant fucks, double down on the insanity you shallow fucksticks.

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You're so HUGE!

You're so HUGE!

You're HUGE!
You're HUGE!

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118069 says


No I'm not I just noticed the one out of every 100 people being what I considered morbidly obese during the time Wholefoods was ratcheting up the $5.00 tomato and the $12 bird. Liberals were guilting the constituency into spending high outrageous prices for groceries without complaining less they get the red Scarlett letter of Fat Ass pinned on them.

Every time in the last two years when some brain dead Idiot repeated that 50% of America is obese. I challenged them to find just 5 people out of the hundred near us. That's only 5% they couldn't do it. Couldn't fucking do it.

Is it 50% of All Americans or just 50% of people in an ice creme shop? 50% of all American or just at Walmart?

Lying sons of bitches.

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28658 says

Conservatives don't see their fat Mama President as obese

fixed that for you

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28658 says


When I'm out in public in general, but especially at the grocery store, I see people who are so fat they can hardly walk. The grocery store is chock full of people on scooters whose fat hangs over the seats and some have breathing tubes. From 2003-2005 I worked for Intracorp in Carrollton, a division of Cigna Health Care, editing a database of form letters that were in response to requests for various medical procedures. Their largest client was CONY, the employees of the City of New York. The most frequently requested procedure was for gastric bypass surgery, $40,000 at that time (it had a specific name, but I can't remember it now). There was a box in the center of the form called Rationale which gave the formal reason for denial or approval. In the first year or so, about seven lines would suffice, if more, they were continued on another page. In less than two years, the Rationale expanded from the 7-10 lines to drawn out paragraphs that went on forever and ever itemizing why the procedure was denied and the requirements for approval: you had to submit to a physician directed diet for several weeks with regular check-ups, and on and on. It took forever to write the things and it had to be perfect--if the Q&A person who reviewed found so much as one wrong number or letter, it had to be corrected. They explained that the expansion of the rationale was due to lawsuits and every "t" had to be crossed and "i" dotted or there'd be liability. Out of all the letters I can remember a couple of stand-outs: there was one family in which every single member besides the employee requested the procedure: his wife and three or four children as well, and all were denied. In another, the lady was denied because as the Rationale explained you had that same procedure seven years ago when you were 350 lbs. overweight and since then had gained it all back.

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Never in the history of humanity have we been able to obtain food easier and faster than today.

And never have we been more creative at cutting costs to increase profitability.

And ladies and gentlemen, the end result is that many look like they are fat shits melting in the sun

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118069 says

You're so HUGE!

You're so HUGE!

You're HUGE!

You're HUGE!


Correction: 118069FUCK says:

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Another correction: You're YUGE. This is the Trump eon!

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21548 says

Never in the history of humanity have we been able to obtain food easier and faster than today.

You must be younger than 30.
Sure if you have a secure job, and make a good income then you have more access to wider assortment of food.
You used to pass 5 roadside produce stands, 2 BBQ Truck Carts on the way to the grocery store.
Food was so abundant and cheap in this country the Value Pack, The Family Pack and the 10 for $1 were common.

Now Grocery stores make a huge deal about buying one bag of Doritos for $5,95 get one free. Is the biggest deal of the week while they keep throwing away expensive expired meat and produce people couldn't afford. Because Obama was writing our food producers checks to throw shit away rather than destroy Michell Obama's premium food profits.

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