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Beelzeberg and Virtual Reality

By Robert Sproul follow Robert Sproul   2016 Dec 26, 1:29pm 1,486 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

This is why Oculus was worth 2b, he intends to emotion-mine your brain, and then monetize your soul.

Quotes from the article:
Michael Madary, said “VR analytics offers a way to capture much more information about the interests and habits of users, information that may reveal a great deal more about what is going on in [their] minds.”

One chief data scientist said: “The goal of everything we do is to change people’s actual behavior at scale. … We can capture their behaviors, identify good and bad behaviors, and develop ways to reward the good and punish the bad.”

“Data behemoths like Google also scan emails and private chats for any information that might help “personalize” a user’s web experience — most importantly, by targeting the user with ads.
But those metrics are primitive compared to the rich portraits of physical user behavior that can be constructed using data harvested from immersive environments, using surveillance sensors and techniques that have already been controversially deployed in the real world.”


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Scary shit. Had not considered the privacy-invading potential of physical movements.

Though they are not first. https://www.affirm.com/ is already using keystroke typing patterns (the millisecond differences each person has in typing) to identify borrowers. That's creepy too.

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