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Trump and CNN. Different But Not So Different

By Gary Anderson follow Gary Anderson   2016 Nov 13, 11:30am 680 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

CNN is the station of Israel. Support for Israel from CNN is unwavering. So, Trump is also doing what Israel is and wants, to be racist and to be accepted in the world community as a racist, fascist nation. Trump and Netanyahu are destroying the hope America offered to the world, tolerance and mutual respect. How that plays out going forward will determine how far Trump is willing to go to destroy both America and the American Way.

The only difference between CNN and Trump is that CNN wants to fool people into accepting Israel because of CNN's commitment to tolerance at home. Trump just wants Israeli fascist doctrine to be spread throughout the world, destroying what America stands for.

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Israeli fascist doctrine to be spread throughout the world

??? Like this?:

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