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jazz music votes early says

A Law-And-Order agenda will be redoubled now when we needed civil liberties revival and curbing the prison industry boom that nobody seems to think can happen to them. Police already kill us in greatest numbers anywhere on the planet.

Right, whereas under Neocon "Bring then to Heel" Hillary multiple-time Patriot Act voter, everything would be great.

Jesus, Hillary and Bill created the system of mass incarceration and drive to private prisons. Bill Shaheen, a pro-Hillary Superdelegate, is the chief lobbyist of these private prisons.

jazz music votes early says

Rampant military growth now while we have greater military forces than the rest of the world combined and have been making wars for so many years against uncooperative nations, or as proxy war against Russia.

Hillary Clinton's campaign was basically prefaced on bashing Russia as the font of all Evil, and refused to state whether she'd shoot down a Russian plane over a sovereign nation where Russia has been invited, in order to prevent the continued bombing of Al Nusra-Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist guerillas.

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