Will the Chinese Stock Market Implosion Affect U.S. Housing Prices?

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by exfatguy   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2015 Jul 30, 11:32am  

Will the Chinese need to sell their U.S. Real Estate for any reason, or will they buy more?


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1   justme   2015 Jul 31, 12:24pm  

thunderlips11 says

The vast majority of Chinese households own not a single share of any company, it's fractional to the number of US households that own stock.

Zerohedge recently had a story that the number of brokerage accounts per capita is higher in China than in the US, if I recall correctly.

ADDENDUM: I cannot find that article at the moment but here is some weekly data on new accounts


2   HEY YOU   2015 Jul 31, 12:50pm  

When China collapses the Democratic & Republican voters,that allowed outsourcing, will get all those jobs that were sent out of country but we won't need minimum wage that cuts into "Corporations are People",profits
I'm just glad the technology god kept all his jobs in the U.S.
Nothing like profits going to off shore accounts that pay little to no taxes?

I got a good price,so fuck all American workers.

3   justme   2015 Jul 31, 2:08pm  

HEY YOU says

cuts into "Corporations are People",profits

Sodden thought: If corporations are people, they should pay the same income taxes as people do.

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