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Hi patrick I need help if you have 15 mins. can you email me , or we can talk on phone.

Patrick, been fan of this site for long time.
great information and everyone is useful. posted few items also got positive and some negative responses, all constructive or entertaining.

I had some ideas that you and I can benefit from.
I need you help with three items.

1) It involves house buying and House history. Startup,
with your website knowledge, few DB programmer, my project plan we are off to good start.
I can start it but need good entrepreneur to join me.

Cost to start is minimal ~ 2-5K for website design/database/ advertising to inspectors.

-Take your time to think if you want to join me,
-what % of profit/expenses do you want to share after after cost of business.

2) Next idea only need your input on how to get book published.

3) How to create a site like yours ,different topic
can you email me or call me on phone.

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