When will inventory pick up in San Diego

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Inventory has been dismal for months now in San Diego, with huge prices. Although we are off from peak, it is back to only about 20-25% off from the highest highs. At these high prices, shouldn't sellers be coming onto the market? The transaction volume is still relatively low historically. Was turnover supply just pulled forward too much during bubble years?

Please give estimates on when you think both inventory and transaction levels will return to historical norms.


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1   thomaswong.1986   2013 Apr 12, 12:48pm  

what is SD sales inventory around today (most recent) 2012-2013
for a given month 2600-2700 ... price goes up double digit...


what was SD sales inventory before the great bubble
for a given month 2600-2700 ... price goes does down 5%


you draw your own conclusion why prices are up double digit vs no bubble year.

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