Romney wants to scale back/eliminate HUD,S-8,Tax Write offs for RE

2012 May 3, 4:43am   3,277 views  3 comments

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I hope he would eliminate the Mortage Interest Deduction.

It appears housing perma bears SHOULD ALL VOTE FOR ROMNEY to further crash prices.


How will patrick vote? (im voting for ron paul, romney is also crazy wants to eliminate pr0n from internet)


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1   Patrick   2012 May 3, 6:33am  

Wait, Romney really wants to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction? No, that's just on second homes.

Looks like it's Obama who wants to eliminate much more of the MID, by limiting it for the rich who don't need it anyway:


2   PockyClipsNow   2012 May 3, 7:13am  

Yeah that article is disturbing. It says basically "Obama wants to cut back on MID but NAR says no."

Maybe we should be electing members of the NAR?

oh its private....haha

3   freak80   2012 May 4, 2:14am  

PockyClipsNow says


Is that a funky combination of Tron and P0rn? Kinky! ;-)

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