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Sun Oct 17 2021

A 27-year-old English man who "made everyone happy and was always smiling" tragically died three weeks after having the AstraZeneca jab ( comments

Shockingly insane NYC judge bans unvaxxed dad from seeing 3-year-old daughter, deems him a danger ( comments

Tales from America s Wuhan Virus college campuses ( comments

Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower Wuhan Virus Rates. Vaxx does not work. ( comments

All 3 FDA-authorized vaxx companies now employ former FDA commissioners ( comments

Article on vaxx-induced myocarditis suppressed because someone doesn't want that information published ( comments

The real reason Japan avoided the pandemic: truthful counting of who really died from the virus ( comments

People resigning at my office due to vaxx mandate. I feel like a sell out for getting vaxxed and keeping my job. This is so weird and I do not feel right about this. ( comments

Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? ( comments

Devolution of Wuhan Virus vaccine efficacy - fun video ( comments

Sat Oct 16 2021

Preaching Beyond the Choir: Writing Letters To The Editor ( comments

Santa Barbara Unified School District Staff Vax Mandate Protest ( comments

Quick references and tweet threads you can use in the debate of natural immunity vs. vaccines ( comments

Increases in Wuhan Virus are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States ( comments

It s not just the UK; all-cause deaths are also now running well above normal in Germany, coinciding with introduction of the vaxx ( comments

are the branch Wuhan Virusians coming unhinged? ( comments

Italy's anti-Green Pass movement has a new figurehead: policewoman Nunzia Alessandra Schiliro ( comments

Massive anti-mandate protests in Italy completely censored in corporate media ( comments

Lithuania: How recent vaccine mandate laws have suspended my family s life ( comments

Working-Class Americans Are Standing Up for Themselves and the Left Is Denouncing Them ( comments

Wuhan Virus Totalitarianism: The Deification of Error ( comments

Fri Oct 15 2021

Fully vaccinated 21-year-old University of Georgia student dies of Wuhan Virus ( comments

NBA Player Got Blood Clots From Wuhan Virus Vaccine that Ends His Season - NBA Told Him to Keep It Quiet ( comments

Maine hospital suspends trauma and pediatric admissions due to staff shortages brought on by governor's draconian jab mandate ( comments

Chicago Police Union Head Urges Members To Defy Vaccine Mandate, Warns Force To Shrink 50% This Weekend ( comments

Anyone deviating from the official ideology is being systematically demonized and persecuted ( comments

You can't have your drink in your car unless you take this mask ( comments

Scotland is 87% adult vaccinated; weekly deaths are now 30% above normal ( comments

Deaths Following Vaccination Reported in Taiwan Exceed Nation's Virus Death Total ( comments

Hypocritical Newsom trying to exempt prison guards from jab mandate after they donated $1.75 million to his anti-recall campaign ( comments

Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer Speaking the Truth About Cov ( comments

Thu Oct 14 2021

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of Vatican City talks about the corruption and immorality of vaxx mandates ( comments

The complete Vigano interview ( comments

Healthy 16-Year-Old Boy Dies During Online Class After Receiving Second Wuhan Virus Shot from Pfizer ( comments

Massachusetts State Police sergeant in intensive care after mandate, fueling vaxx worries ( comments

ICU Doctor Describes Nightmarish Wuhan Virus Vaccine Injuries In Letters To FDA, CDC ( comments

Cureus Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Post Wuhan Virus Vaccination - First Reported Case ( comments

New Hampshire has rejected $27m in federal funding to push Wuhan Virus vaccines. New Hampshire is the ONLY state thus far to reject this funding. ( comments

Desperate LA Schools Extend Deadline for Staff Wuhan Virus Jabs ( comments

San Joaquin Co. supervisors OK ban on vaccine passports ( comments

Why life jackets should be mandatory ( comments

Wed Oct 13 2021

Vaxxed Delta Pilot Dies In-flight, Emergency Landing Required ( comments

Israeli Ministry of Health deleting thousands of testimonies by the vaxx-injured ( comments

Aspirin Use May Decrease Ventilation, ICU Admission and Death in Wuhan Virus Patients ( comments

20 months in, the New York Times (one reporter, anyway) tells the truth at last ( comments

the vaccinated superspread hypothesis ( comments

NBA Star Kyrie Irving Won't Play Home Games Over Vaccination, Nets Say ( comments

There will soon be more vaxx-induced deaths in 2021 so far than total 2020 murders by gun ( comments

Taiwan deaths from the vaxx exceeds deaths from the virus ( comments

Wuhan Virus in primary schools: no significant transmission among children or from students to teachers ( comments

Guess which Fortune 50 company won't make employees get vaccinated? ( comments

Tue Oct 12 2021

Infection rates are HIGHER in the vaxxed in all age cohorts 40 and older ( comments

Protests Erupt Across Italy Over Wuhan Virus Vaccine Mandates ( comments

in support of Southwest employees protesting vaxx mandates ( comments

Airline Pilot: When we give up our freedom so easily, we dishonor every American soldier who died for our freedom ( comments

Wuhan Virus not a problem for the Amish ( comments

Los Angeles County Sheriff says he'll refuse to enforce vaccine passport mandate ( comments

Texas governor prohibits all vaxx mandates in Texas ( comments

Study concludes women s fertility harmed in vaccinating countries ( comments

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon obliterates the mask and vaccine mandates narrative at his local Orange County, Florida Board of Commissioners Meeting ( comments

Beth Ellington: 63-year-old North Carolina Professor Dead 48 Hours After Johnson and Johnson Viral Vector Shot ( comments

Mon Oct 11 2021

Mountain Biker On Youtube Took Pfizer Jab And Now Can't Ride Anymore ( comments

Two children were accidentally given the Wuhan Virus vaccine instead of flu shots and are now both suffering from heart issues ( comments

Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,000 More Flights as Disruptions Increase ( comments

Southwest Airlines pilot explains why you will not hear anything about vaccine mandates from his union ( comments

An American Airlines employee reports a similar effort is underway there ( comments

Hospitals drove away their customers by demanding masks, jabs, and then killing patients with ventilators for gov't cash ( comments

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied with vaccine mandate as deadlines near ( comments

2 weeks to flatten the curve is now 3 jabs to feed your family ( comments

Private Membership Associations (PMAs) can free us from government bureaucrat overreach ( comments

Sun Oct 10 2021

Gavin Newsom's daughter not vaxxed as he implements sweeping child-jab mandate ( comments

The WEF and the Pandemic ( comments

World Renowned Psychiatrist: Global Predators Fauci, Gates, and Schwab Behind the Wuhan Virus Reign of Terror ( comments

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Doesn t Exist. It s Just A Press Release ( comments

There Are Still No FDA-Approved Wuhan Virus Shots Available ( comments

New York Times issues massive correction after overstating Wuhan Virus hospitalizations among children ( comments

Claim that more than 100 US Congressmen have been treated with ivermectin ( comments

Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses ( comments

Aspirin lowers risk of Wuhan Virus: New findings support preliminary trial ( comments

Infectious Diseases Compared to Each Other ( comments

Sat Oct 09 2021

It is written into federal US Law that the goverment shall lie about vaccine safety and efficacy ( comments

22-Year-Old Canadian Health Worker, Crippled After First Moderna Dose, Won't Qualify for Provincial Vaxx Passport Until She Takes The Second ( comments

How Experts Overlooked Left-Wing Authoritarianism ( comments

Biden's Failure to Acknowledge Natural Immunity Is Tearing This Country Apart ( comments

UCLA doctor willing to lose everything escorted from work for refusing vaxx ( comments

Parents have served a 'cease and desist' notice on a school, potentially to pursue gross bodily harm charges if children are given jabs ( comments

The Mystery of the Variants ( comments

A Project Runway contestant named Kovid created a "sick" mask in 2019 ( comments

Louisiana State University is reversing course, completely scrapping its vaccination and testing requirements for fans ( comments

Scientists Reveal The True Immunity Was Inside You All Along ( comments

Fri Oct 08 2021

We're in the middle of a major biological catastrophe : Wuhan Virus expert Dr. Peter McCullough, partial transcript ( comments

Deaths Among Teenagers Have Increased by 47% in the UK Since They Started Getting the COV-19 Vaxx According to Official Ons Data ( comments

Russell Brand wants to know if we can really trust the Vaxx fact checkers, knowing who is paying them ( comments Informed Consent Action Network to sue Newsom over horrifying order to jab children ( comments

The Origins Of Wuhan Virus Why The Vaccines Don't Work ( comments

Anti-mandate heroes disrupting Australian jab rollout by making fake vaccine bookings ( comments

Physicians Orient and Vliet Publish Guidance for Docs and Patients on Home-based Care ( comments

Felicity Jackson: 29-year-old British model suffering continual convulsions, seizures after second Pfizer mRNA injection ( comments

Pfizer's Inside Man ( comments

Infrastructure Bill Includes Capitol Building Expansion To Hold All The Pfizer Lobbyists The Babylon Bee ( comments

Thu Oct 07 2021

My Son is Dead, He Took the Vaccine. They're Killing Us ( comments

81% of UK Wuhan Virus deaths are among vaxxed; Male Teen Deaths up by 63% since they were offered the jab; virus Deaths 12x higher than this time last year ( comments

Sweden and Denmark Halt Moderna Vaccinations on Those 30-and-Under Due to Side Effects ( comments

Valid reasons people don't want the vaxx ( comments

Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails Exposing Suppression Of Vax Info From Public ( comments

Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism; Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies ( comments

Slides from Peter McCullough, MD Oct 1, 2021 Lecture ( comments

No Jab, No organ transplant, Colorado hospital decides ( comments

peter daszak: supervillain origin story ( comments

Wed Oct 06 2021

She started crying and said something isn t right. Just hold me. ( comments

Holocaust Survivors: We call upon you to stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately ( comments

Ivermectin cures India ( comments

Ivermectin - Truth and Totalitarianism ( comments

Pfizer scientists admit natural immunity is better and lasts longer than their own vaccines ( comments

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer tells the truth about corrupt officials being bribed to mandate the jab, then NSW Premier resigns ( comments

Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots ( comments

Expert statement regarding the use of Moderna Wuhan Virus-mRNA-Vaccine in children ( comments

Highly vaxxed Singapore suffering ever-rising cases and deaths ( comments

Where is the Biden order mandating the jab? ( comments

Tue Oct 05 2021

Criminal Francis Collins "stepping down" from NIH after helping Fauci cripple world economy for power and profit ( comments

Twitter backtracks after censoring a mother's obituary ( comments

Tragedy In Rural Alberta, A Courageous Doctor Speaks Out ( comments

Children born during pandemic have lower IQs ( comments

Gov. Kathy Hochul s daughter-in-law is top lobbyist at pharma firm that has sought to influence NY lawmakers ( comments

Open letter from Professor of Viral Immunology to Dr. Charlotte Yates, President, University of Guelph regarding jab mandate ( comments

The Risks of Mass Vaccination: An Interview with Dr. Robert Malone ( comments

Your probability of dying from the vaxx depends on how much they give you. More is worse. None is best. ( comments

A majority of uninfected adults show preexisting antibody reactivity against SARS-CoV-2 ( comments

Vaccine Mandates Hit Amid Historic Health-Care Staff Shortage ( comments

Here's hundreds of Canadians dining on the sidewalk because local restaurants have vaxx mandates ( comments

Mon Oct 04 2021

Very sad but honest obituary for Jessica Berg Wilson, Seattle mother of 2, killed by the vaxx ( comments

Italian truckers keep their promise. Blocking highways in protest against green passports and vaccine mandates. Farmers join the protest by blocking local roads. ( comments

Who anticipated that BLM might be the key player responsible for the downfall of jab mandates? ( comments

Pfizer Launches Final Study For Wuhan Virus Drug That's Suspiciously Similar To Ivermectin, But Will Be Far More Expensive ( comments

America needs a new health secretary because Sen. Rand Paul just destroyed the current one ( comments

Countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher Wuhan Virus cases; the jab is NOT working ( comments

In Israeli hospital outbreak, 96% vaccination rates (and universal masking) made no difference ( comments

Hospitals Should Hire, Not Fire, Nurses with Natural Immunity ( comments

Ten thousand Dutch women report menstrual issues after the jab ( comments

Bradley Beal, another NBA player with common sense about the jab ( comments

Sun Oct 03 2021

California becomes first US state to require ALL school students to be jabbed. Newsom will certainly kill children with this. ( comments

Children have just about zero risk from Fauci Flu. Jabbing them just puts them in far greater danger. ( comments

Italy: Two More Teachers Die Within 20 Days After AstraZeneca Shot ( comments

Natalia Johnson: 37-year-old Professional Ballerina Dead Two Weeks After Experimental COV-19 Shot ( comments

About the hypocrisy of white lefties regarding vaccine mandates ( comments

What happened in Australia can happen here ( comments

NZ leader's Facebook Post Results In 30,000 Comments About Vax Injury and Deaths ( comments

Former Pfizer employee flags FDA study, warns that Pfizer vaccine increases COVID by over 300% ( comments

Jab levels by county, includes very interesting political graph ( comments

Hospitals struggle with staff shortages after vaccine passport mandates ( comments

Sat Oct 02 2021

Fully Vaxxed Former CNN Contributor Suffers Heart Attack, Hospitalized with Clots - Blasts NBA Player Critical of Mandates ( comments

Doctor Exposes How Vaxx Causes Clots ( comments

Attorney Behind Defeat of Local Vaccine Mandate in Florida Gathering National Lawyer Group ( comments

US Service Members File Lawsuit Against Department of Defense Over Jab Requirement ( comments

Premier Gladys Berejiklian, controlled by pharmaceutical lobbyists, resigns during corruption investigation ( comments

Australian Public Health Official Admits That 6 of 7 Recent Wuhan Virus Deaths Had Been Vaccinated ( comments

Vast Majority of Delta Variant Deaths Are VACCINATED People, NOT Unvaccinated People ( comments

California's insane plans for a Covid vaccine mandate for kids ( comments

Why "Natural Immunity" Is A Political Problem For The Regime ( comments

29 U.S. Code sect; 666, Law about Willful violation causing death to employee ( comments

Fri Oct 01 2021

Michigan woman who posted about cousin dying after J and J injection in April herself dead five months after Pfizer injection ( comments

Jovita Moore: Atlanta news anchor develops two brain tumors 12 days after second experimental Pfizer mRNA injection ( comments

OSHA specifically exempts employers from reporting deaths and injuries due to the jab ( comments

Wuhan Virus Cases Fall by 20 Percent Across the US in Past Week: CDC ( comments

Some folks were a little TOO prepared for the pandemic ( comments

"How many people are we going to kill if we keep following this narrative", asks Ontario ER doctor ( comments

The "the anti-hate movement" makes an exception for hatred of the unvaxxed ( comments

first they came for the swing sets ( comments

This parody perfectly portrays the overzealous vaccine-mandate crowd ( comments

CDC Reminds People To Listen To All Medical Professionals Except For The Tens Of Thousands Who Refused The Vaccine ( comments

Thu Sep 30 2021

My Police State: Australia ( comments

CDC claims it has authority to use police to do everything you see going on in Australia; and Congress agrees ( comments

Why you must be able to decide for yourself ( comments

Nearly 50k Medicare patients died soon after getting COVID shot, and that from only 20% of the US population ( comments

Covid US: Biden could fine firms up to $700,000 if they fail to mandate the jab ( comments

41% of Dems think there is a 50 50 chance of going to the hospital after catching Wuhan Virus. The real answer is less than 1%. Fear-mongering caused this ( comments

The (diabolically) brilliant politics of scaring the elderly ( comments

DeSantis Correctly Says Wuhan Virus Is Lower Risk Than Flu For Kids ( comments

mRNA Vaccine Can Induce Acute Myopericarditis in Mouse Model ( comments

NY BLM Leader: De Blasio s Vaccine Mandate Is Racist and Specifically Targets Black New Yorkers ( comments

Wed Sep 29 2021

Doctor: Why I am Challenging in Court the University of California s Vaccine Mandate ( comments

Liberals feel free to disparage all opposition to the jab as "stupid" ( comments

NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Takes A Stand Against Forcing The Vaccine ( comments

Nursing students dropping out due to jab mandate ( comments

4,378 New Breakthrough Cases in Massachusetts, 37 More Deaths in Vaccinated People ( comments

Wuhan Virus mortality rate close to zero could theoretically be achieved with sufficient vitamin D ( comments

Peter Daszak optimized Wuhan Virus to infect humans with funding from Fauci ( comments

Waking Up: A Majority of Americans No Longer Trust Biden on COVID ( comments

The ten most popular stocks owned by Congressmen in 2021 ( comments

NY Governor Kathy Hochul goes on unhinged religious rant, says "The vaccine is from God" and "I need you to be my Apostles" ( comments

Tue Sep 28 2021

Australia to put all unvaxxed under house arrest, segregating society ( comments

Someone handcuffed a cop to a streetlight in Australia ( comments

MMA fighter says that Biden and anyone that supports mandates can "Kiss my Portuguese-Italian cock" ( comments

Thank God for Rednecks tearing down mask signs ( comments

Crowd of anti-mandate folks swarm Staten Island food court in protest against NYC jab mandate ( comments

It Was A Con - White House Has No Idea When or If OSHA Will Ever Provide Rules for Legally Enforceable Jab Mandate ( comments

Alabama bill will give employees the right to take legal action against their employer if they are injured by the jab ( comments

Despite Over 95% Vaxx'd, Harvard Business School Moves Online After The Jab Proves Useless ( comments

Standard Chinese treatment includes chloroquine ( comments

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians ( comments

Mon Sep 27 2021

Daszak proposal explicitly says they will do gain-of-function research with funding from Fauci's NIH (drasticresearch.files.wordpress) comments

Texas Hospital CEO Warns It May Stop Delivering Babies Over Biden Jab Mandate ( comments

New York Declares State of Emergency as Vaccine Mandate Chaos Looms ( comments

Dozens of Massachusetts State Troopers Submit Resignations Over Jab Mandate ( comments

The whole story of Covid, and our world affairs right now. ( comments

The vaxx may be causing cancer ( comments

the relationship between booster rate and death rate remains tightly linked ( comments

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans ( comments

Children s Health Defense Sues Rutgers University Over COVID Jab Mandate ( comments

Biden's Vaccine Mandate: Who s Fighting Back, and How? ( comments

Sun Sep 26 2021

Mom Owns School Board - Follows The Money Calls Out Their Crimes Against Kids ( comments

New York braces for massive healthcare worker shortage due to vaccine mandates ( comments

"Public health" mandates only harm people ( comments

The UK Government's own data does not support the claims made for vaccine effectiveness or safety ( comments

despite 80% of over 12's fully vaccinated, new england looks worse than last year ( comments

49-year-old Italian Woman Died 12 Hours After First Moderna mRNA Injection ( comments

16-year-old Brazilian Girl Develops Blood Clots, Dead Eight Days After First Pfizer mRNA Injection ( comments

TikTok deletes video of student documenting myocarditis following the jab ( comments

The president of Croatia Says They Are Done Jabbing. They Are Not Going To Do It Any More ( comments

Doctor Sues University Over Mandatory Vaccine Policy ( comments

Sat Sep 25 2021

Teen Girl's Heart Stops After Being Coerced Into Taking The Vaxx ( comments

Soldiers getting very ill from the vaxx ( comments

Tennis veteran Chardy suspends season after reaction to Covid jab Sport ( comments

California considering jabbing all school children in spite of vaxx deaths and maimings ( comments

Vaccinated Texas school counselor who had "done everything right" dies after contracting COVID-19 ( comments

Unusual deaths rising exponentially after mass vaxxing (from CDC data) ( comments

The Spartacus Letter: Best summary of who created the virus and how it infects ( comments

Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu ( comments

Prestigious Institut Pasteur: Ivermectin alleviates Covid-19 symptoms in an animal model ( comments

Pfizer Releases Brand New, Never-Before-Seen Drug "Pfivermectin" ( comments

Fri Sep 24 2021

Baby Paralyzed During Trial For Vaxx. This Is Horrific. How Stupid Parents Kill Children. ( comments

The testimonies project Testimonies after Covid-19 vaccination ( comments

The Left Cheered When Australians Gave Up Their Guns. Now They're Being Shot By Their Own Government in the Streets. ( comments

BLM is "putting NYC on notice" over its vax passport mandate that discriminates more against blacks ( comments

Biden Administration Strongly Opposes Honorable Discharge for Troops Who Refuse The Jab ( comments

Italy tells employers to withhold pay for those with no vaccine passport ( comments

Biden's Authoritarian COVID-19 Battle ( comments

Doctors can have their license revoked for curing patients with HCQ or ivermectin ( comments

Nurse: My colleagues are dying from the jab ( comments

Calculate your probability of dying from Wuhan Virus ( comments

Thu Sep 23 2021

FDA employee talking over and over about using blowdarts to inject the unwilling ( comments

Black Lives Matter says vaccine passports are being used to discriminate ( comments

Videos of Australians rising up against tyranny ( comments

Australian media condemns police over blackout on protest coverage ( comments

Here's Why Doctors Go Along With COVID Panic Porn and CDC Prescriptions ( comments

Please pass this physician declaration and petition on to any doctors you know (doctorsandscientistsdeclaration) comments

North Carolina Hospital System Suspends Hundreds of Employees After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate ( comments

Delta variant is a consequence of the worldwide vaccination campaign ( comments

Giulia Lucenti: 16-year-old Italian Girl Dead Less Than 24 Hours After Second Pfizer mRNA Injection ( comments

Major Law Firm Confirms FDA Deceived America With Its Approval Of Pfizer Vax ( comments

Wed Sep 22 2021

There are five times the deaths attributable to jab vs those from virus, even among the elderly ( comments

German pathologists document the fatal side effects of the jab in autopsies ( comments

Tens of Thousands Join Protest Over COVID-19 Measures in France ( comments

Australia: Anti-lockdown protests erupt in Melbourne and Sydney ( comments

are covid boosters accentuating covid deaths in israel? ( comments

Media mum on India's Ivermectin success story; El Salvador offers it free to citizens ( comments

Scientist Warns Of Noble Lie To Promote Jab ( comments

how to fix the american drug regulatory system ( comments

Possible link between the vaxx and cancers ( comments

These Patients Deserve To Be Heard -VAERS Whistleblower ( comments

Tue Sep 21 2021

Project Veritas Undercover Exposes Vaxx Harms Part 1 ( comments

Psychological explanation for why so many people can't see the fraud behind the "pandemic" ( comments

Educators for Medical Freedom ( comments

Serious Questions About The Way Covid Deaths Have Been Counted ( comments

Alabama lawmakers' proposed bill would allow employees to sue over vaxx side effects ( comments

Alabama Hospital Defies Biden Administration, Ends Vaxx Requirement for Staff ( comments

The Flimsy Evidence Behind the CDC s Push to Vaccinate Children ( comments

University of Ottawa Study Finds 1 in 1,000 mRNA Vaccinations Leads to Myopericarditis ( comments

I now identify as a Transvaccinated Person ( comments

Mon Sep 20 2021

Fauci Funded 60 Projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, All in Conjunction with Chinese Military ( comments

Sudden deaths after vaxx may be leading to car crashes ( comments

India State That Deployed Ivermectin Now Free of Active COVID-19 Cases ( comments

Taking influenza vaccines increase risk of severe COVID-19 disease and mortality ( comments

Teen Requests Flu Shot At Walgreens, Given The Vaxx Instead Without Her Permission ( comments

Why didn't doctors listen to women about the link between Covid vaccines and irregular periods? ( comments

Plausible mechanisms by which current vaccines could harm women's fertility ( comments

The Wuhan coverup is more typical than you think ( comments

The White Rose Stickers ( comments

Dear Unvaxxxed PPl ( comments

Sun Sep 19 2021

FDA Public Session We Are Killing More People Than We Are Saving With The Shots ( comments

FDA Panel Discussion: COVID Vaccines Are Killing More People Than They're Saving ( comments

US study suggests boys age 12 to 15 are 4 to 6X more likely to get heart inflammation from the Pfizer jab than to be hospitalized with Covid ( comments

Testimony of those who have been Vaxx-injured ( comments

Adverse reactions press conference ( comments

how did we get to a place where such outrages seem "normal"? ( comments

San Francisco requires toddlers to mask up at school but mayor was caught breaking her own mask mandate partying in nightclub ( comments

Some Hospitals May Have To Close Due to Vaccine Mandates ( comments

Indiana's Biggest Hospital System Fires 125 Staff Who Refused The Jab ( comments

Freedom protest in Israel today ( comments

Sat Sep 18 2021

Australian billionaire willing to testify that NSW premier being controller by Pfizer and AstraZeneca to push the jab ( comments

FDA panel votes against approving vaccine boosters, defying Biden ( comments

OSHA still has NOT issued any order, so companies firing people for remaining unvaxxed have huge legal liability ( comments

Why Biden's Dictatorial Vaccine Mandate is Unconstitutional ( comments

Hospital Gets Paid $39K To Put Patients On Ventilators, After Which 99% Die ( comments

Oregon State Congressmen Demand Grand Jury Investigation Into Mass Death From Vaxx ( comments

General Dynamics Corporation just cancelled their vaxx mandate.40% of their employees remained unvxxd were prepared to walk. ( comments

Holocaust Survivors Write to the European Medicines Agency to Protest Mandatory Vaxx ( comments

NCAA Athlete Hit with Severe Heart Complication After Vaccine, Warns Against Vax Mandates ( comments

Nicki Minaj Decries Cancel Culture Over Vaxx Comments, Makes China Comparison ( comments

Fri Sep 17 2021

3rd person dies in Japan after receiving vaccine contaminated with stainless-steel particles ( comments

Doctor who discovered that ivermectin prevents covid infection ( comments

If It Can Save Lives, the World Needs to Know ( comments

The government's dark and senseless war on ALL early treatments ( comments

California County Sheriff: "I Will Not Enforce Vaccine Mandate " ( comments

Rapper Nicki Minaj Refused The Jab ( comments

Biden Commerce Secretary Claims That Being Fired For Refusing The Jab Is Not Force ( comments

Here's ALL the Times Biden Lied about Vaccine Mandate ( comments

Free Society Dwindles as Permission Requirements Grow ( comments

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action ( comments

Thu Sep 16 2021

It looks like the vaccinated are transformed into super-spreaders ( comments

Singapore reports worst daily Covid case tally in more than a year Singapore Despite (or Because?) 81% Jabbed ( comments

Lord Young's fully vaxxed daughter dies hours after complaining of headache ( comments

33-year-old California woman paralyzed, re-learning how to walk after the jab ( comments

There Were 3,296 Vaxx Deaths in US Since July 24 Alone, an Average of 70 Deaths per Day ( comments

Funeral Director Blows The Whistle On Covid Narrative ( comments

Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist for causing deaths by misleading public about Ivermectin ( comments

Honorable discharge status of military who refuse jab protected under Rep. Green amendment to NDAA ( comments

Pfizer plans to seek approval for jabbing six-month-old babies in November ( comments

Wed Sep 15 2021

Facebook Post Accidentally Reveals More People Dying from the Jab than Media is Reporting ( comments

Nurse says that that hospitals are actually full of the vaxxed and vaxx-injured, not the unvaxxed ( comments

are booster shots increasing covid spread and covid deaths? evidence ( comments

Doctors Discuss Need to Inflate the Covid Numbers to Scare the Public ( comments

It is the elites vs the rest of us. It's not "left vs right" or "race vs race" ( comments

British Medical Journal: Why doesn t natural immunity count in the US? ( comments

Michigan Hospital System Says Workers With Natural Immunity Do Not Need The Jab ( comments

Federal Judge Blocks New York State Health Care Worker Vaccination Mandate ( comments

DeSantis: Local FL Governments to Face $5,000 Fines for Imposing Jab Mandates ( comments

do first vaccination shots increase spread and covid deaths? ( comments

Tue Sep 14 2021

Sad:16-Year-Old Boy Dies 5 Days After Receiving The Pfizer Jab, Father Speaks Out ( comments

Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion ( comments

departing heads of FDA vaccines division say there is no compelling evidence for booster shots ( comments

Australian Health Official Tells Public To 'Get Used To' Taking CV Boosters Indefinitely ( comments

Fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported ( comments

Remember Thalidomide ( comments

Early treatment: real-time analysis of 937 studies ( comments

Early treatment is associated with substantial reductions in hospitalization and death. So why is it forbidden? ( comments

Rumor: Australian hospitals using Ivermectin only for the jabbed in spite of banning it for early treatment ( comments

Biden Unveils Innovative "Make Black People Lose Their Jobs" Plan ( comments

Mon Sep 13 2021

NY Hospital Will Stop Delivering Babies as Maternity Workers Resign Over Vaccine Mandate ( comments

Montage of Biden, Kamala, and Andrew Cuomo saying not so long ago that you shouldn't trust the feds, the FDA, and the vaxx ( comments

Thousands Protest in Turkey Against COVID-19 Vaccine Passports ( comments

Members of Congress are exempt from Biden's nationwide vaccine mandate ( comments

Stephen King forced to issue correction after wildly overstating number of COVID deaths in Florida ( comments

UK to Repeal Emergency Powers Allowing Government to Shut Down Country ( comments

Tech platforms censored posts saying Biden could introduce federal vaccine mandate, but now he did ( comments

Sydney doctor who criticized medical censorship online is suspended from practicing medicine ( comments

government takes control of monoclonal antibody distribution ( comments

Where Does Biden Get the Authority To Mandate Vaccination ( comments

Sun Sep 12 2021

Biden declares himself medical dictator as Americans denounce authoritarianism ( comments

Here's Biden, the CDC director, and Dr. Fauci all saying a few months ago that the feds would never ever mandate jabs ( comments

Members of Congress and their staff are exempt from Biden's jab mandate ( comments

Favorite response to Biden's speech yesterday ( comments

Send your school a Notice of Non-Consent: Protect Your Children ( comments

26 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from Chinese lab have links to Wuhan ( comments

Nurses say SHOTS CAUSE CLOTS ( comments

ESPN reporter announces she won't be working football games this year after choosing not to get the while trying to conceive ( comments

Why Did F-22 Pilots Suddenly Walk Off the Job ( comments

World Wide Demonstration 4.0 Saturday September 18th, 2021 ( comments

Sat Sep 11 2021

France's long-time vaccine policy chief: Covid policy is completely stupid and unethical ( comments

Twitter feed of Robert W Malone, principal inventor of the mRNA vaxx technology ( comments

Pierre Kory Responds to Critics, Hollywood Style ( comments

Biden requires all federal workers be jabbed with spike toxin mRNA, no testing option ( comments

LA School District Mandates Jab for Students 12 and Older Though Some Children Will Die From It ( comments

ParentRising National Walk-Out Week to Protest Vaccine, Mask Mandates Starts Sept. 13 ( comments

T-Cell test to prove immunity from prior infection ( comments

Template documents to use when objecting to mandatory jab ( comments

Fauci Fails to Answer Why People with Natural Immunity Should be Forced to Submit to jab (Hint: profits) ( comments

A third of truckers would say 'Fire me ' if required to get jab ( comments

Fri Sep 10 2021

Supreme Emperor Biden's insane new round of vax mandates ( comments

Governors Prepare to Sue Biden Admin Over Unconstitutional Vax Mandate ( comments

Biden To Eliminate Testing Opt Out, Mandate That All Public Workers And Contractors Get jab ( comments

Substitute teacher accused of taping masks to kids faces in Las Vegas ( comments

Teenage boys more at risk from vaccines than from Fauci Flu ( comments

More Soldiers dying from the Vaxx than died from Fauci Flu ( comments

The CDC quietly changed the definition of vaccination so as to fit the political narrative ( comments

The smoking gun Fauci outsourced gain of function research to China after all. ( comments

Letter to a Covidian ( comments

Injections And Injunctions part 2 with Dr. Malone, Worth Seeing ( comments

Thu Sep 09 2021

Rutgers bans unvaccinated online only student from virtual classes ( comments

Twitter Facebook President Biden and Surgeon General sued for censorship collusion ( comments

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduced Legislation to Fire Fauci and Ban Vaxxports ( comments

Fauci s grants supported the construction in Wuhan of a novel coronavirus combining a spike gene from one virus with genes from another ( comments

CDC quietly changed the definition of vaccine to include the clot shot ( comments

Police for Freedom Statement on Medical Rights ( comments

Do Not Submit Unite Instead ( comments

Lockdowns caused huge surge in drug overdose deaths ( comments

You re struggling to understand where all this vaccine hesitancy comes from. Let me help you. ( comments

LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop ( comments

Tucson Pauses jab Mandate After Arizona Attorney General Deems It Illegal ( comments

The COVID 19 injection is NOT a vaccine ( comments

Only now is any research being done into the long term damage of the jab, after 2 billion put at risk ( comments

Australian truckers go on strike to protest government policies total media blackout ( comments

Twitter banned Alex Berenson for agreeing with the CDC ( comments

Proof that Canadian hospitals are empty not overwhelmed. The media is lying. ( comments

23 year old Florida woman suffers seizures severe neurological trauma hospitalization since Pfizer mRNA injection ( comments

Someone Created The Ultimate Picture Thread To Show How Far Society Has Devolved In The Last Year ( comments

Big Brother Watch campaign to stop Vaxxports projected onto Parliament ( comments

Wed Sep 08 2021

Newly Released Documents Detail US Funded Coronavirus Research at Wuhan Institute of Virology ( comments

Canada's Anti-Freedom Conservatives announce vaccine passports if they win the election ( comments

UK Vaccines Minister confirms shameful U turn on vaccine passports ( comments

Fauci Funded Construction Of Chimeric Coronaviruses In Wuhan ( comments

Justin Trudeau Pelted By Rocks Because of Jab Mandates ( comments

The ivermectin skeptics ( comments

The battle for ivermectin ( comments

The Drug That Cracked Covid ( comments

Australian NSW health minister LIES OUTRIGHT in claiming the jab more effective than natural immunity ( comments

Australia talks about denying jab resisters medical care ( comments

The great Ivermectin deworming hoax ( comments

Big Tech's censorship of Ivermectin stories depend on who's sharing it ( comments

Details Emerge About Coronavirus Research at Chinese Lab ( comments

The Bizarre Civil War Stoking Impulses of the Professional Managerial Class in the US ( comments

Police Firefighters In LA Form Group To Resist Vaccine Mandates ( comments

Arizona Attorney General says Vaccine Mandate for City Employees Is Unconstitutional ( comments

Geocidal tool of Pfizer Fauci Highest Paid Employee In Entire U S Federal Government ( comments

LA firefighters and police officers challenge jab mandate ( comments

Third man in Japan died after receiving recalled Moderna vaccine ( comments

The ACLU Prior to Fauci Flu Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures ( comments

Rand Paul says Fauci LIED to Congress by insisting US never funded gain of function research Daily Mail Online ( comments

For Big Pharma the revolving door keeps spinning ( comments

Firefighters 4 Freedom Opposed to Mandatory jabs ( comments

Australia Will Have to Get Used To Endless Booster Vaccines ( comments

Wuhan lab documents show Fauci untruthful about research ( comments

The vaxxed were not informed of the substantial risk of ADE ( comments

Tue Sep 07 2021

How to Get Ivermectin ( comments

Franchises as well as small restaurants being killed by unjustified restrictions ( comments

Australia's Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours ( comments

Pfizer Releases Brand New Never Before Seen Drug "Pfivermectin" ( comments

Ivermectin also has powerful antitumor effects ( comments

Corrupt AMA refuses to recommend any early treatment, deaths ensue ( comments

Israel Reveals Vaccine Failure ( comments

Mass ivermectin treatment in Peru reduced deaths by 74% ( comments

Natural immunity from recovery 27 times better than the jab ( comments

Crisis in America Millions of Nurses are Resigning or Being Fired Over jab Mandates ( comments

Stop Covid Passes! Big Brother Watch ( comments

Benjamin Rothschild, promoter of vaxx, dies at 57 ( comments

Is it possible to avoid heart damage from the jab? ( comments

12 to 15 Year Olds May Override Parents' Decision on jab in UK ( comments

Fauci Flu Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good ( comments

Vaccine Failure and the Way Out ( comments

Vaccine Passports Will Be Imposed on UK This Month ( comments

German ambassador to China Jan Hecker dies, another vaxx blood clot? ( comments

Mon Sep 06 2021

Portugal bans arrivals from ‘super-vaxxed’ Israel ( comments

Class Action Lawsuit Against Michigan State Univ. Vaccine Mandate ( comments

Antifa Shoots Samoan Protest Leader at "End the Mandate" Rally in Olympia, WA ( comments

An anti-mandate protestor in Montreal compares vaccine mandates to the Holocaust ( comments

The vaxx provide no benefit for children, only risk of harm ( comments

Covid Camp in Australia ( comments

Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others ( comments

New York Health Department repeals mask mandate for unvaxxed people following federal lawsuit ( comments

Over 140 000 French citizens protest over vaccine passports ( comments

1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination ( comments

Ivermectin Pros and Cons ( comments

Senior Trump HHS Advisor Asks Trump To Publicly Oppose Giving The Jab To Children ( comments

Biochemistry behind the extreme effectiveness of Ivermectin against Fauci Flu ( comments

Japan finds stainless steel in suspended Moderna doses ( comments

Indian Bar Association sues WHO for lying about efficacy of Ivermectin ( comments

Sun Sep 05 2021

Actor's death fuels vaccine hesitancy in Tamil Nadu ( comments

Comedian Chelsea Handler Goes Deaf in One Ear After Vaccine ( comments

Comedian Jimmy Dore speaks out about his adverse reaction to the vaxx ( comments

Vaccinated Rev Jesse Jackson and His Wife Have Been Hospitalized For Fauci Flu ( comments

Roy Butler, 23 year old Irish soccer player, suffers massive brain bleed, dead four days after vaxx shot ( comments

Francis Mossman, 33 year old New Zealand actor, dead 15 days after vaxx ( comments

Louie Knuxx, 42 year old New Zealand hip hop artist, dead 28 days after second vaxx injection ( comments

Boxing legend Marvin Hagler died at 66 after getting vaxxed ( comments

Eric Clapton had Severe Reaction to the Vaccine ( comments

Model Erin Willerton suffers three strokes and a blood clot after getting vaccine ( comments

Brit model Stephanie Dubois, 39, dies from clot after getting jab ( comments

Rapper DMX Has Heart Attack After Taking Vaxx ( comments

Former news anchor dead one day after receiving the jab ( comments

CNN and MSNBC legal analyst Midwin Charles Died After Getting Vaccine ( comments

Fully Vaccinated 35-Year-Old Dies of Fauci Flu While Waiting for Last-Ditch Treatment ( comments

Alex Jones Takes Ivermectin on Camera and Then Calls Anthony Fauci a Murderer and a Nazi ( comments

Victor Dominello, Australian MP diagnosed with Bell's Palsy but he'll still get second AstraZeneca injection ( comments

Michael Mitchell, 65 year old Braveheart actor, receives booster shot, dead six days later ( comments

NYC Teachers Union to Take Legal Action Against Call for Layoffs of Unvaccinated Staff ( comments

Canadian education minister tells parents that their children WILL receive the shot despite their protests ( comments

Oregon Police and Firefighters Sue Governor Over Vaccine Mandate ( comments

Israeli virus czar says to get ready for 4th shot, and more forever ( comments

Submit to the shot or be banned from society, parody, but kinda true ( comments

UK Vaccines Advisory Body Not Recommending CCP Virus Vaccines to Healthy Children Under 16 ( comments

Why is it forbidden to give early treatment? ( comments

CDC advisors raise concerns about over vaccination and ask the White House for more data to show boosters are needed ( comments

Fully vaccinated boxer Oscar De La Hoya hospitalized with Fauci Flu ( comments

Davide Bristot, 18 year old Italian volleyball player, dead 27 days after first Pfizer shot ( comments

Dom Busby, 53 year old BBC sports reporter, develops brain tumor, dead 11 weeks after AstraZeneca shot ( comments

Peter Spann, 54 year old Australian filmmaker, dead two months after first AstraZeneca shot ( comments

Stephanie DuBois, 39 year old British model, dead 16 days after AstraZeneca shot ( comments

Haziq Kamaruddin, 27 year old Malaysian Olympic archer, develops blood clots, dead 10 days after second Pfizer mRNA shot ( comments

Pedro Obiang 29 Year Old Professional Footballer Suffers Myocarditis After Vaxx ( comments

Another Footballer Collapses On Pitch With Heart Attack ( comments

Sat Sep 04 2021

Just another mild Covid breakthrough case ( comments

My son was vaccinated and he died a few days later ( comments

Health Officials Advise Biden to Scale Back Fauci Flu Booster Shots Plan For Now ( comments

Dr. Malone on Latest Fauci Flu Booster Shots and the Shattered Scientific Consensus ( comments

German Companies Cannot Ask Employees About Covid Vaccination Status, Labor Minister Says ( comments

Over 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for heart problems after vaxx jab ( comments

Australia Could Force Citizens to Report Their Location on Demand Via Government Tracking App ( comments

UK's vaccine advisory body refuses to approve Covid jabs for healthy 12- to 15-year-olds ( comments

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya tests positive for Fauci Flu despite being fully "vaccinated" ( comments

16 Year Old Who Suffered Heart Attack After Pfizer Vaccine Receives $225,000 Settlement From Singapore Government ( comments

COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions 2021 Rumble ( comments

Fri Sep 03 2021

Joe Rogan Contracts Fauci Flu, Bounces Back Within Days Using Drug Cocktail Including Ivermectin ( comments

Science Killed Itself Over Fauci Flu ( comments

Denmark Sets Time Limit To Vaccine Atrocities ( comments

Colorado High School Students Perform Mass Walkout In Protest Of Mask Mandates ( comments

Europe's CDC Breaks With Biden Admin, Says No Urgent Need For COVID Boosters ( comments

Lockdowns caused MORE deaths instead of reducing them, study finds ( comments

Sorry Facebook, forced universal vaccinations are not the answer ( comments

Is Pandemic Australia Still a Liberal Democracy? ( comments

Julius Ruechel: The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service) ( comments

Grace Community Church Gets Big Money In Settlement With LA County Over Lockdown Dispute ( comments

80 Fully Vaccinated People Die Of Fauci Flu In Minnesota; 12,559 Breakthrough Cases Recorded ( comments

Israel is now the world's Covid hotspot with almost 0.2% of population catching it yesterday | Daily Mail Online ( comments

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