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So Donald Trump is banning the press in favor of preferred state media
2 days ago by iwog (221/221 = 100% civil)
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Had enough yet? He's got the dictator's playbook and he's following it right down the line.
It's probably safe to buy gold again
1 week ago by iwog (221/221 = 100% civil) in #investing
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The recent test (and failure) to confirm the $1050 low in gold and subsequent rise back over $1200 has me convinced of several things: 1. Gold isn't going to go...
Housing Bubble 2.0 - Global This Time (
17 hours ago by just any guy (46/46 = 100% civil) in #housing
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I thought this was an interesting perspective on global housing. With all of the signs that our economy is only alive because of cheap money, is it only down from...
Let middle school and high school students test out of any subject
16 hours ago by Patrick (408/408 = 100% civil)
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We all know from personal experience just how soul-killing the endless hours of middle school and high school can be. To a large degree, school is simply babysitting paid for...
Looking for another stock tip
2 days ago by Patrick (408/408 = 100% civil) in #investing
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It's a down day in the market and I've got some cash in a rollover IRA since I sold RYKKY at a small profit, deciding I didn't really even know...
Another reason to revoke religious privilege and ban religions (
3 days ago by Dan8267 (306/309 = 99% civil) in #politics
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After refusing to watch LGBT diversity video, Social Security judge sues to avoid being fired Again, how is religion in general and Christianity in particular not harmful to our society?...
Defend Islam
11 hours ago by PeopleUnited (11/11 = 100% civil)
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I would be interested in arguments for the merits of Islam and/or why any non-Moslem would consider it a good thing if more Moslems lived in their town or neighborhood.
Thoughts on Starbucks (sbux) ?
2 weeks ago by Patrick (408/408 = 100% civil) in #investing
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I had a good profit on Starbucks in the last couple of years, and was getting slightly worried that they could not grow enough more to justify a p/e of...
Thunderome Someone wrote a Chrome extension that changes "white" to "black" on Huffpo, Salon, and Buzzfeed
1 hour ago by zzyzzx (94/94 = 100% civil) in #politics
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#politics #humor #bias
Cultivation of Resentment is the Essence of both Feminism and Islam
14 hours ago by Patrick (408/408 = 100% civil) in #politics
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What Feminism and Islam have in common is a long term systematic cultivation of resentment against the masses of non-Muslim men who have personally done them no wrong whatsoever. This...
Winter storms abate; reservoirs still high but dropping (
1 hour ago by tvgnus
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Oroville drained to 76 percent of capacity •  River levels still high With the sun shining Monday across the Central Valley, memories of the severe storms of January and...
Why the best employees are slipping away (
1 hour ago by tvgnus
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The more disconnected employees feel, the greater their readiness to job hop •  They must give employees a reason to choose them, stay with them and perform at their...
Cash home sales shrinking (
1 hour ago by tvgnus
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Now fewer than one in three •  Cash sales dropped in three of four Central Valley markets Homes in the U.S. that were sold for all cash in November...
Tesla - TSLA
6 years ago by E-man in #energy
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I want to get some thoughts on this electric car company. It looks like they are not going to make money anytime soon. However, this stock can be a great...
Isis now teaching jihadis to eat non-Muslims (
1 hour ago by lostand confused (26/26 = 100% civil)
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A handbook found in the terror group's training school has been found by a British counter-extremism think tank, revealing the horrifying new stance of the jihadis....
G. W. Bush admits he was scheming lying Dick, wants you dislike Trump's honesty. (
3 hours ago by Tenpoundbass (138/138 = 100% civil)
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Former U.S. president George W. Bush said Monday that a free press was 'indispensable to democracy' during his two White House terms hinting that he disagrees with President Donald...
The best picture goes to La La Land.... no wait what? Jimmy Kimmel breaks the academy awards
12 hours ago by PeopleUnited (11/11 = 100% civil)
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Jimmy Kimmel sucks, discuss.
30% of Housing Transactions - Potential Money Laundering (
1 day ago by just any guy (46/46 = 100% civil) in #housing
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30%?!? What will happen to the high end housing market if the gov't really cracks down on this? The US housing market has been a perfect platform to launder...
Salon (
2 hours ago by WaPoIsHitler Lipsovitch (53/53 = 100% civil)
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Happy National Eating Disorder Week: How to get to fascist in just a few days: Nice List of Articles... ...
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