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komputodo says
why doesn't nervous nancy or crying chuck throw their hats into the ring?

With the kind of media exposure they would receive, it would be obvious to everyone how incompetent they are. They don't want people to know how stupid they really are. and then there are Nancy's obvious medical issues.
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I often talk to people while waiting in line. It's not a problem and people are normally friendly.
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Reality says
Believe it or not, Dominican Republic is actually the better half of that island, by far! At $7k or so a year per capita GDP, the average resident of Dominican Republic makes 8x per year as much as that of Haiti next door.

Then how do they keep the Hatians out?
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Trump Secures Unlimited Chips And Salsa In Mexican Trade Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After a long discussion with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, President Donald Trump has announced the details of a new trade deal with Mexico that will replace NAFTA. The highlight of the deal was securing Americans unlimited chips and salsa.

“Yeah, you heard that right: unlimited,” Trump gloated to the press. “The Mexicans wanted it to be one bowl of chips per customer and $1.25 for each bowl after that, but I said no way. All the chips and salsa we can eat, or I walk.”

Trump then talked about the advantages of the deal, like filling up on chips and not even needing to get an expensive meal to go with them. The Democrats, though, were not as positive about the deal. “The chips are greasy,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. “It’s just not healthy to eat so many of them.”

“The Democrats are losers,” Trump responded to the criticism in a tweet. “Who doesn’t like free chips? No one. Prepare for a red wave! A red wave of salsa!”
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A cardboard box is also affordable housing in CA.
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