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Why should my tax dollars go to subsidize what's essentially a reverse Darwinism plan? That does not bode well for the future.
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I would have used land mines instead.
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Fake news from a biased media source. Should be ignored as propaganda.
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Shannon Tweed

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LeonDurham says
And why would I cheer a loss of jobs in Canada?

It's all Trudeau's fault!!!
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Quigley says
I thought jobs leaving cities would make commutes shorter from the suburbs?

Only if you happen to live in the same suburb as the job. If you have to commute to another part of town, then your commute sucks just the same.
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There is NO way those Baltimore and DC commute times are really that low.
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Ripped off from another thread:
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If OS devs are remotely smart, they'll give you the option of choosing which kernel you want to boot up, during install: the cucked official one, or the super awesome autist fork.
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Article fails to mention exactly how much 3 iced coffee costs at this 7-11.
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