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Sniper says
Wow - now up +350 points at mid day.

How much of this is bank stocks, making up for a lackluster year so far?
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In US, 57 percent of kids on track for obesity by 35: study

More than 57 percent of children in the United States will be obese by age 35 if current trends in weight gain and poor eating habits continue, researchers warned Wednesday.

The risk of obesity is high even among children whose present weight is normal, said the report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"Only those children with a current healthy weight have less than a 50 percent chance of becoming obese by the age of 35 years," said the study, led by researchers at Harvard University.

Some 36.5 percent of the US adult population is now considered obese, a condition federal health officials define as having a body mass index of 30 or higher.

The study was based on a simulation model that predicted future trends based on height and weight data from five nationally representative studies of more than 41,000 children and adults.

"Obesity will be a significant problem for most children in the US as they grow older," it said.

"Of the children predicted to have obesity as adults, half will develop it as children."

Weight gain in a child's early years is particularly hard to reverse in adulthood.

Researchers found that among obese toddlers aged two, three out of four will also be obese as adults.

Children with severe obesity -- which affects 4.5 million children in the United States -- face only a one in five chance of being normal weight adults.

Racial and ethnic disparities in weight are already apparent by age two, with black and Hispanics more likely to have obesity than whites -- yet another trend that persists into adulthood.
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Homer Simpson Pepe:
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Does yesterday's earthquake in Delaware count? I felt it.
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BayAreaObserver says

You could replace Real Estate with a lot of things, like oil.
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What a novel idea enforcing a law. The libs will be against it.

Hoping the Steinle family file a wrongful death suit against the City of San Francisco AND the State of California.

It is sad when you have to make a law to get officials to follow laws already in place.
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So far so good. It's way better without Iwog.
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What took them so long? The election was over more then a year ago?
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I just checked that Amazon Delivery shitting incident, and of course it's in California:

A homeowner in Sacramento County, California, is down in the dumps after an Amazon delivery contractor left a pile of feces in front of his house.

Was kind of expecting this to be in or near San Francisco though.
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If it passes such that there is still a maximum $10000 deduction for mortgage interest and no deduction for state income taxes, I could see at least a few red states lowering or eliminating state income taxes and replacing them with property taxes. Blue states, not so much since they don't give a shit about taxpayers.
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HappyGilmore says

Newsflash--trickle down has been tried already. And it failed.

Trickle down worked just fine, it just trickled down to China, India, Mexico, etc. due to our free trade policies.
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Statistically speaking, a Senator is more likely to be used in a crime than a gun.
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This thread is useless without nude pics of Debbie Gibson. I would post them myself, but I am at work.