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Ironman says

Here, feel free to finally read the transcript, you might learn something (I doubt it though)


That's nice. Was it a casual joke? Or was he appealing to gun owners to vote?

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Ironman says

A joke about what??

I don't know--you are the one that posted it.

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Did you forget??

Ironman says

Media Freaks When Donald Trump Jokes About the Second Amendment, Stays Silent When HIS Life Is Threatened.

The lamestream media cartel is FREAKING OUT that Donald Trump made a casual joke about Second Amendment unity during a campaign rally on Tuesday. Media elit-o-crats insisted that Trump was calling on Hillary Clinton to be assassinated if she’s elected so she can’t nominate anti-Second Amendment liberal justices to the Supreme Court.

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Ironman says

See, one of you TDS fanatics get it. Now please explain that to Tatty, he's just a bit slow.

OK--well, you need to tell the guy at heatst.com then. He didn't get the memo either.

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thunderlips11 says

Sure, gunned down from behind in broad daylight with his wallet, phone, and watch on his body. Sounds like a typical robbery.

I know it's hard to keep the conspiracy theories straight, but I'm pretty sure the Iranian scientist wasn't shot in DC.

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Ironman says

How about vote for NONE of the establishment?

Good, so you've given up on Trump then? Because last I checked, the Heritage foundation was a huge part of the establishment and they are basically running Trump's fiscal policy.

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So, the theory is that Rich had incriminating material that he was going to take to the FBI? And that he was the DNC leak?

Why didn't he leak the incriminating material then? Especially since the FBI has already shown that they will quash any charges against HRC (at least, according to you guys). That doesn't make sense.

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rando says

t's also very troubling that there is absolutely zero about the possibility of his being the DNC leaker in the mainstream press.

Well, MSM requires things like sources, and does things like checking facts. Both of those tend to reduce the number of crackpot conspiracy theories that they can print.

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Ironman says

Can you please reference ANYWHERE where I said I was voting for him.

lol--are you not going to vote for him?

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Trump stopped being anti-establishment a long time ago-it's just too bad the Trumpeteers are too slow to realize it.

VP pick-- Mike Pence, establishment
Fiscal policy-- Heritage Foundation, establishment
H1Bs-- already walking back initial statements, establishment

How long until he starts walking back the trade stuff?

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rando says

Trump is mainly a reaction to the systematic destruction of the white working class by outsourcing all their jobs to China to benefit the elite.

That's the reality Trump voters care about.

I'm sure that's what you care about and Thunder too. But you guys are the exception.

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Ironman says

I was 100% right about real estate in my area

No you weren't. You told me not to buy and posted time after time saying I would lose money. Guess what--I made a bundle on my place.

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Show me one Mainstream Media Outlet that wasn't all but guaranteeing a Hillary Victory. Right here on this board, Trump supporters were being mocked for even bothering to contest the election given such overwhelming numbers.

just fyi-I did, but someone obviously doesn't want the truth to be visible so all my posts were flagged.
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Goran_K says

Yes, it's the GOP voters who are pushing group identity politics and collectivism.

Trump Jr. sure did today.
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CBOEtrader says
dr6B says
bob2356 says
The big bucks dark money crowd that took 50 years getting control of all three branches of government

I don't think this is completely true. Big bucks dark money crowd was for Clinton.They do not care about party as long as candidate tows their line.

He's totally full of it.

Help me out @Patrick. This has been flagged twice but keeps magically reappearing.

Posting--"He's totally full of it" about another poster is not a personal attack?
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MockingbirdKiller says
First of all, Somalia has a government. Get your facts straight. Might not be no better than any other in Africa, but it exists.

Second, during the period when it didn't have any, Anarcho-Capitalist cooperative structures arose...and worked just fine. In fact social scientists and economists who specialize in Anarchism went there to study it in action, as the last time Anarchism established itself was during the Russian & Spanish Civil wars.

Third, your type always throws out the Somalia canard (which I just demolished) as this extreme example of what will happen when the Beast is Slaughtered. In reality, the Beast will just cut back on spending like 90% of what it was. And the States will take on more as a result...JUST AS IT SHOULD BE. But you don't like discussion that outcome...butt hurts your narrative.

This one isn't personal either?

Just looking for some clarification and consistency.
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MockingbirdKiller says

WHAT COMPLETE IDIOCY. Go learn some basic econ 101.

And no the government does not control the savings rate. Yet more bullshit.

This explains a lot about you.

And this one is A-OK? Nothing personal here?
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MockingbirdKiller says
What does tax cuts have to do with trade deficits? Nothing. Your chart also has nothing to do with the tax cuts or proving that they are bad for the trade deficit.

OMG! You don't know the difference between a trade vs budget deficit! Either that, or your TDS is so severe that you momentarily forgot the difference when you spied a chance to bash Trump.

Wow! But then again, I suppose I should not be surprised.

More non personal postings, right?
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"Go learn some basic Econ 101" seems a bit personal to me, but maybe the mods can chime in on it. Because I'm certain a lot of comments from Bob or Aphroman that were much, much less personal than that have been censored.
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Classic whataboutism. ;)

Be careful. Saying "whataboutism" is what got many of my posts censored.
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MockingbirdKiller says

No, it isn't. Not that it is any of your business. It wasn't even directed at you.

Following the rules is everyone's business!
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Amazing, the Press has loved Saudi Arabia, seldom criticized it no matter how many witches and gays they hanged, but the moment the ruler starts letting women drive and allowing them to attend sporting events and distancing himself from Political Islam, the press is mad - because somebody (maybe him, maybe not) killed a friend of Osama bin Laden and a Muslim Brotherhood member.

lol-- let's be clear here. The leader of Saudi Arabia tortured and murdered a journalist that was spreading the truth about his regime.

That's what happened. MBS didn't like someone piercing the narrative of "reform" in Saudi Arabia so he had him executed. period.
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Strategist says
Why all the fuss, now?

There should always be fuss if a supposed ally murders a journalist.
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Goran_K says
That was tatupu. He is a very big fan of 538 (unless it predicts a GOP win, then he prefers NYT/CNN).

Help me out with this one--this isn't personal?
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fyi--the article is about governorships. Not sure what the OP is talking about. They aren't covering their ass on anything.
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MegaForce says

Was it you who said the best quote on this? Not this article, but 538's bullshit in general?

Something to do with them giving an absurdly high probability of the Dems winning, the Dems actually lose, someone says, "See you 538 bitches were wrong!", 538's response, "we said PROBABILITY! Learn math!"

Try reading the articles and not making poor assumptions.

It's really astounding how little Trump cucks understand about probability. I guess that's why they are so easily fooled by fake news, which has been proven over and over again.
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curious2 says

I have an opinion about why the latter two users deploy multiple screen names at the same time, but I will refrain from discussing it.

No reason to refrain, I've posted why on more than one occasion. Once the ridiculous flag and personal buttons were added, the site's logic started putting some users comments in moderation automatically because some of the Trump supporters purposely flagged every comment to be trolls. In order to get around that, I created other names that wouldn't go straight to moderation.
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WookieMan says
The people changing usernames or creating new one's are blatantly obvious. The writing style is exactly similar. No interest in calling out users here since it's against the rules, but either make it completely anonymous or stop allowing people to change usernames. It's your site, so don't take this the wrong way. It's meant as constructive criticism. There are 3-4 trolls that change their identity every month practically. I'm starting to think it's the same damn person just fucking with the board.

I still fail to see the problem though--if you judge a post by its content, you shouldn't care. The only reason people want to know the commenter's identity is so they can prejudge before reading the content.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
I remember struggling with I think it was JoeyJoeJoe about Winner Take All elections, trying to get him to understand that it doesn't matter if you win by 80% or 50.5% of the vote.

So if pissed off Dems in Manhattan, Brooklyn, SFBA, etc. come out it droves... it doesn't matter. They don't win anymore seats because of it. Only competitive districts matter.

Of course. Nate takes that into account obviously. His probability is based on state polling, not national.

And he was one of the only people whose model understood the importance of uncertainty and high numbers of undecided, and the conditional nature of the probability.

That's why he had it right while all the other journalists had it so wrong.
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And, fyi, their House forecast has gotten even bluer recently--they aren't covering their ass on anything.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Speaking of JJJ, we talked alot about special Elections.

Anybody know what the record was in those?

Sure--I think Dems overperformed by about 12 pts on average.
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lostand confused says
What happened that everybody is pretending to be shocked??

MBS was supposedly a "reformer" and changing Saudi. Now we know he's no different than previous leaders.

Just like Trump is no different than previous Presidents and sucks Saudi dick hard.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Khashoggi was a propagandist who worked for the Middle East Monitor, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated publication. He was belatedly given a job at the WaPo last year, probably on the world of Muslim-Brotherhood=democracy types in the "Intel Community".

Do you deny Khashoggi's connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and OBL?

I have no idea, and neither do you because there was no trial, no evidence presented. Instead, the leader of a supposed US ally murdered a journalist because he wrote unflattering articles and dared speak the truth.
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Strategist says

Okay, so how do we blame it all on Trump?

No the question is how to we rationalize it so Trump gets no blame.
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Tenpoundbass says
Yeah and they've got audio recording of it too. Who records murders? It's a play out of the Bolshevik play book of Commie Bastards starting wars to get their way Vol. III

The Saudis didn't record it-Turkey did.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Remember the hype about the Special Elections being some kind of Barometer towards a "Blue Wave"? Never Materialized.

Oh it materialized. Overperforming by 12 points is materializing. Winning a Senate race in Alabama?? That's materializing.

The real test is in a few weeks...
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socal2 says

Really curious, what was the "truth" Kashoggi was writing about the current Saudi rulers?

Sure--this is a good place to start:

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Which previous Saudi leaders issued driver's licenses to women, and allowed them to attend sports events - including without a male family chapperone?


"In fact, MBS is a duplicitous, dangerous hardline fraud – the kind of man who publicly pushed for women to drive whilst privately overseeing the arrest of women’s rights activists."
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Goran_K says
The flag and personal buttons are working as intended. For instance using the term “trump cuck” in a way that is targeted towards an individual is in fact a personal insult and one I’ve flagged you for before.

But "libtard" is OK?

Goran_K says
Plain and simple, keep insults to yourself and you won’t get flagged. The system is working and I wasn’t even an advocate for it in the beginning. I also have noticed your posts have become more civil so I commend you on that.

I wish that were the case.... Sadly, it is not.

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