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lol ofc it's a projection
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https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america/california take a look at hospital resource usage to see the upcoming California peak. But it won't be so bad, no worse than NYC or Lombardy. And now those places are doing great, the worst is behind them.
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@mell mell says
It was actually very likely that there is cross-immunity from other CV infections. It's the same for the flu, if you have ABs against type A or type B then you will be somewhat immune against the new type A or B strain. At least most of the time. The 100% scenario was pure fearmongering as soon as they knew the structure of the virus. The scenario of a novel virus that nobody is immune to is the absolute exception and maybe happens once every couple hundred years if at all.

I would call it worst-case-scenario planning versus fearmongering. The numbers were skyrocketing and there was no proof of any existing immunities in anyone yet. Early on I did see suggested numbers of 1 to 2% not susceptible but that still meant very close to 100%.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says

Yes, this is exactly what TRUMP ordered everyone to believe and everyone died because they failed to heed his timeless insights.

Not every state locked down. South Dakota never did. It was up to the Governors. This has nothing to do with Trump.
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I know it's a joke but this actually kind of happened in France. They found nicotine patches to prevent Covid but cause other deaths.
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NoCoupForYou says
tanked says
In California, the peak was never allowed to occur because it was locked down the entire time. However, once the peak is allowed to occur, it won't be so bad after all. Any hospital overwhelm will be brief.

iMHO, California was hit already last fall/early winter and herd immunity is there. Usually high deaths from the Flu in the elderly spiked in California at that time.

https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america/california according to this site it never happened but is about to. You can see the peaks in NY (over), TX (in the middle of it), AZ (recently over).

I don't know what would be more tragic, CA in lockdown after their peak (lockdown with no upside) or CA in lockdown before their peak (lockdown with no upside).
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Here's a fun fact. Under the old assumptions of near 100% susceptibility, If USA was locked down and only 1000 a day were allowed to get infected (so the hospitals could handle it), it would have taken 958 years for the whole USA to get infected. At which point the lockdown could be lifted.
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yup. also called out at the twitter account for Covid 19 Crusher
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I think we know masks are just for perception only. Pacifiers.
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NDrLoR says
mell says
wearing a mask
It seems especially ridiculous when I see someone wearing one alone in a car with all the windows shut and AC on. They must be some kind of glutton for self abuse.

Lockdowns themselves are like hitting yourself in the face and taking the pain and sacrifice to try to help the disease situation. Equally not effective.
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noobster says
Somewhere I read something like 80pct of the US wants masks mandatory... I give up, I'm on the first rocket to Mars

Where do the 20% live? I'm moving there
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lockdowns are akin to hitting yourself over and over in the face with a 2X4 because you have a bloody nose, and you have to "do something"
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I'm going to do something rare and disagree with you on this one Patrick.

Looking at the words they don't want used, versus the words they do want used, they are saying the same thing, but in a fresher way that is less cliche.

Which to me is smart. And fully within the rights of a corporation to do in guiding itself.

Has Google done and do bad things? Absolutely, I just don't see this as one of them.
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mell says
If the immunity is as high as estimated this 2nd wave will fizzle out, probably has already started, and we will have just sporadic outbreaks like in Europe. I doubt they can maintain lockdowns beyond August and flu season is still 3 months or more away. Look for newly day lows soon, infections and deaths.

It is dropping already from what I've seen. https://twitter.com/covid19crusher?lang=en
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We should have it written in our Constitution, at the top, no lockdowns allowed, because they are stupid.

Oh, wait, we do.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says

Don't forget Apple and Netflix. The FAANGs. (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google)
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georgeliberte says
Some of the lockdowns are part of TDS. When Trump says we should open up the economy as soon as possible, those with the syndrome reflexively demand things stay closed.

Trump needs to come out and say, 'We should never end lockdowns, never I say, to be careful'.
Everything would be open before the end of that day.

They'd say "we win!". They want to stay home all day and get the gov check. These are communists after all.
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SunnyvaleCA says
NoCoupForYou says
That the darkest blue states are the most militant about lockdowns is proof to me that's it's mostly political.

Your average Blue Team member probably thinks Florida and Texas are the worst states for COVID and people are dropping like flies there.

The darkest blue states are also the ones with giant cities, where the virus has an easier time spreading. I can't imagine someone getting on a subway nowadays... it was bad enough with all the druggies and muggers.

I would think Florida's large population of ancient people would be a dropping like flies, but at least the mayors of their big cities aren't forcing the infected ancients back into their usual group retirement homes to infect the others.

Also denser populations which have a bigger chance of overwhelming a hospital.

The South Dakota small towns of 5000 still has to have a hospital. They never locked down and never overwhelmed them.
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Ceffer says
They are the guiding beacons and appropriate censors of the Great Socialist Paradise, cleansing our minds of thought contamination, and serving us by removing the predatory Great Orange Threat!
They will give us comfort and succor in the coming weeks before the elections, assuring that mind beams are properly focussed on what is holy and correct!

you're like a pro-Trump version of ApocolypseFuck. it's great.
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zzyzzx says
NoCoupForYou says
Google, Amazon, Walmart must be broken up into at least 3 different entities.

Why WalMart?

Why ever do Antitrust? Often they earn their monopoly position by being the very best. But the idea is to encourage more competition from smaller companies and reduce price gouging. You can make the same argument for Walmart that Microsoft did - that their dominant position is good for consumers. Perhaps it's true.

Antitrust was never a morality question per se, it was about what is good for the nation. Which of course is subjective.
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A fool and his money are soon parted.

The poor nations use HCQ+ and don't lock down, end up with herd immunity and a better result than the rich nations than ban HCQ and lock down, destroying their economies, psychologies, and have more death.
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RC2006 says
NoCoupForYou says
Don't forget Thighland.

Coming from him it might have been on purpose.

I believe Thighland is an acceptable pronunciation of it. Like the word herb, it's ok to say herb with the h, or just erb.
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Shaman says
NoCoupForYou says
Your average Blue Team member probably thinks Florida and Texas are the worst states for COVID and people are dropping like flies there.

This is entirely true. Try following CBS news with Norah O’Donnell on Facetwat. Nearly all of the commenters are blue team TDS sufferers, and they constantly refer to Florida and Texas as places to avoid for Covid reasons while praising New York. They are so fucking stupid and/or brainwashed, they don’t consider the death rate differentials between those places.

Or the simple fact that it was a delay before it got there, and the curve is identical?
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There was a Magic The Gathering card based on this strategy. You can kill the other guy and win if you are ahead but if you are behind it won't work.

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what in the world?
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There's still r/DonaldTrump

Those that run that argue that thedonald.win is an echo chamber / preaching to the choir. For all of Reddit's faults, it's still one of the largest sites in the world. By being on the site it can make a difference in the election. Only a few % end up deciding things.
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I see what you are trying to do but I don't think it works this way. If Trump secretly was taking it and saying others shouldn't, or don't deserve to, then we're onto something. But he's not like that. He's public about it all, has been from Day 1, and wants everyone to also take it if they want to.

That's why he's popular. That's why he's President. That's why they hate him.
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mell says
Yes but it's not that easy. Many international pharmacies won't fill your non-RX order infear of retaliation, plus customs may seize it as well. I couldn't find a single one during a quick search. This is a concerted effort to block a life saving drug. It's easier to order Ivarmectin generic (stromectol) btw. But not as many studies as for hcq.

I saw lots of places listed at the peak prosperity forum link above
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mell says
Thx good to know someone collected these. Would like to know if anybody ordered successfully. I'm waiting for Ivarmectin, should arrive soon. It's worth stashing once in a pandemic in case someone dear to you gets ill. Same goes for Tamiflu during a bad flu season.

Forum posters did report successful orders. I'd read it from the first post if you are interested.
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Patrick says
Now they are trying to shut down access to science.

good work Patrick
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B.A.C.A.H. says
Here we go again.
Domino Theory.

So you think that war just spontaneously happens, it isn't a result of chain reaction of events?
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5 days if you know you have it. But unlimited days as a preventative?
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We (not me and you specifically) are determined to rescue defeat from the jaws of victory
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Karloff says
By this point it should be beyond a shadow of a doubt that the MSM, WHO, CDC, and politicians have lied to the people of the world about everything regarding Covid-19 other than the fact that it exists and what some of its symptoms are.

There need to be mass arrests and trials for those involved in this gross violation of human rights.

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Fortwaynemobile says
Shaman says
I say let the Japanese out of their box and see what they can do to hold the Chinese accountable. We’ve suppressed their military for 75 years. They might have learned their lesson vis a vie conflict with the USA. That was their nation’s biggest mistake. If they hadn’t forced hostilities with us or had come to a peace agreement before they lost everything, they would OWN China right now.

Make no mistake: their old racist fascist regime wasn’t worth saving. But they’ve come a long long way since then. I think we can trust them with some Conventional military might.

Let Japanese empire take over China again.

There's nukes now.
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lockdown can only flatten a peak to reduce hospital overflow. the same number of people get it regardless
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ignoreme says
tanked says
There's nukes now.

What’s your point? You ask if we should intervene, then when people offer creative solutions to dealing with China that does not involve direct conflict you point out the obvious fact that nukes exist.

Seems like you already know the answer.

China has been at war with us for 20 years, they don’t seem too concerned with nukes. Not every war involves bullets. Sometimes you just buy a bunch of media and politicians then take what you want. Want to know who is in power? Ask you you can’t criticize. US sure is taking a lot of criticism right now, don’t see much criticism of China, BLM Lebron sure cares a lot about the 50 unarmed black people killed every year by US cops. Don’t hear any criticism about the millions killed by the ccp.

Whatever. This shit will continue until a majority of Americans decide they don’t want it to happen anymore. The media ...

It wasn't creative to say Japan should take over China again. China has nukes now and would never allow it. That's what I was responding to.

How would I already know the answer? If you stop China you get a nuclear war. If you don't they run unfettered. That's a paradox.

So your answer is, stand up to China and stay out of foreign conflicts. Even though both can't be done.
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The problem is, often tweets are in multiple parts to get around the 280 char limit. There would be no way to post more than 1 tweet at once.

Anyone who has a DNS, can have a web site and can then have a blog. Twitter is a "blog-to-go" site, if one gets banned they can go back to normal blogs.

I think you aren't seeing the forest for the trees :)
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