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Strategist says

If he loves Chipotle he might go crazy for the new concept popping up for pizza.

Didn't Kramer have that idea?

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The water damage assessments sound completely legit. Even in our coastal forest areas, they are usually ALL wonky from excess moisture.

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SFace says

It is a watch.

Yup. Used it last night to time planks ;p. THAT alarm is the best sound in the world.

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Given the prevalence of tired people, this is a given. Just the sheer number of people on prescription drugs is enough to make me never want to get on the road.

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Starving students have been around forever. What's new here?

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@Rin, Someone has to raise the kind-hearted kid who's going to wipe your butt if you are unfortunate enough to not die before you experience mental or physical decline.

I am thankful to the parents raising nice, ethical people. It can't be easy. As for me, I just try to be the best aunt and mentor I can. I have at least one young person I might be able to rely on if I live longer than I should.

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my husband and I spent 7 nights sleeping in a walk-in closet in our spare room/office, while my in-laws and their baby took our master. This cured me of any romantic tiny house notions I had been harboring.

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I see what you did there.

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Rin says

It's also about de-emphasizing the importance of women

I figured this from the beginning of your "All I need is myself and my monstrous intellect" posts. Struggling with one's sexuality is not unique to you, Rin.

On a serious note, why do you feel the need to justify your choice to remain a singleton? It's just one of the many lifestyle choices available in the west.

You seem more invested in expressing misogyny with your posts than the virtues of remaining a free agent.

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edvard2 says

I know because my brother, who started smoking when he was 15 CAN'T quit no matter what.

My Dad smoked from 12 to 21. His doc told him it would kill him, so he quit cold turkey. I also quit cold turkey. Your brother can quit; he just won't.

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Iwog, you might appreciate this.
"This Land ais Mine"

Posted on Globe Today: "This animation by Nina Paley is one of the most beautiful, accurate and true cartoons I ever seen! A masterpiece!"

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That thing would never survive a drunken hipster, home brew tasting party. I could see some unruly kids or big dogs running through the house and tripping on it. Some toddler is going to turn it up or stick her little arm in there. It just has disaster written all over it.

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lostand confused says

This has nothing to with race. Some drunk stranger starts banging on your door in the middle of the night in Detroit-sorry but those are the situations you need a gun for

No. These are the situations in which you need a peep hole and enough horse sense to NOT open your door.

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Check out and then tell me CA sucks. Not for hikers, it doesn't. I hiked yesterday in cool weather, I'm hiking in 10 minutes and I'll be doing 11 miles from redwoods to the ocean next week. I can hike every day if I want, but I'm not an animal ;p.

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Call it Crazy says

Maybe not....

When I was at Mammoth Lakes a couple summers back, I went to rent a boat on one of the many little lakes. The proprietor warned us that a big bear had been coming around daily, so I asked him when it usually hangs out. He said, "Whenever it wants!"

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Peter P says

Who ever considered chess a creative endeavor? Everybody knows it is purely mathematical with a time/space complexity of O(1).

Mind you, the game-tree complexity of chess is closer to a googol than a googolplex.

I think it was Bobby Fischer who said, "Chess is life". But, I agree with Howard Stern's take: "I'v never found chess to be anything other than chess."

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The fact that the parks department felt it was important enough to post warnings to hikers about illegal grows is enough to tell me that we need to legalize the growing and selling of the plant. Don't mess with the only thing that is keeping me in this state--my love of hiking in the coastal redwoods.

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A few months ago, I went to visit a friend in Redlands. She directed me to a warehouse district and told me to pull over across from a nondescript warehouse door. We got out, she knocked and a few minutes later, a guy unlocked the door and let us into what was a very nice little wine bar with a huge selection. Check out info and reviews for The Dregs in Redlands, CA.

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New Renter says

Wine is a snobby thing, with lots of egos to stroke.

Not so much anymore. Wine is becoming a young, hipster thing. This is who that speakeasy in Redland, CA caters to. They even have a cheat sheet to educate those cool kids.

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Read about the planned and almost successful genocide of California natives.bgamall4 says

In America, I don't believe, although if you show me I am open to change, that the settlers had a premeditated plan to shove the native Americans off the land. I could be wrong as I said

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P N Dr Lo R says

Accepting a ride with a perfect stranger?

Seriously, in SF taxi drivers kill and injure people too. I have a friend who drives for all of these services and has been propositioned and hassled by jerks on a daily basis. One married couple got in and propositioned her. Gross. But she meets a lot of great people too, so that and the money makes up for the few jerks. It goes both ways. I think drivers have a lot more to fear from passengers than the reverse.

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Thunderlips. Ummmm. All drivers and passengers use the Uber app, which includes GPS tracking software with an audit trail. It will know exactly who picked up whom and almost exactly where, depending on if the person moved down the street or arranged a pickup outside the software via text or phone. But there will be records of that too. The drivers also have extensive background checks before they can be employed at all. When I get into a cab, no one knows. When I arrange an Uber pickup, there is a record.

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OnTheFence says

It's sad to say but I don't want there to be a scenario where he is enabling us to live our's prideful but can't shake it.

No, Sir. It's not sad that you want to be a man. I greatly admire that and your daughter will need the example. It would be a different story if you had fallen on hard times and could not feed your family, but it sounds like you are doing just fine.

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If you can see yourself never needing the money again and keeping the same relationship you have now with your family, go for it.

You have to be willing to say to the person, "If I never see this money again, I'll still love you. So, please don't worry if you find that you cannot pay me back." If you cannot say that sort of statement out loud to the person you are loaning the money to, don't do it.

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Quigley says

But even she knows she's a total unicorn

That's right. There aren't many of us, but I sort of like it that way.

If every female had the benefit of being raised by engineers or scientists, it would probably be different. Two of my nieces have STEM careers and their father is in tech.

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Glorified trailer park. Overpriced to boot.

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I interviewed at Google recently and from what I was told, the move to the new space is not a hiring spree, it's just a move to a better facility. This is just my assumption based on the questions I asked during the interview.

Oh and several large bay area corps had huge layoffs this year, so 5k jobs would only very slightly make up for that deficit.

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Ignorance of the law doesn't excuse its violation.

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turtledove says

My son was coughing so hard that he revealed that he had a inguinal hernia! He actually coughed his intestines into his right you-know-what!!!

Wow. That actually sounds like whooping cough. Did they actually do labs to find out it was the flu? I got keuchhusten (Pertussis) in Germany after the baby I was caring for got it (Docs gave her homeopathic remedies). We each had it over a month--worst coughing EVER!

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There are entire branches of my family I have never met. All thanks to my dad for being militantly intolerant of drama. Any relative (or guest) started anything and they were unceremoniously booted--never to be seen or heard from again ;p. Thankfully, I don't even celebrate any of these holidays--keeps drama to a complete minimum.

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What happened to the "Real Estate" tab?

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I started reading at the suggestion of a former boss who ran a property management and investment school and website. That was in 1999 or 2000, I believe.

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If you don't eat small farm, grass fed and locally butchered meat, never, ever pass by Harris Ranch during the day. It's enough to make a person with a heart cry for those beasts. I also feel for the people working in those conditions. Not quite the lovely, pastoral scene.

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It's obvious that most of you commenting have never used Uber. It's great to have this as one of the options. I've canceled an Uber ride in favor of a taxi, but I have also taken an Uber ride because there were no taxis around. Also, no money changes hands. If anyone is going to argue over price, they need to do that with Uber, not the driver, thunderlips. I also know three Uber, Sidecar, Lyft drivers. The number one complaint is roofied and drunk AND extremely racist passengers. But most of their passengers are amazing.

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It is important to get an x-ray and follow-up sonogram to see if there are any obstructions or spine damage/degeneration causing the issues. If we had just gone with the Rimadyl and not looked further, our 14 yr old dalmatian would still be on it. We found out that he had a grapefruit sized lipoma crowding his abdominal cavity. We've always fed him raw/organic/human grade/gf and exercise him daily, so this is just one of those genetic issues. A few months post surgery and he is acting like a much younger dog again. We've almost burned through his health savings account, but it was so worth it.

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Have you been watching "Halt and Catch Fire"?

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Not drinking is the new drinking.

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There's no Chomsky like Noam Chomsky, there's no Chomsky I know. . .