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Rb6d says
Children of Russian elites live in the decadent West; they keep their money in the West, not in rubles and safety of supposedly wonderful Russia.

Like whom? Name a few. Where do they live? What are their families?

This is the difference between propaganda and reality. It's easy to make blanket statements and to believe them, isn't it?
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Bitcoin says
I got vaxxed and I am one of the nicest and open-minded guys here.

In my opinion, you neither seem nice, nor open minded.

You seem to engage in trolling, you mock people for having differing opinions, and you ignore errors in your own logic and reasoning. I consider this childish behavior. If I were to give you more credit, I would consider you a propagandist but you're not subtle enough to be one.
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Patrick says
That's getting pretty personal.

I won't deny it, but I can back it up if you request.

Bitcoin says
richwicks says
you ignore errors in your own logic and reasoning

Richwicks, I simple dont ignore people who defend muslim terrorists

This is called "loaded language" - it's when a statement is made as fact to take a subset and apply it to a much larger group.

Were the Mujahideen terrorists when they were fighting against the USSR? By definition they were, the US aligned themselves with them. Rambo III was a film about Rambo fighting alongside the Mujahideen - that's how common propaganda is in the United States - major films are made to support the mythology. The United States used propaganda to support those terrorists. The Afghan government of the time requested assistance from the USSR to stay in power.

Who are the Taliban? Well, it's just the Mujahideen - they were renamed because they became "enemies" according to US crazy foreign policy. The US calls anybody that opposes them "terrorists".

What's "terrorism"? It's using violence and intimidation to effect a political change. Antifa and BLM are terrorists, which are supported by our government. So was "shock and awe" - that was done purposely to terrify the nation through an aerial bombardment into surrender and capitulation to remove Saddam Hussein - who the US directly supported from 1980 to 1988 during the Iran/Iraq war. The US was attempting to recapture control of Iran after the US used terrorism in Operation Ajax to remove Mohammad Mosaddegh.

The US directly supports terrorists when it's convenient, and opposes self determination when it's inconvenient to their insane, and it's entirely insane, foreign policy.

Bitcoin says
and pretend the US government kills its own people (9/11).

The United States has repeatedly killed its own people. The Tuskegee Trials is an example of that, the USS Liberty is another example, it's suspected that the bombing of Pearl Harbor is another, Operation Northwoods is another example - it wasn't carried out, but the president that rejected it was later assassinated, supposedly by a lone gunman.

Bitcoin says
You are free to think that everything is a big conspiracy but normal people will continue to correct you.

You don't correct me. You ignore me.

Bitcoin says
Not sure what you are trying to sell but its not working. :)

I'm not trying to sell anything.

On 9/11, 16 out of the 19 terrorists were Saudi. The Sa'ud family was setup to be the caretakers of Aramco. Socal struck oil, and suddenly they became the rulers of "Saudi Arabia" named after them, in 1932. Our great friends, so the US bombed Afghanistan, and Iraq. They don't even try to make up believable stories today. They think the public are dummies, and I guess they're right.

Cross them, you end up cut up in one of the embassies and your body disappears.

All governments are run by mafias and it's pie in the sky subservience and faith that allows it. I doubt you don't realize this.

I just want the US government to exhibit some fucking principles. That's all I'm asking. Just some goddamned consistency. You consistently reject that very notion don't you?

The reason nobody in Antifa or BLM were actually prosecuted last year, is we had a coup. How many people died during those "peaceful protests"? You said our government doesn't kill its own citizens. Explain why the police were told to stand down, and offers for the national guard were rejected? Explain why sars-cov2-19 patients were placed into nursing homes? Our government quite obviously engages in terrorism, against its own citizens. You just saw it, plain as day.
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Patrick says
richwicks says
Eventually people are going to figure out the government is nothing but a bunch of criminals.

The whole virus fraud moved me much closer to that conclusion.

Then I approve of it.

Patrick says
I'm absolutely convinced that the virus was deliberately created by Fauci to sell "vaccines" which are killing people, and was used politically to justify spamming the world with unasked-for ballots to be used in election fraud.

I'm starting to think that Agenda 21 isn't a crazy Christian Conspiracy. I'll have to sit down and read it at some point.

Patrick says
That's pretty much a mafia-is-government scenario.

I don't think any government, except a possibly very young one, isn't a mafia syndicate.

We're stuck with that, what irritates me, is people don't recognize it. You have to be aware of a problem to fix the problem or block it.

Americans are FAR too trusting. They are like children. As a result we have Critical Race "Theory" being taught in skools, Common Core which is bullshit to any adult that has seen it, and Drag Queen Story Hour. American citizens don't know what civics is.
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Patrick says

Nothing should be banned.

Allow the hypocrisy of this intelligence agency puppets be exposed.
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Patrick says

Why post a story without a link?

For all I know, this came from the babylon bee.
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Bitcoin says
richwicks says
The United States has repeatedly killed its own people. The Tuskegee Trials is an example of that, the USS Liberty is another example, it's suspected that the bombing of Pearl Harbor is another,

exactly what i mean. There is no end to the conspiracy madness.

Even when I give you specific examples, you just deny them.

This is why I don't think you're honest in your presentation of what you purport to be your beliefs. I understand what cognitive dissonance is, but I don't believe any human being can have the level you claim to have.

Why has nobody in Antifa and BLM been held accountable for the assaults and murders they committed? That's because, probably without their knowledge, were working for the intelligence agencies, to do a coup.

Do you have another explanation?

Explain Operation Northwoods.

Even when I point out current and past examples, you just continue with your bullshit. I don't think you're honestly trying to communicate much less think.
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Onvacation says
richwicks says

This is why I don't think you're honest in your presentation of what you purport to be your beliefs.
Trolls usually reveal themselves by this trait; It becomes obvious that they are more interested in getting a reaction than having a debate.

"You can't win wrestling with a pig, You'll both end up muddy and the pig likes it"

I don't mind at all getting muddy.

The interesting thing with a troll, is when you get them to demonstrate their actual thinking. I think trolls are, honestly, mentally ill. They go through great lengths to be dishonest, what is interesting to me is when you get them to be actually honest. They are still a person, just one I cannot easily understand.
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says

What year, and what paper - specifically?

I'm doubtful this is a genuine article, but it would be interesting if it was.

If this is genuine, I would bet it's from the late 1800's.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Church and dog rescue were the long term ones. I’ve done one day volunteers for political and community causes.

You've also done dog rescue?

I gave it up thinking that I was just replacing another dog in a shelter that would otherwise be pulled. When I had to put my dogs down it kind of shattered me and I just couldn't do it any more. All the fosters I've had, must be dead at this point.

What was your involvement in church service? I'm pretty much an atheist, but I recognize the utility of religion. Do you think it was worthwhile?
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WookieMan says
We'll maybe get into something in the future, but we generally donate $3k or so annually to a charity we trust.

As somebody that has worked within charities, be very very careful about donating money.

I would never donate money to a charity I did not work within. Most of them are frauds in my opinion. The Clinton Foundation, or the United Way, they are standard, not exceptions.

Unless you have some involvement with the charity, some inside knowledge, I recommend you abstain from donating.

The charity I worked for doing Samoyed rescue (that's a dog) has gone corrupt at least once, and in my opinion, twice. They will beg for money, and do nothing other than cash the check.
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HunterTits says
I am an 'executive volunteer' at a group that foments minority victimhood with an emphasis on hating cops.

I closing on my fifth mansion from my 'selfless volunteerism' and the pussy is awesome!

It's amazing what 'sacrifice' pays.

Haha - this is kind of my cynical experience as well.

You want to improve the world, and you are short circuited by a bunch of assholes.
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Patrick says
In Ann Arbor I volunteered at a place that would pick up food from restaurants and stores and deliver it to shelters. It was all food that was going to be thrown out, but not bad yet.

Honestly, do you think this makes a world a better world?

I fostered over 20 dogs. In my opinion I displaced dogs in a shelter that would have been otherwise adopted, and the only dogs I saved were the two I adopted, which I was forced to euthanize in the end.

I honestly do not know if charity work is useful in any way.
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joshuatrio says
I appreciate ya'lls sentiment towards dogs, but I absolutely hate dogs lol.

This was my dog:

That was honestly my dog. She was sitting on a couch. I bought the bear on sale after Christmas.

If you ran into her on the street, she'd be looking to be pet. Absolutely had no aggression, very affectionate.
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Hircus says
I have a feeling he has planned for his death, and likely has leftist funding programs setup to continue. But hopefully its less effective without him making active decisions, unless maybe this results in an enormous increase in funding.

Soros is just the front man. Nothing will change with his death.
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Karloff says
I'm pretty sure there was some recent evidence that the protein is NOT confined to the muscular region where it's injected, and indeed spreads throughout the bloodstream. Thought I saved that one, but it seems not. Search engines are next to useless in this endeavor these days as well, it seems, due to them filtering out any wrong-think from the results.

FFS - stop using their fucking search engines.

It's maddening that people keep using the same fucking censorious shit when there's GREAT attempts at removing the censorship.
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Rin says
It's amazing, when I was a kid and studying applied chemistry, getting a job at Merck was considered some sort of achievement. It basically validates your entire college studies and research experience. Merck, Amgen, etc, were considered marque companies to launch a career.

As was Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, or even Facebook.

Now when I meet somebody that has worked for these companies, I have to make a concerted effort not to display disgust and revulsion.
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Patrick says
This is why the polls were so spectacularly wrong in the race between Hillary and Trump.

No. It's because the polls are bullshit. They are designed to influence public opinion, not to reflect it.

There are CLEAR examples of the "news" media lying to the public, dozens of them. Russian Collusion is an obvious example, but so is Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and "we need to stop Qaddafi from causing a humanitarian crisis".

Polls are bullshit, designed to sway public opinion.
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mell says
That may be partially true, the US has a history of abandoning and turning on former allies, esp. when they are no longer useful. However many if not all of these allies are/were assholish dictators.

Why were we allies in the first place?

Fuck the Middle East. All it is is a money sink. It's a complete waste of money.

The US doesn't give a fuck about human rights, or democracy, or republics - it doesn't win wars, it just wastes money and makes things worse and creates enmity.

There has been NOTHING good from US policy in the Middle East for the last 40 years. Nothing at all. It's a complete, total waste of money, lives, and time.
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That's what he looks and sounds like during a speech from a teleprompter, which is entirely scripted.

Reagan at the end of his term wasn't that bad, but he was an actor.
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Patrick says
Trump should be reinstated because of the obvious massive election fraud, but I find it hard to believe that will actually happen.

Patrick says
I can believe he will be Speaker of the House though.

How can people not realize this contradiction?

Look, we just had a coup d'etat. The only people that will be "elected" from this point forward, are going to be people already approved by the MIC.
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In response to Karloff

"We made a big mistake on Covid-19 vaccine" - it's not a mistake, but that's what they will claim.
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Patrick says
richwicks says

Original Link


What are the three steps?

I plan to watch the video, but more than three hours is a long time to wait for three points.

Oops! I posted the wrong one. Just listen to the first 20 minutes.

Basically, it's the inventor or the mRNA vaccine technology - Robert Malone agreeing with a Steve Kirsch who basically wrote up the problems of the mRNA vaccine as being very problematic. The copy I INTENDED to get was this:

The complete (original) video is here:

Brett Weistein made a (minor) name for himself by theorizing that the reason lab mice have such long telomeres isn't because it's natural for them to have it, but there was an evolutionary pressure for them to develop it. As a result, drug tests going through such mice are not good models for human beings. The mice have TREMENDOUS regenerative powers, at the cost of them ALL getting cancer at the end.
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Ceffer says
If a state refuses to audit on its own, then the military can enforce the audits?

The military won't. Think about it, they are an organization that can prosecute their workers if they refuse to follow an order, no matter how illegal it is, or how immoral it is.

Their oath to the Constitution means nothing.

Ceffer says
Interesting if true.

It's not true.

Biden isn't really the president anyhow. The MIC is. The MILITARY Industrial Complex overthrew the nation through ballot fraud last year.

They aren't going to help, they don't give a fuck about the Constitution, and they will never fight against domestic enemies. The military is RUN by domestic enemies.
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Patrick says
That's interesting, because chickens all get cancer eventually if you don't eat them.

We had a bunch of chickens over their whole lifespans, and they all died of cancer.

They hypothesis of Bret Weinstein was that because lab rats were bred at an early age, they didn't have to function once they reproduced - so there was no environmental pressure for survival once they had been mated. Old mice don't reproduce in the laboratory, EVER.

I imagine the same is true of chickens generally. I wonder if a more wild breed wouldn't be as susceptible to cancer?

I know with hens, they lay eggs in cages, so that their production can be measured, and if they don't produce enough eggs, off to slaughter they go. They have the same issue possibly. I wonder if I can contact Bret Weinstein about this?

This might also explain why dogs frequently get cancer. Both my dogs had cancer. One inoperable (he was a mutt - made it 16), and the other was operable - at 12 and she made it to 16 - she was a purebred Samoyed. Samoyeds have only recently been brought into modern western society - before that, they were dogs of the Samoeydic people - also known as the Nenets. Labs always get cancer, and they've been in western society forever.
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mell says
Dogs also get sicker here because we spray glyphosate and other herbicides, pesticides etc. into our nature and it concentrates on the ground and low brush and plants.

Oh, I don't really believe that.

BOTH my dogs got to 16. They were 45 and 65 lbs - not small dogs.

They'd never get that old in the wild. I used to foster. I've seen 8 year old dogs "living in the rough" and they're way old before their time.

I (really my parents) had dogs when I was a kid in the middle of Nowheresville Nowhere. Seriously, very isolated community. None of them made it past 12. We lived a full 1/2 mile away from the road, nearly all of them were hit by cars. I sometimes wonder if it wasn't just suicide? Some just never returned after a day running around through the wilderness - plenty of animals were around that could take them out.

So I don't worry about "non organic food".
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ThreeBays says
Patrick says
Ivermectin has at least 56 randomized controlled trials so far, with excellent results.

I reckon the 33 million population based trial in Peru between Lima & other states trumps any small trials. If IVM was 80% effective as you believe, shouldn't other states have 20% of the death rate of Lima instead of 300%? Quite a margin of error there, not even close. Honestly I wish IVM worked. Maybe Peru stopped using it as treatment because they realized it doesn't work. I believe people are fundamentally good.

We are at the point we can no longer trust published statistics. Don't you realize that by now? Clinton has a 97% chance of winning, after all, and Biden is simultaneously got the most votes as a percentage of the people in the country, and got the lowest percentage of counties ever to win.

You have to realize, we really live in clown world. No joke. This isn't the Internet we had in the 1990's, now it's filled with complete disinformation and propagandists and they invade every level of science now. Why do you think Google has a fucking "diversity hiring" quota? Yandex, is seriously eating their lunch.
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HunterTits says
What the hell is SA even doing at the G-7?

Major gold producer. We are returning to a gold standard one way or another. We always do, this is "this time it's different".
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NDrLoR says
And he's supposed to be among the "best and the brightest"?! It's scary when you think that there wasn't a single candidate from either party in their 50's or 60's like there used to be.

FFS - there are plenty. Tulsi Gabbard, Dennis Kucinich, Rand Paul, Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, etc.

They're not cocksuckers to the intelligence agencies, so they are not allowed to run.

Got to deep throat some CIA cock, AND swallow - and if you don't, you can't run. Biden swallows, Harris obviously does, Pelosi is another fucking whore, and so was Obama, Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W. Bush, John Kerry. Got to suck that fucking cock, be a TOTAL whore, and if you don't do it, 4 years of "Russian Collusion" that idiots believe.
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Patrick says
Hey, good, I bought stock in Yandex.

They have a stock?

I think that's a good long term play.
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Patrick says
The Wikipedia has sadly been corrupted to the point where it is not useful for anything political - all of those articles are overt propaganda now,

Are you only recognizing this now?

Remember Bana al-Abed? She was, supposedly, the 7 year old kid that could only strangely speak in English begging the United States to please bomb Syria more. Although food and water were difficult to obtain, she sent Tweets to Twitter every single FUCKING day because the Internet was incredibly unaffected, despite them having no electricity.

Read the talk section:

I used to work on DOCSIS modems, I know the impossibility of her situation. If you go through enough of it, you'll see my disdain at that total bullshit. In particular:

Wikipedia has been a propaganda front for at least a decade for political bullshit.
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In response to Patrick

I've tried to contact Dr. Weinstein - I think this might be another confirmation of his hypothesis, but I'm running into a group of PR dopes, so not much hope there. We'll see. Maybe I'll try to contact his brother - he's less famous, so maybe I can more easily contact him. You'd be surprised how easy it is to contact a semi-famous person if you spend the time to track them down. It's a question of how many people are trying to talk to them.

Again, his hypothesis is that animals that are bred at a young age, generation upon generation develop longer telomeres. Longer telomerers allow the organism to repair cellular damage duplicating the cell more times, however, the cost is a greater risk of cancer because each duplication can result in an error - which is uncontrolled cellular duplication when the error allows unlimited duplication. The telomeres are a feature of the organism that prevents infinite duplication of the cell, because eventually there's an error in duplication - this is cancer but if it exhausts the number of telomeres, it ends the uncontrolled duplication - this would be a benign cancer.

The current hypothesis is that when a cell divides, the telomeres of the DNA sequences shortens, giving a maximum number of duplications of the cell. When there are no more telomeres, the cells stop reproducing so if it's an uncontrolled duplication, it still stops because of the shortened telomeres, it can no longer duplicate.

So, at the cost of limiting our lifespan, it reduces our risk of cancer.

Lab rats, never grow old, but they all die of cancer.

There's a LACK of environmental pressure in lab rats to have shortened telomeres because it's not a factor in their reproductive ability, I think the same may be true of chickens, and many farm animals. I'd bet many farm animals die of cancer if they aren't slaughtered. I'd suspect cows would be the next likely organism.

I'll wait a week or two, then try to contact his brother if I get no response. His brother is quite enthusiastic about promoting his younger brother's career - basically, he feels Bret was cheated out of his discovery - if indeed his discovery was correct. The discovery, again, was that all lab rat models of drug tests, are entirely wrong - because they are all mutants. Their cells can duplicate well beyond any normal mammal, so they can fix problems that would normally kill other mammals, because their telomeres are so long. Cut a lab rat? It heals without a scar. Destroy 40% of its heart with a drug? It's fine - but not true for humans. So drugs that rat models are able to deal with just fine, kill humans. As a result, human beings are getting drugs that will kill not only the disease, but the human as well.

I'll contact one of the brothers somehow. Scientists don't look toward farmers for information generally. I think you've pointed something out quite possibly interesting. Maybe. I was once in the 4H club!
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HunterTits says
Ceffer says
I think at this point it's giving them more credit than they deserve.

I got FIRED for not bending the knee on fucking Slack at work, dude.

Another buddy of mine got fired for refusing to attend a Critical Racist Theory class at work.

I'm in Silly Con Valley, and I'm quietly laughing as I watch major corporations implode as competent people are quietly retiring from these companies adopting this woke bullshit.

You might think "oh Facebook/Google/Twitter/whatever is forcing all this bullshit on me!" - we left those sites 4 years ago.

Stop being fucking sheep or you're going to get fucked.

Who gives a shit if some company adopts this woke bullshit - the company is FUCKED long term. Google is the next Yahoo! - it will continue to exist forever, but it's already irrelevant to actually technically competent people. People who CONTINUE to use it, I'm questioning their competence.
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Ceffer says
Why do you think Biden has been traveling around in mothballed beaters trussed up to look like AF1 but has never to date had an AF1 call sign on his planes?

What on Earth makes you think this is true?

Look, I hear the same bullshit as you do - but I know the type of person promoting this bullshit. I've listened to them as well - refresh your memory on what they said 2 years ago.

There were going to be perp walks soon, patriots were in control, and other bullshit nonsense. These are people selling hopium, but they are full of shit.

There are no white hats, there are no good people in government, there are no patriots, there is no resistance. Fucking military sold out the country years ago. They wipe that assholes with their oath to the constitution, then spit on it, then piss on it. Don't fool yourself, the US is done.
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Misc says
I liked him better when he was using polonium to get rid of naysayers.

Putin likely did not do that.

It's more likely either the US or Mi6 did in order to blame Putin for it. There has been a concerted effort to restart the Cold War ever since the West lost control of Russia - Yeltsin was their man, the US directly intervened in that elections to ensure his victory. The communists actually won one election, but that wasn't going to be tolerated.

Think about it - what would be the purpose of assassinating a spy in such an obvious way? It's the same with the Skripal's.

There was no fancy assassination of Seth Rich - he was just killed, under extremely unusual circumstances, in which it was called a botched robbery which is hard to believe. That made it quite clear what happens to whistleblowers within the parties.

I'm frankly surprised Trump wasn't assassinated, but if he was, it could have led to revolution. Look at the amount of propaganda we've been subjected to, all the unusual BS that has happened, a year lock down, and then censoring the Internet - to get people to SORT of believe Biden was elected.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Ami Horowitz did a great video on the insanity and lack of reason employed by liberals…there is no reality bias, there is no follow the science. There is only blind devotion. These people are brainwashed. Literally every thing the left accuses Trump supporters of being.

I will point out that 15 years ago, the "right" at the time were calling people who didn't believe that Iraq had a weapons of mass destruction program, crazy, stupid, traitors, "blame America firsters" (really!), conspiracy theorists, etc.

But they were right.

What people fail to recognize is both parties lie to them, constantly, and people that believe those lies, they are the people who engage in blind devotion. They are brainwashed.
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Patrick says
Maybe the terrorists' failure to act rationally is evidence that the terrorists are themselves mindless puppets, also controlled by those same Ivy League-based institutional powers.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner, finally.
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Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed on June 19, 1953.

And "Juneteenth" - could it have been a stupider name? Emancipation day would have been at least descriptive. I wonder why they chose such a remarkable dumb name?
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