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I converted to Bourbon years ago over single malt Scotches like Macallan. Top pick is Blanton's, but it's expensive and rare. Weller's Reserve is of the same family as Blanton's, so I've been stocking up on that. It's my drink of choice.
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ignoreme says
I personally use keto to maintain weight
But then your vagina smells bad
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Booger says
To be fair, this was proven to be a hoax.
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Trump is a billionaire with a hot wife and a wonderful family that loves him. If he loses the election, he gets to live a better life than if he's president. Being president has been a massive sacrifice for him and his family. He doesn't need politics like Obama and Clinton do.
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BayArea says

The political left, I’m speechless
And of course we should allow violent criminals to vote too!
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Trying to be balanced. There could be a lot of lifestyle differences between Illinois and Sweden. How cramped are living quarters? Did the Swedes distance themselves more on their own, vs the neanderthals of Chicago? I work in healthcare and I can tell you that distancing makes a big difference in the numbers that we see over time.
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Yea...no way Oregon is going Red either. Believe me, I wish it were true though.
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Wow, she's so doable.
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Amazing that with that much money and power, she still can't fix butt-ugly.
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Most of these women are my type.
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HeadSet says
porkchopexpress says
Most of these women are my type.

But are you their type?
Why did you have to ruin it?
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Now she looks like a good, wholesome, traditional woman.
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Any of you see the TV series "Woke"? It keeps popping up on Hulu trying to get me to watch it. Pathetic.
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I wonder if she's kinky in bed.
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It's bush's fault. Ladies, shave all bush.
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Al_Sharpton_for_President says
NoCoupForYou says
Sorry guys, I'm off chronically fapping to this. I love the way she screams "FUCK" while gyrating like crazy.
She obviuolsy is in need of a release.

Arms aren't flapping in the breeze. Decent knockers. She could be a runner. Hmmmm....
And I bet she'd like to slap my balls around and fart on my face.
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Brd6 says
thenuttyneutron says
conservative woman to help reduce the DNC outrage

that will outrage them even more. Best would be a black conservative womyn...D's would short-circuit their brains
With adopted, colored transgender children
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Where are our left-wingers these days? Marcus? Is Trump winning so much lately that they've been driven to utter insanity?

I jerked off to pic of Amy Coney Barrett this morning.
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"Director Cray, I'll be keeping an eye on you."
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"Remind to bring up that you're fucking with your goddamn glasses" lol
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Great news. I also have to imagine that Asians feel the same way. Do Asian Lives Matter?
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Just because of this thread, I just donated $500 to Trump's campaign. Join me! MAGA bitches!
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Wouldn't it be awesome if the COVID infections of Republican Senators was staged so that we could ram through ACB's confirmation virtually? I love it.
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If we vote No on Prop 22, won't Uber prices have to go up? Why would I want that?
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God I hope this is true. The Left ideals are so goddamn poisonous to the human species.
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If you're Left wing and sick of Trump, leave the country. Please. I beg you.
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Booger says
TrumpingTits says
The majority of Americans thought that Shrillary was going to win in 2016, remember? Even I was one of those.

I thought that Trump was going to win.
Do you think he'll win this time around?
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joshuatrio says
Notice Yahoo took down the comments.
I used to look at Y! Finance for market information and articles, but I've stopped since they disallowed comments. Classic Left-wing move...maintain your echo chamber without criticism.
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I'm dying laughing scrolling through these memes. The Left is shitting themselves.
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Wolf Blitzer holding Nancy accountable. ACB killin it in the confirmation process. Hunter Biden doin hookers and blow and exposing his Dad?

I just jizzed in my pants.
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Shaman says
Dholliday126 says
I mean how convenient to find Hunter's laptop forgotten at a computer repair shop, with all this criminal behavior documented?? Three weeks from the election??

Nobody knows how long Rudy Giuliani has been sitting on this, waiting for the right moment to use it to swing the election.
But we all know that the FBI has been sitting on this since December... all through the impeachment fiasco when they had this laptop with EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE!
Yep...tits for tats. zzyzzx...post some titties!
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Karloff says
Hirono is a complete clown.

Tenpoundbass says
That reason was the same reason a scumbag will stick his finger up his ass, and wipe it in a tub of ice creme in the grocery store

Great. Now that will be in the back of my mind the next time I buy ice cream...
This is exactly why I sniff ice cream before I buy it, although I do get some weird looks.
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Rin says
WTF is he watching in the background
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Booger says
+ 1/2
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I agree with Zuck on this. I voted yes on Prop 15 and will vote yes to repeal Prop 13 for all the reasons stated by others. Then, everyone will freak out and we'll need a better form of levying property tax. I've said this before, but property tax should be assessed based on the size, type and location of the land, not the market price which is what kicks granny to the curb. Taxes should be levied based on the expenses that need to be covered.
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CashWillCrash says
Why would anyone support higher taxes in a state that already has the highest taxes?
We're only supporting fairer taxes that get levied equally.
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This is why I always assume my emails are being read as I write them. Never put anything incriminating in them. Use something like Snapchat or Wickr or Signal if you want to electronically communicate really private stuff, and don't have it tied to you individually in any way (e.g., don't put your last name as your username) or register your mobile #.
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As we get more educated, professional immigrants coming to this Country, they tend to vote Right-wing especially when they see the ridiculous Left-wing antics...it's embarrassing.
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