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marcus says
If I bought a casino and it went bankrupt, and I lost big time on the deal too, I would be ashamed. I'm pretty sure he is...
Mind reading again. If there is anything that current political divide should've taught you, it's that you can't read other people's minds, or else you'd have to believe that half the country is Hitler/Mao/Whatever.
To the issue at hand, do you understand that you can't substantiate this "bankruptcy artist" claim that your team throws around so casually?
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Armed citizens acted so fast that this will not register as "mass" shooting (against all odds). Which is why I can see the misinformed stating how "good guys with guns never stop mass shooting" because data says so!
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> tovarichpeter
Are you aware that the article at the link has no correlation to the header that you've posted? (i.e. the article acknowledges Anti-semitism and not once mentions Israel)
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> tovarichpeter

O boy, where do I start.

> actually blacks are much more likely to be victims of violence by blacks than are Jews.
It's irrelevant because this observation fails to consider other factors. Such as social connections. Most violence happens within communities. To make this point trivially obvious: how much jewish-on-black crime is there?

> In no country have Jews lived more freely, indeed thrived, than in the U.S. which is why there are many more immigrants to the U.S. from Israel than the other way round.
Indeed, US has been better to Jews than most other countries. This is changing as we speak. There are multiple symptoms to illustrate that, from events in New York to open Anti-semitism on some university campuses.

> Nor are Jews in Europe today endangered from terrorism anymore than any other Europeans
This is not in evidence, and nothing you said prior implies that. In fact, it's not true.
Here's a quick mental exercise. Two people, one wearing keffiyeh and the other yarmulke, in Paris. Which one do you think risks getting harassed/beaten/stabbed?

Still, the article at your link has nothing in common with your headline.
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tovarichpeter says
“Anti-semitism on some university campuses.”

Criticism of the Israeli government is not anti semitism. If it were than Israel would have to be considered the most anti Semitic country in the world.
Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Doesn't matter: why would you think that I meant criticism of the Israeli government? Do you believe that this is all that's going on?
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Here's the fun part.

It's one thing when you are of modest means and have a dilemma: whether to settle now and have a big payday, or to risk it all and go to court. Risk/reward strategy is unambiguous about it: given a reasonable number, one should settle. What's reasonable is a loaded question indeed, but it's a small fraction of the max to be gained, if we are talking about life changing numbers (I'm trivializing here).

The scenario is drastically different if you are already set for life (trivializing again). If you are set for life, risk/reward strategy is different as well (and again). Now that Nicky is likely set for life, he's less likely to keep settling with other defendants. He can afford to gamble.

CNN were smart to settle before all the others. All others may discover that the price tag went up, or that he's unwilling to settle at all. We may still see some of these cases in court.
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socal2 says
Patrick says
And it was not an accident:

Authorities in Florida were searching Saturday night for a driver who they claim drove his van into a Republican Party voter registration tent in a shopping center parking lot, just missing six volunteers working there.

The suspect, described as a white man in his 20s, then got out of his vehicle and recorded video of the smashed tent, and flashed a middle finger to the startled voter-registration volunteers before driving off, FOX 30 of Jacksonville reported.

It was a typical violent leftist.

If this was a Trump fan in a MAGA hat, this would be front page news 24/7.

Trump and every Republican would be made to answer for this in every news interview.

CNN is silent. I just searched their site, and there's not a mention.
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Patrick says
4. the principle loyalty of the minority is, or is assumed to be, to another country

Most genocides fit this pattern: Jews in Europe...
Jews in Europe didn't really have another country to be loyal to when that genocide happened. Sure, there was Palestine (a very different concept back then) and there were Zionists, but majority of Jews didn't care much about either. It was the other way around, sort of: Israel was formed in aftermath of the genocide.
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Do we know names? Who exactly voted, and how?
This is big. I think that the people would want to know.
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richwicks says
Oh BS. If Israel was at all interested in a two state solution, Israel would have declared their borders 40 years ago, and whatever was left over would have been "Palestine".

Israel intends to take over the entire West Bank, and probably Gaza as well. They will either exterminate the people living there or expel them.

It's always very convenient that "Palestinians" send over rockets at opportune times, to justify Israel's incursions into what remains of Palestinian territory. Considering the history of false flags, I would expect people to be more suspicious. The only thing that lobbing some rocket into Israel from Palestinian territory is justification of Israel to build a new settlement, I have to wonder why Palestinians bother. I can see how it advantages Israel though.

Here's a simple challenge: name one case when Israel would start fighting unprovoked and/or not already under attack.

The only way you can dodge this challenge is by drifting off to the land of batshit crazy. Such as by claiming that respective attacks on Israel were in fact false flags.

Here's a bit of humor to lighten everyone's day. Well, may be not, because it's "you can't make this up" type of a thing. Those who already associate UN with clown world will likely find it humorous.
This is about Iron Dome, super advanced and expensive Israeli technology which protects civilians from these "false flag" rocket attacks. Well, I came across this precious piece from 2014
"U.N. condemns Israel, U.S. for not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas.

The United Nations slammed Israel for possibly committing war crimes in its fight against Hamas — and then backed that accusation by suggesting the Jewish nation ought to be sharing its Iron Dome defensive technology with the very terror group it’s fighting."
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Well, I for once wouldn't cast judgement without knowing details. They weren't just walking outside. The whole thing happened as they walked out of Walgreens (correct?) I'd suspect that their behavior inside, as a group, was a factor.
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If you care about accuracy of information that you spread, your bullshit radar should've gone up right there. See, these results are so very different from results of all other (also informal) experiments that you just can't help but wonder. This study doesn't just show "no effect". Instead, it shows more than double increase in mortality (wow!!). That's hard to explain by side effects because hydroxychloroquine is relatively safe (safer than chloroquine at least). Does the drug cooperate with the virus?! It's not clear whether the drug is effective, but harmful to the point of more then doubling death rate?? What's the deal here?

You may have asked yourself all that if you cared about accuracy of information that you spread.

I looked at the study, which immediately clarified things. There's crucial info missing: there's no indication why some patients where on hydroxychloroquine, while others weren't, and their respective conditions. Same hospital system, same protocols, and it wasn't a test for the drug because the analysis is retrospective. Why some patients were on it while others weren't?

My guess: those who were given hydroxychloroquine were in much worse condition to begin with. It was a "grasp-at-straw" situation, which would explain 1) why some people were on it while others weren't 2) higher death rate which doesn't really say much about the drug.

In absence of other information, I'd say: while situation with hydroxychloroquine is not clear, the "study" is indeed a solid garbage material.
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HeadSet says
I only recognize Justice Kavanaugh from those 4, but if the meme maker is calling Kavanaugh a rapist based on the Ford bullshit (and even Ford never said raped), then I can assume there is not an ounce of truth to the rest of the meme either.

I meant to check with @marcus on many of his memes, may as well do it now. Marcus, do you honestly think that Kavanaugh is a rapist? Or do you understand that the meme is a lie/slander but don't care?
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marcus says
Seemed reasonable, considering Trump has decided to be a cheerleader for the drug that has a finit supply and many known illnesses for which it has known efficacy.

Just what we need. People hoarding it, you know, just in case.
You know what else has a finite supply? Pretty much anything and everything. "[something] has a finite supply" is a non-statement.
Are you claiming that there is, or about to be, shortage of hydroxychloroquine?
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> richwicks

There are exactly two things that matter most about this conflict:

1) If Arab states lay down their arms, there is no conflict
2) If Israel lays down her arms, there is no Israel

It's as simple as that.
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Yeah, let's talk about disappointments.
I've seen lots and lots of caricatures and (mostly lame) memes depicting Trump and/or evil billionaires sacrifice grandma for economy. Because Trump and/or evil billionaires (allegedely) pushed for opening the economy.

Honest question: were you involved in spreading those?
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richwicks says
mostly_reader says
> richwicks

There are exactly two things that matter most about this conflict:

1) If Arab states lay down their arms, there is no conflict
2) If Israel lays down her arms, there is no Israel

It's as simple as that.

Oh what utter crap.

When is the last time the West Bank attacked Israel? 25 years ago maybe?

Then why do Israeli settlements in the West Bank continue to expand then?

Because Israel is going to exterminate them, slowly, but they will.

And do you know how many times I've seen what you just wrote, repeated, to me, verbatim? You're repeating propaganda to me, not a thought. If you want to talk about this issue, think, don't just repeat propaganda. It's not a land without a people for a people without a land. The entire nation was built on lies and propaganda.
Which of the two points that I stated do you dispute?

Do you claim that if Arab states lay down arms there will still be conflict, and submit settlements in the West Bank as proof?

Then you are either ignorant or intentionally misleading. Are you aware of the events of 1967, and how Jordan lost control of that land? How did that land become "subject to settlements"? Do you know what fedayeen made of it, until Israel got it under control? Do you know what King Hussein did with Palestinians who moved to Jordan, and why? This last point is relevant because it shows: fedayeen wreak havoc in any place where they find home. It later happened in Libya, which is no longer "Middle East Switzerland" and which may regret that they did not have their own King Hussein. When was the last time the West Bank attacked Israel, you ask? Here: It's one google search away, you are welcome. Also, google "terror attacks Jerusalim". "Settlements in West Bank" is as weak of an argument as they get.

Or do you claim that it proves that if Israel lays down her arms she'll be just fine? Then you are delusional, plain and simple.

That statement is both accurate and damning to your point of view. You'd need to try a lot harder than dismiss it by calling a name. So far, you've submitted hissy fit in lieu of arguments.
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marcus says
Gee, this is so much fun. Going through memes that Marcus posts is almost like dissecting "Cheap Manipulation Techniques 101".

Marcus, let's dissect this one. First, note how careful your side now needs to be with their words. Question: why do you think that they picked this term "sexual misconduct"? It's the opposite of what you would call "snappy", the opposite of what you'd want to use in a meme.
Here's my answer: because they somehow needed to equalize assault (which Joe Biden is being accused of) with "chicks dig me because I'm rich and famous" behavior (which Trump is being accused of)

Trumps' entire life has been put under microscope, but not a single sign of assault-type or forceful behavior has ever been found. Not even a far-fetched one which media could further bend for the party line. Even in the infamous locker room recording, his pussy-grabbing point was that "they LET YOU do it" (uppercase mine, emphasis on consent).

How do you put it in the same category as assault? You come up with a term which describes both, no matter how imprecisely! "Sexual misconduct" would be one. Because, you know, assault is certainly misconduct, and so is banging hookers while being married. Never mind that they are two very different types of misconduct. It's misconduct, I tell you!

This is where the "lie" part comes into the picture. See Marcus, there are not many people, conservative or otherwise, who don't believe that Trump lead a life of playboy and a flamboyant billionaire, that he banged beautiful women, to some of which he probably also paid. People know, and they don't care. Lie is in pretense that not caring about consensual behavior (misconduct or not) is the same as not believing in it.
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marcus says
mostly_reader says
Trumps' entire life has been put under microscope, but not a single sign of assault-type or forceful behavior has ever been found. Not even a far-fetched one which media could further bend for the party line. Even in the infamous locker room recording, his pussy-grabbing point was that "they LET YOU do it" (uppercase mine, emphasis on consent).

Brilliant. He didn't brag about the times he has sexually assaulted women. I guess I have to give you that.

You only prove the point of that meme. You have no interest in whether or not Trump has sexually assaulted women More generally, you have zero interest in all the proof of what kind of person Trump is. Apparently you admire him.
I'll make it simple.
It's not my job to investigate Trump. Those whose job it is apparently failed to produce any evidence, no matter how hard they tried, and thus your side has been reduced to spinning consensual behavior as something that it's not. That, and mind-reading (i.e. "apparently you admire him")
Dissecting your memes is still fun. It's almost like you can pick from them randomly and use as a manipulation technique recognition exercise.
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marcus says
mostly_reader says
thus your side has been reduced to spinning consensual behavior as something that it's not.

mostly_reader says
It's almost like you can pick from them randomly and use as a manipulation technique recognition exercise.

Translation: you are immune to reality, or at least so you claim.
You made a statement but forgot the "because" part. I said that I could probably pick randomly from your memes and use the pick as a manipulation technique recognition exercise. How is manipulation recognition the same as being immune to reality?
Or is it in the same way as "assault" and "victimless crime" are the same?
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Oh, and just for the record. At this time, I give accusations against Biden zero credibility.
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marcus says
Then what part of the meme is manipulation, rather than fact ?
Both are.
Joe Biden is being accused of sexual assault. My take: very few on either side believe it, and when the right brings it up, it's because two can play in this game. The first part is indeed false. What makes it more false, is the "sexual misconduct" charade. It's assault, and Biden is currently under investigation. He has not been cleared, no matter what the majority believes (sure, it was a power play by the right - see the "two can play in this game" reference).
Trump is not under investigation (spare me going over credibility of "assault" accusations against him). However, most people believe that Trump is indeed guilty of other, victimless, forms of sexual misconduct. Which is why the term "sexual misconduct" became operative. It's to add credibility where there is none (i.e. manipulation). Does it make it clear?
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You know fully well that existence of "A LOT of these kinds of claims" against Trump means absolutely zilch. He's the guy that half the country loves to hate. If he never-ever assaulted a woman (you may be of different opinion, but I'm inviting you to a mental exercise) - do you think that, given current situation, there wouldn't be such claims? We all know that there would be plenty of those. Some accusers would be doing it to be in spotlight, some for money, some may be thinking that they are doing it for greater good. Going with the flow is a thing, if there's anyone who'd be falsely accused, it's Trump. We probably had very skilled persuaders telling women who were in contact with him that they were abused and encouraging them to step forward (this is a speculation, but a likely one).

Now, here's an important part. Someone who's in fact prone to assault, someone who developed this pattern, usually slips. Over the course of decades, it rarely stays within "only ones in the room, her word vs his" boundaries, especially in times when abuse was way more acceptable than it is now. We are talking about decades of same pattern. A person would make a mistake, and there would be proof, which never happened with Trump. How is it that he never slipped, having spent decades as a super powerful person constantly surrounded by babes? He never lowered his guard in those forgiving times, is he that good? I recon your side believes that he's a bumbling idiot, how do you reconcile the two?

My position is clear, with regards to both Trump and Biden. What's yours?
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> marcus
Saved. I gather - you (again) discovered that debate is not your turf and are getting back to cheaper propaganda techniques with better bang per buck.
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Let's see. You posted the meme. I dissected your meme, and explained why it's a material for "manipulation detection 101". You attempted to challenge me on that. Few iterations, and it appears that you are out of arguments and re-posting the meme.

I'm clarifying what is your turf, and what isn't.

You should know that this can be done with most of the materials that you share here.
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marcus says
Well, I would just leave it to readers...
LOL. I'm a reader. In fact, I'm "mostly_reader".
You mean, you would just leave it to other readers. The ones that don't give you hard time over propaganda.
All right, that was enough.
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If one lives in CA., they can move to a deplorable,shithole Red State or deal with majority rule in CA.
Big change from "you REPTARDS aren't successful enough WAWAWA!!!!!!!!!" tantrum. It's Musk afterall.
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"Fears", lol. In your imagination perhaps.
"What are you afraid of?" - "Not a fucking thing" joke comes to mind.
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jazz_music says
You are not very good at reading the audience. It's safe to rule out a career in standup comedy.
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Booger says
We need a national "stand your ground" law for vehicles: if you believe you are in imminent danger from a hostile mob around your vehicle, you should be legally allowed to drive over or through them.
I wonder what the existing laws around that are. If mob (or an individual) is breaking your car glass, or attempts to open card doors, you should fear for your life, because your head is behind that glass and it may be next. With all the implications (one of them is that you are behind the steering wheel of a deadly weapon)
That's in theory. No idea whether you'd get charged, how this would play out in courtroom, and how it would be motivated by political climate.
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marcus says
Protesting isn't lawlessness.

Does TPB think there are people on this forum that support destruction of property or looting ?
Directly - possibly. Indirectly - certainly. You would be a one, for example, indirectly supporting destruction of property and looting. At this point educating others about fine differences between "protesting" and "rioting" is exactly that.

I'll elaborate. There is such thing as branding. When that cop killed George Floyd, he hurt the brand of all the cops, and since the victim was black, he also hurt the brand of all the whites. You can go into details about how much did he really hurt it, because others reacted quickly and many condemned him totally, rescuing the brand, and again, I won't go into details regarding the extent to which they rescued it.

Looters and rioters has destroyed the brand of protesters, whatever their numbers where. It's a done deal. Here, watch and weep:

Richmond, Virginia police chief, at 3:25 talks how rioters set fire to a multi-family home with children inside and then blocked fire department from getting there.

This is the point at which I say "F#$k You" to anyone who attempts to legitimize what's happening on the streets by drawing fine lines and explaining that there are good and bad apples.
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> marcus
Oh, shite. "If that's all it takes?" ??? Did you read my post, did you watch the video? SETTING CHILDREN ON FIRE AND BLOCKING FIRE TRUCK - yes, that should do it!!
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marcus says
My point was that if you can say that all protests over an issue lose credibility becasue some protests over the same issue got ugly ?
Make at least an effort to follow the thought. I explained that this protest has gotten out of hand, and that anyone trying to legitimize it from that point forward is responsible. That includes you.
Generalization and abstraction was your idea. You switched from me explaining that you are indirectly supporting the looters to talking how looting is secondary in grander scheme of things. Strawman.

Did you watch the video? Just so you know who exactly you are supporting. That's now your branding.
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marcus says
I understand you., - I don't think you do.
You went to escape hatch (labeled "abstraction and generalization") when you started to talk about "all protests" and how they would be easy to manipulate.

Just so we are clear. No one in their right mind defends killer(s) of George Floyd. Neither on the left, nor on the right. Everyone (in their right mind) wants to see him/them punished.
You, on the other hand, are now aligned with looters and murderers. It's as simple as that.
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marcus says
What, do you think you used the transitive property to get there ?
I have explained it to you how I got there. I'll repeat, but pay attention this time: at this point, trying to legitimize what's happening IS aligning with pure evil. Yet you attempt to do it by inviting others to consider subtleties. I hope I'm making myself clear.

marcus says
Just out of curiosity, are you an engineer of some kind, or programmer ?
Please, don't try to play wizard: you should remember me weighing in on technical issues in the past. Engineering is a large part of what I do, and so is communication.
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richwicks says
He's an agent provocateur - he's a cop
Provocateur - yes. Cop - highly unlikely.
Fully covered, minimalistic movements (i.e. trained), almost like a professional just doing his job. Umbrella to hide from drones and video surveillance. So yes, someone in professional capacity.

This was to start looting and riots. If this were a cop, I'd expect harsher response from police. That's why they'd be doing it, to justify more violence, but that's not what happened. Cops haven't benefited from the riots.

Let me change that slightly: it may be a cop, coincidentally, but not acting on the orders of his police superiors. Occasional freelancing is a thing.

It seems that someone is behind this. I've been told of teenagers getting messages such as "come to a spot of protest and get X-box"
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You can stop reading right after the headline. I don't think that HDC was ever touted as a preventive measure. HDC is supposed to help if the person already has Covid-19.
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Patrick says
It is particularly depressing that institutions ranging from the New York Times to the universities to Franklin Templeton have refused to stand up for themselves, for their employees, and, in the case of the Times and other media, for the principles of free expression and open dialogue that they purport to serve.
NY Times is an interesting use case. I used to think that their execs are loonies who dictate corporate policy, but it now seems to me that they are only loonies to a degree and the rest of looni-ness is tail wagging the dog. Their lower level employees en mass is the tail. They drive this aspect of the corporate policy more than you'd think, and upper management doesn't seem to know how to manage it. Here's what lead me to believe this.

NY Times made a statement that didn't get nearly as much coverage as it should have in competing publications:

Dean Baquet, their executive editor, announced in a town hall meeting that while in the past their main topic was "Russian collusion", that frame hasn't played out, it's now outdated, and going forward will be replaced with another frame - "Trump's racism". I'll repeat: he announced their spin on the event that hasn't even happened yet, and instructed other heads about where the focus should be going forward.

This should have been a bomb: major publication telegraphing it's bias like this, with understanding that leakages do happen. They may have as well printed a corporate t-shirt with "Kings of Yellow Press" logo on it.

So I got curios and learnt a bit more about the context.

It turned out that this town hall meeting was a response to employee reaction to their own story with the heading "Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism". Revolt was the reaction, Dean Baquet was on defensive, and he admitted to more than any exec should have.

Now, James Bennet resigns because the opinion section that he oversaw published Op-Ed by a US senator (it called for a military response to civic unrest in American cities). I understand that this also happened due to disturbance among the ranks.

It's an interesting HR experiment, what can I say.
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> Ceffer
Darwin wasn't wrong, just incomplete. He never claimed to be complete either AFAIK.
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rd6B says
You are overestimating the strength of Russian military and willingness of Russian oligarchs (real rulers of Russia), who keep their money and children in Western Europe, to engage in war which would result in them losing their "savings" plundered from Russian people. Russian army got stuck in Ukraine - they could not defeat army of the most corrupt and divided country in Europe. On the other hand, Poland is up-and-coming, disciplined, not terribly corrupt, has been modernizing their army with latest US weaponry, and is extremely anti-Russian. Any attack on Eastern Europe would involve attack on Poland.

Mandatory viewing:

USSR back then, and Russia today know very well how to engage in war without being obvious about it; how to corrupt entire nations from within. They had schools and institutions created for that purpose. Communist International (Comintern) was all about that. Yuri Bezmenov is a very reputable source, and he breaks it down in this video.

He states that only 15% of USSR intelligence work was about spying; the rest 85% was about corrupting from within, and it's notable that schools and academia were the primary targets.

What we are observing may be in no small part fruits of those labors.
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