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> jazz_music
> ...and Mueller is coming...
I asked for your best shot. Either the University charge, or Mueller.
If it's the University charge, you lose before the game starts. It in no way puts him in jeopardy, neither legal, nor as a President.
If it's Mueller, please specify the charge and related evidence.
Pick one. Your best one.

> You are tribal as Trump is a piece of shit.

Look. I can change my mind if I see right evidence. Two and half years of "But NOW we REALLY got him!" with no substance don't quite make that. It seems that "This morning DAMNING evidence!" news target some anti-Trump-porn masturbation club. Perhaps you want to look into that club if you are looking for real, not imaginary, tribes.
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jazz_music says
Hollywood police have refused any more additional patrol for the protection of the Trump star on Hollywood's "walk of fame."
Google search shows nothing to that affect as of time of writing, and you are not giving source. Source?
Oh, and - aren't you supposed to be looking for "worst of the worst" on Trump's list of offenses? You know, the one that will get a conviction?
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jazz_music says
mostly reader says
Google search shows nothing to that affect as of time of writing,

How is it bullshit? Google search still doesn't return your line (that was my original point, plus the fact that you didn't provide your source).
To make it better: in your response, you are using YOUR OWN THREAD as a source!!!
To make it even better, that other thread (yours) didn't exist at the time of my writing. You added it later.

Now, there is indeed a link to a source at that other thread. That source is obscure enough that google search doesn't see it on first couple of pages that I checked. Which makes my original statement, you know, the one on which you called bs, still stand.

Do you realize how incoherent you are?

On semi-related note, did you completely give up on stating which charge should get Trump convicted?
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jazz_music says
mostly reader says
you are using YOUR OWN THREAD as a source!!!

The thread has a link.

That is not difficult.
You called BS on my statements that 1) you haven't provided the source (you haven't at the time of writing), and 2) your headline is not google-able (it wasn't at the time of writing, still isn't)

That was dishonest, and I'm not letting it slip.
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Onvacation says
mostly reader says

On semi-related note, did you completely give up on stating which charge should get Trump convicted?

Back on topic. Can anyone state ONE convictable high crime or misdemeanor commited by Trump?
Just one?
There are potential charges, but for the real ones evidence is weak AFAIK. CNN experts might tell you differently, but if you filter out obvious propaganda most of it boils down to "IF he did that it would ALMOST be illegal" and the ones that are impossible to prove without mind-reading.
I'm thinking - to convict, they'd have to establish chain of command going to him, and for that they'd to get to someone close to him within that chain. Which is why when this whole Cohen business unveiled, I thought that it's somewhat likely.
But then Cohen was sentenced. I interpret it that he had nothing.
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Kakistocracy says
God only knows the U.S. has a stellar record in going into these places and turning them around huh ?

Anyone bothered to check how things are going in the Middle East recently ?

Classic whataboutism.

How's weather in Olgino? Don't freeze your butt off waiting for the bus after the shift, comrade.
LOL. My reaction, exactly.
Oh-so-recognizable signature move.
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Kakistocracy says
The commenter from Jersey has been acknowledged with yet another alias.
Wrong, and wrong. And, fuck you. Don't freeze your ass on the way home.
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Perhaps he said "cougar", and reporters confused it for "mountain lion". An easy mistake to make.
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anonymity says
This article is nothing but pseudo intellectual garbage.

I have an advaneed degree in statistics and can tell you this is just nonsense jibberish intentionally written to confuse and sound 'intelligent'. I can assure you that the concept of probability is far more concrete than what this author believes. Clearly he needs to spend more time learning about probability; the only person confused about this topic is him.
The author is deeply confused about the subject, to the point that (s)he doesn't understand the difference between basic concepts. Such as probability and likelihood.
In nutshell, the difference is this.
Probability: pertinent to coin flip scenario. It can be studied because it deals with events that can be repeatably (and infinitely) reproduced in controlled environment.
Likelihood: in all likelihood, the OP doesn't understand what (s)he is posting. My money would be on it. However, this bet would be unscientific because probability theory wouldn't attempt to quantify this crap.
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marcus says
Is it more likely from SBs pov that it's Monday rather than Tuesday ?
And if so, does that make it less likely to be tails,rather than heads ?
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BayArea says
Patrick says
Lol, yes, it's true. Someone is ignoring me.

Wonder if it’s the same sociopath who is ignoring me... one of the off-the-rails Liberals was ignoring everyone left and right a while back.

A fake ignore if you will..
I got my first ignore (now apparently lifted) after I posted a thread on taxing propagandists, plus analysis of how to identify propaganda. Someone also "disliked" every single post in that thread. Apparently that thought exercise made someone very unhappy, lol.
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richwicks & Patrick,

Fuck Dems & Reps.
I'm an Independent.
Let's see:
- repetitive mindless bashing of Reps/Cons
- glee for violence
- void of logic or coherency
- occasional bashing of Dems, just as mindless
- antisemitic
- full of vile, heart attack waiting to happen.

Sounds like far left to me.
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marcus says
What's implied actually is that he believes there are some very competant women of color to choose from otherwise he wouldn't have said it. I'll grant you that it's political. And that I don't love it. But I don't know how someone can think it takes competence out of the decision.

Marcus. Every single white male, regardless of qualifications, was excluded from consideration for VP position exclusively because of his race/gender. I don't know how someone can think that this is not bigotry.
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marcus says
So all the years and decades that women were excluded from consideration, was that bigotry ? Or was it just trying to give the voters what they thought would be a winning candidate.
Shifting the blame from politicians to voters doesn't help your case. You are essentially calling current Dem voters bigots.

With which we may agree. Women may have been excluded in the past, but not quite in these clear terms. In the past (few decades), no major party candidate would get away with this. Bigotry was there, but it was never so strong as to allow a candidate say publicly and openly that he's picking a male candidate because of his gender. ANY major party would've been SLAUGHTERER right there one the spot, and likely by their own voters. You'd probably have to go back more than 50 years to find something remotely close to that.

Scroll forward to today. It IS happening, and voters CHEER. Bigotry is making a comeback.
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marcus says
mostly reader says
Bigotry is making a comeback.
RIght. "And all lives matter," amiright ?
LOL. "Not all lives matter", amiright?
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I watched. Peter Bergen (the interviewee) talks about terrorism, quotes some numbers (nothing that would support the title), states that right-wing terrorism has been more or less constant, and that there is an uptick in anti-Trump and black nationalist terrorism.

There's almost no correlation between the content and the assertion in the title. Which is one of the more obvious tells of propaganda.
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TrumpingTits says
Found the original!
What do you mean, "the original"?!
Oh, the Godzilla! I didn't notice.
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FuckCCP89 says
I'm shocked that cunt is even charged. This being California and all...
There's California and then there's California. You can see "Trump 2020" signs on restaurant walls in San Luis Obispo county.
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That was reparations? Fine. If that's what it was then that's what it was. The topic of reparations may now be closed forever.
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TrumpingTits says
I mean, by that logic he shouldn't have been charged in the first place. Neither should have the Mccloskys.
Seeing how the population is being squeezed on both ends, rioters on one and prosecution on the other, I keep coming back to the "who sponsors this shit?" question.
He needs the best lawyer he can get, and the case needs all the publicity it can get.
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Patrick says
Anti-racists spew hateful vitriol
Seems accurate. Although I'd say that the term "anti-racists" is misused and misapplied.
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I'm waiting for the Kenosha deceased to be painted as right wing agitators. They have all the necessary characteristics for that: white, with criminal records, one was recorded shouting "shoot me ni*****a" multiple times.
The only mismatch is that Kyle is also white. Plus, MSM is now too invested in original narrative.

They may still turn around. It would start with "Our investigative analysis shows that..." prefix.
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Somehow I just new what was going to happen. It's like you already saw a movie, and your brain pre-produces every moment before it plays out.
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richwicks says
The bikes are over-priced yuppie/hipster bikes. They are steel frame - something I'd expect to get in the 1980's - maybe even in the 1970s.

There's steel and then there's steel. Good modern stainless steel frame may be superior to titanium (in some regards) and to carbon fiber (in some other regards). Lightweight, reliable, nimble, and highly reparable. Don't know about those guys though, overpriced + catering to to yuppie/hipster crowd is not a good sign for a bike shop. This may be Walmart quality with hipster angle.

I personally don't see a problem. Just being consistent: businesses should be able to discriminate at will, and at the end of the day money talks. If someone likes being generous - let them. As long as they are upfront about it with their non-black customers who get to subsidize the program.

However, US doesn't live by my preferred standard (think "baking cake for gay wedding" case) Which is why this also sounds highly illegal.
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> Patrick

Indeed, "verifiable" and "anonymous" are conflicting requirements.

It's somewhat clear how to build in "I want to make sure that my vote was properly recorded" feature, using one-way cryptography.

It's less clear how to make sure that there's no injection of bogus ballots (dead people and whatnot)
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> richwicks
But tell us how you really feel.
I never saw you expressing same emotions over, say, Russian agencies as you do here, or as you do towards US agencies. Curious: did I just not see it, or is it primarily a US/Israel thing for you?
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richwicks says
mostly reader says
I never saw you expressing same emotions over, say, Russian agencies as you do here, or as you do towards US agencies. Curious: did I just not see it, or is it primarily a US/Israel thing for you?

How long of an explanation do you want?

I know the West best, because it directly affects me.

When's the last time Russia ACTUALLY had an effect on the United States? The bullshit lie over "Russian Collusion" that never happened?

First it was about moral aspect ("child rape", "vomit", "human shit"), which is why I brought up Russia as an example of a country with long traditions in spying and killings without borders, which was the topic. However, Russia apparently gets a pass and it now became about what affects you.

I'm not buying it because Israel is not your backyard either, and it doesn't affect you either (unless you subscribe to batshit-crazy, way batshit-crazier than "Russian Collusion"). Yet you seem to have strong feelings towards Israel, unlike towards Russia.

So strong that you'd rather have Iran move on with their nuclear program. Your comment implies as much.
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richwicks says
Yeah, Duh. Obviously. I'm supposed to worry about another country's scumbag intelligence agencies? Why? I can't do anything about it, and it doesn't affect me. That's a problem for Russian citizens.
It's a problem for every country in which Russia executes whoever it decides to execute, including on US soil (remember Lesin?)
So, it's does affect you.

richwicks says
Oh but it does. Remember the Niger yellowcake documents? That was a forgery was created by Israel. You know PART of the reason the US is bombing Syria? Israel wants the Golan Heights - but also the oil there, the US wants that. AIPAC practically dictates our foreign policy, and has for 3 decades.
This. This, right here. Whoever told you that, find them, and beat them with a stick until they cry.
Every single source that I saw making this claim boils down to the same pattern: "It was in Israel's interest to drag US into the war which is why it was Israel". But whatever they lack in quality of the argument they make up in passion.

Israel is a country with it's own interests in mind. It's also a strategic ally. US plays Israel just like Israel plays US, and neither party does another any extra favors. The only recent president who was perceived as "non-establishment", "anti-cabal" president of our times - Trump - is also the strongest supporter of Israel, as far as US presidents go. Whereas his pro-establishment counterparts - Harris/Biden - seem like a really bad news for the same Israel. This simple fact shouldn't sit well with your "pro-Israel globalist establishment" picture of the world.

richwicks says
Somehow "Russia is a problem" has been planted in your mind.
I made no such statement here yet. However: if there is such thought, it would be planted by Russia itself. No need to look further.

You should know that Russia is a country with a super-strong anti-US sentiment. I'm not talking "making fun of stupid Americans folksy humor" sentiment (a very popular topic over there). I'm talking anti-US propaganda which goes from the top to such degree that it's acceptable for a high-ranking politicians to publicly appeal to Putin for destruction of US.

Furthermore. Past performance is not an indicator of the future performance. Bluntly looking backwards doesn't help to predict future, you have to also observe current situation and sentiment. Putin illustrating the hypersonic missile capacity using map of Florida, and specifically addressing US, should tell you everything that you need to know about the sentiment.

Yet if you absolutely, positively insist on looking backwards, and backwards only, there's news for you there too. Do you really think that North Korea developed nuclear weapons on their own, or do you know the extent to which Russia helped them? This is not "they had no right" or "they had every right" question. This is a very concrete contradiction to your position that Russia has no effect on your life.

My point was that you give Russia pass but you don't do the same for others. So far your explanations suffers from insufficient information on one hand, and from a poorly thought-out, full of loose ends theory on the other. Building worldview on niche theories in addition to unambiguous facts may be ok if you can make it work, but building worldview on niche theories in lieu of unambiguous facts should be a non-starter.
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richwicks says
Apparently Hawaii cares. That missile alert in 2018 scared bejesus out of them.
May be it's just Hawaii. May be if the alert was issued to California, those tough Californians would've just shaken it off like it's nothing.
Thing is - that alert was taken seriously. The "who cares" question is invalidated right there. Whereas news about missiles coming from Israel to US would've been met with laughter. That's the difference between the two.

As for the role of Russia, there was no role of Russia in that North Korean situation. It has nothing to do with it and therefore no fear of retaliation in case that alert is not fake. Win-win, only possible in a proxy war!

Proxy wars are Russia's signature move. You mentioned S. Ossetia, but offered an incomplete picture. Ask yourself: why would Saakashvili start a war with such an obvious end result? It was clear that the war would be against Russia, and it was clear that Georgians couldn't match Russian army. He was probably hoping for help from the West (which never arrived), but why start a war with such long odds in the first place? Was he completely out of his mind? Answer: because it wasn't a start of the war. For a while, S. Ossetia was under Russian zone of influence. For a while, there were attacks and provocation from S. Ossetia towards Georgia. For a while, there were local conflicts that were just a bit shy of being classified as "war". Now, here's a kicker: every Georgian with whom I spoke about it, told me the same thing: that it was common knowledge that in those local conflicts they weren't fighting Ossetians, they were fighting Russian army. Plenty of ways to tell, from equipment to the way it's organized and then to language. All that was going on for years prior to the attack on Ckhinval, and got to the point that Georgia had to take chances to put a stop to this.
To be clear: I'm not judging who's in the right and who's in the wrong there. I'm pointing out that the situation in S. Ossetia was very far from the trivialized version that you offer (Saakhashvili was bad, Ossetia asked for help, Russia was good and helped and won the war in 1 day) and that there was a Russia-led hybrid war going on for years prior to that.

Before S. Ossetia there was Transnistria War (between Moldova and Russian proxy, the self-proclaimed Dnestr Republic).

Then there was Ukraine, still is.

At least US has the decency to mark it's bases as such.
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> richwicks
It's not always obvious how your response relates to the question. Example: richwicks says

Perhaps not.
My point was that N.K. and Israel are completely different in terms of threat recognition from within US. To which you respond with an opinion of this Israeli professor and how he thinks that for it's own survival, Israel has no choice other than to transfer Arabs to outside the border. An opinion which is not Israeli official position and which no one takes seriously because it's not practical or even possible, knowing how Israel treats it's citizens - Jews, Arabs, and others. Your response doesn't seem to relate to my point, even remotely.

richwicks says
Because Saakashvili was a US asset, and we ordered him to. We did this during the Athens Olympics to embarrass Putin. The US did everything they could to humiliate Russia during the Sochi games as well and the world world cup.
This theory goes against everything that actually happened as a result of this action. You do realize this, don't you? Putin was NOT embarrassed as a result, and it did NOT look like US was prepared for this at all. If this was pushed by US, it was obviously a huge screw-up. Did heads roll? How many people in US got fired?
Look. I may enjoy a good conspiracy theory just like the next guy, but when you develop a worldview which is based on unprovable, at the very least it should be internally consistent.

richwicks says
Look, it's the US that specializes in proxy wars. The US went to Vietnam because France refused to join NATO if the US kept up their agreement with Ho Chi Minh and supported independence for Vietnam
"Proxy war" doesn't mean what you imply it means. In Vietnam, US had it's boots on the ground, which is something other than "proxy". Afghanistan is a better example, although: 1) US was open about it and 2) in Afghanistan US was fighting USSR who were the invaders there. Russia in Ukraine would be a much better example of a proxy war: whatever Russian military is there is arranged through contracting companies and Putin denies the involvement, despite all the evidence. Which most think is part of the reason why Russia fights tooth and nail the MH-17 situation, despite all the evidence yet again - you simply can't continue denying if you admit the presence of BUK and it's operators. So was S. Ossetia, and so was Transnistria, the proxy wars.

Ukraine, failing or prospering, wasn't my focus. Russia was, with it's attempts to influence the world through proxy wars among other things.

As for "Russian Collusion", Russia was, and still is, actively involved in social online experiments in US, just in a different capacity. Their goal is to sow discord, and there's little doubt that they were/are quite active at it. Reference to a foreign power with state-sponsored anti-US online troll factory shouldn't even be used in the same sentence as "ally".

On your questions about Mossad: I'm not having a conversation which is built on conspiracy theories if it ignores the obvious and provable.

Why do you bring up USS Liberty? It's a known fact, classified as a mistake (friendly fire), Israel was apologetic ever since, and paid around $70mil in today dollars in retributions. What now? Shit happens. This shit happened over 50 years ago.

Why do you bring up 9/11? Entire world knows how Israel reacted to it, and how Arab world reacted to it. Or do you suggest that Israel was behind the attack? I'm going to stop here, this may be good.
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richwicks says
That's not what I was referring to
So what? Again: it's a professor who doesn't represent Israel just like pro-Palestinian Israeli academics, or "Minds of Piece", or the Israelis who tried to break the sea blockade, don't represent Israel. You are cherry-picking data points to fit the worldview.

richwicks says
Why would Russia do this? They're ridiculously ineffective at it.
I'm not a mind reader to answer the "why" question, but Troll Factory is a fact. Titled "Internet Research Agency", located in a suburb of St. Petersburg (Olgino) in the past, not sure of it's whereabouts and status today. I'd say that they were quite effective.

richwicks says
Meanwhile you have a bunch of illegal immigrant Israelis who have come to NYC of all places. to work as "movers".
So what? What's wrong with NYC and why is "movers" quoted? to make it look sinister? I actually used a Israeli-run moving company, in Bay Area, the year was 2003. Apparently it was a popular thing to do among Israelis. Connecting the dots in the way that you are connecting them requires lots of fantasy.

richwicks says
It wasn't a mistake. It was a false flag to provide an excuse that Lyndon B. Johnson needed to go to war with Egypt. The plan was to sink the ship, kill everybody on board, and then say Egypt did it.
I kinda expected the 9/11 conspiracy theory, and expected it to be good in a bizarre kind of way (it is). I didn't see it coming that USS Liberty would be such a close competitor.

You do understand that such a plan would hinge on leaving no survivors, right? Do you know the likelihood of leaving no survivors in such an attack with the number of people onboard in those conditions? Not sure how close to 0 it is, but certainly too low to be a part of an operation. All the while the failure would mean a disaster which would be remembered in ages, which was in fact the aftermath of the incident.

Only a complete imbecile would sign up for such a plan. That's how your theory paints both LBJ and Israelis.

Your really need to develop some healthy criticism for conspiracy theories, no matter how well they fit your worldview. Or else you have "tail wagging the dog" situation.
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richwicks says
Oh give me an example?
Give you an example of what? I gave you the name (Internet Research Agency), city (Olgino), and agenda (to sow discord) Have your search produced nothing, or have you not done any?

richwicks says
Are you kidding? The most blatant obvious false flags take place, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to convince people.
That's because your explanation is anything but convincing. There's faith but there's no evidence. What's usually cited as evidence - accounts of survivors - is meaningless because those on the receiving end of the attack are in no better position to know it's true motives than a casual observer.

Also, you refuse to see gaps in that reasoning. If USS Liberty were a false flag operation (it wasn't), it would've been a very poorly thought out one.

I'll try to make a dent, possibly for the last time before I give up. If it were false flag, why did it not work out? Number of casualties seems consistent with the type of strike, so it should've been part of the plan for anyone who's not a complete moron. What went wrong for LBJ, and what were the odds of it going wrong?
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richwicks says
Give me an example of how the "Internet Research Agency" has "sowed discord" in American society? What did they do? Did they encourage Burn Loot and Murder to burn down cities and call the people that protested this "white supremacists"? Did they inject unrelenting propaganda in our our "news"?
Their typical "casual" strategy was to take radical points of view, often opposing, and stir shit in online space. Sometimes there would be a specific task at hand and it would shift away from that "casual" MO. For example, the MH-17 incident required immediate online domination in order to steer away public opinion, which was attempted by throwing a lot of shitty versions on the fan and an army of trolls demanding that each one is considered. "Air controller Carlos", "They targeted Putin", "There was a bomb aboard", "It was shot down by Ukrainian fighter", "The pilot confessed", "They filled the plane with dead bodies", etc, etc, etc. Human attention span is not that great, it can only consume that much, which is why "domination by presence" works even if the presence is full of shit.
But, again, the "casual" strategy was to take radical points of view and stir shit. Pro BLM, pro white supremacists, pro antifa, pro whoever. Then swap the position to the opposite and continue triggering, basically contribute to breaking down the society. No idea if Russia played a part in recent unrests, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was out there in some capacity (most likely there are multiple players involved, possibly both external and internal)

If you think that "false flag" is the only reason to not have Congressional hearing, your imagination is quite unbalanced. It's wild on one end, and poor on the other. I can think of multiple embarrassing issues that such hearing would've uncovered (in communication protocols, in authority overreach, in defense mechanisms) which is why it may have been avoided. You know what it most likely would not have uncovered? A false flag, if there were such, because uncovering that would almost require voluntary confession (yeah, right)

You didn't answer my one key question about USS Liberty: If it were false flag, why did it not work out as such? (that there were survivors is not a reasonable answer because survivors should've be expected in planning of the operation)
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richwicks says
But you can't show me any concrete examples of this.
What kind of concrete example do you expect? A post from account which has been deleted a long time ago? Accumulation of posts from different accounts, you want me to track them down? Those in which people "forget" their prior identities, and first post as a male and then as a female?

I personally have seen enough to confirm what I wrote above with high confidence. This is a lot more than what you offer in support of your theories.

richwicks says
Same reason the Lavon affair didn't work - they got caught. Duh.
Ok, now it looks like you are trolling. Note that you are doing it to a person who patiently works with you through your conspiracy theory, while others just call you a nut.
How did they get caught? by not sinking the ship, by leaving survivors, by doing or not doing what?
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richwicks says
The people who were there, bombed, and survived, THEY believe it was a false flag attack. Who am I to disagree? You can argue it with them.
Those people are in better position than others to give details of the attack. They are NOT in better position than casual observer to offer motivation for the attack, and it's the motivation that we discuss. On the contrary. Getting bombed sucks, especially by an ally, and may lead to all kinds of biases.

richwicks says
Say I'm wrong on this - so what?

richwicks says
You are hung up on this very specific, who gives a shit
I can only discuss one item at a time, and time is sparse. I did the one which you used to start this enlightening conversation. I'm not going to check your entire laundry list, quantity is not quality.

It doesn't mean I disagree with everything that you post, but I would suggest that you are more critical of your data.

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> Patrick
Funny.. in the sample list that you submitted, I'm seeing one tell that's not related to dictionary lookups: unusually high number of UPPERCASE/lowercase tokens. Proper names rarely have more than one of each per single word, but in your list there are at least two of one, more like two of two (UPPER/lower), or more. "KsMlzYrvERwhg" would be an extreme example - 4 of each (K-s-M-lz-Y-rv-ER-whg), "bNIJPXGn" is a modest 1(upper)-2(lower). But most if not all valid names on this site have at most 1-1 in a single word.

Will you try to fully automate the process, or to pre-filter them first but then to finalize the verdict manually? I doubt that the former can be achieved in any reliable way. May get close though, by combining several techniques (tokens, dictionary matches, word length, etc.)
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HunterTits says
This is probably why I didn't get the freelance job to write the total hit piece, I moved my family from California to Austin, Texas, and regretted it. Here are 10 key points every person should consider before relocating.
LOL. When I saw that piece, that was exactly the thought that crossed my mind: "CA is acknowledging the threat and fighting it with PR work"
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Rin says
For years, on this forum, I've been saying that SF was Philly by the Bay.

This is in stark contrast with Boston, which was originally dubbed SF's sister east coast city. Nothing could be further from the truth.
It seems to me that SF aspired to be Boston but couldn't pull it, so it went the "blue hair" route to compensate.
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> Patrick says
> I've heard this put as "Women age like milk, while men age like wine." There is some truth in that no matter how much it stings women.

It shouldn't sting from the rational point of view (lol, how common is "rational"?). Women in their girlie prime are the most desired and the most selfish beings out there (to be clear: this is statistical, not individual perspective, some girls may be outliers) That's how nature works. Milk/wine allegory speaks to nature's way to keep things in equilibrium - statistically, yet again. Desirability between genders is a zero-sum game, so something has to give: desirability of a woman in her prime comes at direct expense of the lack of such desirability at a different point in her life. Men and women simply have different challenges throughout their lifetimes.
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
And men are fucking lucky not to be at their most desireable when at their most inexperienced, unwise, and ignorant. That is a huge male advantage.
Sure, being most desirable when at most inexperienced is girls curse. Boys curse is being horndogs at a very wrong time in their lives.
Seeing how nature built us, giving species a chance and making individuals of the species happy are apparently conflicting objectives.
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