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Automan Empire says
mell says
there is a point

... on the head of climate change deniers who are undeterred by citing figures that are wrong by many orders of magnitude.

No, the wording in the meme is ambiguous. It doesn't say that the volcano replaced all man-made CO2 in 100 years in 10 seconds. That's all.
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Yeah cause there's nothing to defend in a historic meeting the thread quickly diverted.
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$2.95. Chart looks terrific.
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What could possibly go wrong?
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MrBark says
But hey, there's a gigantic corporation to be outraged at, makes things really convenient. Nevermind the science they've developed to feed 8 billion people with the land we have available. Please do just grow produce in your backyard and let me know how sustainable that is, see if you can feed your entire family on that plot of land. Monstanto's innovations have allowed farmers to use less pesticides.

The premise is wrong here though. There is no shortage of food, just a distribution and infrastructure problem. In fact most people consume too much food. Given genetic manipulation has a tail-risk that cannot easily be estimated and the potential for cross-pollination makes no sense what Monsanto is doing (except for them to profit w/ their "patents" while damaging the environment). This is one of the few issues where I side with strong regulations, the burden should have been on Monsanto not to pollute other crops. Also while the extent of damage done by glyphosate is definitely debatable there is no doubt about it being harmful to the environment, esp. animals and kids and again there is no reason to use it when you have effective means that aren't toxic.
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MrBark says
Barksanto lol. Still waiting on my paid shill checks damnit! I'm just a person who came here for the housing threads, but these discussions really intrigue me. At the end of the day, the majority of us here aren't scientists and it admittedly becomes more of an ideological discussion around which studies were paid for and by whom, what your political beliefs are, which studies are manipulated to present one side in a favorable light or if you believe that all big corporations are evil. You're going to believe one thing, I'm going to believe another based on our understanding of science and nobody is going to convince either side that they are wrong. Just like human contributions to climate change, which I also believe.

I don't mind the difference in opinion at all. It's an interesting discussion.
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MrBark says
Same thing in California with the over-regulated marketplace that was established. 100mg limit on edibles, full tracking of lab tests, taxes, giving cities the right to ban it like most have, etc. As a result, the tax revenues have been extremely under estimates. Everyone I know that tokes still goes the medical route, which was working fine, no need to change it.

Wait until government comes full circle and municipalities start passing moar surtaxes and circling props to ban it similar to what they did with vaping stuff, soda etc. Then it's back to the underground baby.
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There are definitely health concerns with GMOs. For example a major one is the glyphosate resistant crops which withstands large amounts of the herbicide while other herbs will die. Glyphosate is not only toxic, it also contributes to molecular (glycine) mimicry which is nowadays assumed to be responsible for a variety of auto-immune problems. Labeling should be mandatory in this still evolving field, but the GMO free and Organic labels at least already provide some choices, often though at a hefty surcharge. To be fair the above scenario is not a GMO in isolation scenario but the only reason to engineer that type of crops in this example is for it to be doused with glyphosate.
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It's clear that the older the parents the more likelihood of a irregularity/mutation. Previously the focus was mainly on the age of the woman which still is the biggest factor, but now older men are also implicated, in this case with an increased risk oaf autism. Still compared to the health and age of the woman I'd say the paternal influence is very muted..
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Leftist idiocy that needs to be stopped.
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bob2356 says
TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Bob, don't think I blamed Europe Only a

You sure didn't mention any other issues either. America shooting itself in the dick is a much bigger factor than anything Europe or China does.

But they aren't. The American trend of 'our nation/domestic issues first' is visible throughout Europe and gaining steam. And it's a good trend. The EUrocrats are close to being finished and they know it:

Nobody in Europe ever elected the EUrocrats they put themselves into that position sucking at the taxpayers teat and rewarding them with unhinged immigration. Their reckoning is here. Rebuild the EU from the ground up based on the will of its people now.
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Wait I thought dictators Kim and Putin need to be fought tooth and nail by any means necessary sez the left! Trump makes deals with everybody, destroying the leftist globalist war and rapefugees machine. #MAGA
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Nobody is bullying the lgtbqxyzgenderqueeroawesomo2000 community. What are you smoking?
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Tenpoundbass says
Man gets 15 years for leaving bacon on door stoop.

Wow this is a scandal. WTF I cannot believe this sentencing. 15 years for vandalism? Fuck.
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Quigley says
He smashed up a place of worship, with hate crime sentencing enhancement. Still harsh, but not completely out of the range. I think it was about the vandalism, but the bacon secured the hate crime designation

Vandalism? Carries maybe few days to a year max. on parole, if you're a minority or rapefugee you could even get away with a slap on your writ because muh oppression.

So 14 years and 1-360 days for the bacon. Cmon, this is a scandal. But yes, they used the hate crime doctrine for that.
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I hope so, not holding my breath but that would be splendid to have Merkel ousted. Fuck hir.
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HeadSet says
Maybe the death of malls will help revitalize thousands of historic Main Streets.

How would on-line buying at a scale to hurt Best Buy possibly allow Main Street to compete? It was actually Walmart moving into town that killed small town Main Street, and Walmart is still thriving.

There are plenty of specialized retail stores and some that combine retail with other services which are thriving. If you strolled through the bay area you would not get the idea that retail is dying. Sure, some older malls in bay outskirt areas become obsolete. But I agree with Patrick that the Malls are soulless in the first place, so no big loss.
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Goran_K says
Why aren’t these traitors swinging from a rope until dead?

Seriously, it’s long past time.

Kinda funny how the lefties keep laughing it off. Imagine convos like these would have surfaced under the Obummer era against Obummer, the streets would be filled with BLM anti rays cyst brown shirt marches to keep the impending white supremacy treason at bay. But as long as this is against the orange cheeto it's all cool and dandy that the FBI is in such treacherous disarray.
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socal2 says
Feux Follets says
A Jew having the hutzpah to blame someone else after his own people went through the Holocaust and have been "illegal" everythings over the course of world history.

Talk about chutzpah!

Equating economic migrants (majority of Mexican and Central/South American illegals) to the Jews being massacred in the Holocaust.

lol you have to forgive the left constantly invoking Godwin's law. They don't know better. Everyone who doesn't agree with me is literally Hitler!
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I do think though Trump has to tread carefully here for once and I expect some concessions being made soon. Not because it's right but because the people hating their own country have finally found a topic to latch onto that could have staying power. Forget about rapefugees, crime, cheap labor decimating the working class and Kate Steinle. Teh childrenz are being taken from teh parentz!!! Those parents who come for mostly economical reasons using their kids as shields are unfit to be parents in the first place. But hey, I'm all for neighborly Christian love, so have the churches, priests, and congregation members start with good example and each of them house an immigrant family (or next to them) for a while instead of asking others to do so.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says

Children shouldn’t be used as a negotiating tool. @realDonaldTrump should end this heartless policy and Congress should get an immigration deal done that provides for asylum reform, border security and a path to citizenship for Dreamers.— Jeb Bush (@JebBush) June 18, 2018

This was the Establishment's "alternative" to Hillary. What alternative?

The only people who use children as a negotiating tool are their parents. But hey, maybe they can come to a compromise with (more) families staying together maybe for rapid and no-exceptions enforcement of states and cities defying the rule of law by peddling their sanctuary city crap.
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Just open up an immigration camp for families and their kids right next to his beach to keep them united and happy. It's about time Half Moon Bay pays their fair share. My prediction is you will see 1000s of NIMBY petitions in no time against moving some good border-town vibes to HMB. There are no better hypocrites than the snobby armchair leftoids.
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Patrick says
Won't someone please think of the children!

lol nobody cares about the old folks, you can separate those. Now it's all about teh childrenz!
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German cops say crime increased but they are overloaded and often can't record or pursue it and sometimes they are even told to stand down and not pursue it. The stats are highly faked.
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Rapefugees in Germany ride all public transport for free btw. by gov orders. Incl. trains.
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Heraclitusstudent says
marcus says
Fake news I presume ?

[shrug], the public debate at this point is 100% emotional. No one cares if it is true. The question is whether it feels true enough.
This veil of BS hides what Trump is actually doing which is probably still very irrational.
That itself is just a feint in a 16 dimensions chess-board.
It's like an onion: layers after layers of BS. Until the core: where no one understands what's actually going on, probably not even Trump.

You should reconsider. The likelihood of many European countries all at the same time suddenly giving in to mass hysteria is simply incredibly low. Occam's razor suggests that it is far far more likely that people's perceptions are correct and the mainstream news media is under gag and marching orders to shove the "European dream" down the throats of the plebes. I know first hand that is the case in Germany. You cannot and MUST not trust any of their media as it is government controlled, not to the extent of the former DDR or soviet union, but actually not that far away from it either. Citizens of all ages are getting raped, stabbed, murdered, beat up, robbed and harassed and many cases never make it into the statistics. Also even though they fake the perpetrators cultural backgrounds by never counting a German citizen into the stats for migrant even if they have a clear migrant background (kids) or just recently naturalized. There is nothing irrational about Trump's statement regarding Germany. The cops associations say not to trust the govt stats and many cops, esp. female cops have resigned (since certain people don't even acknowledge female officers).
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Wait he grabs her arms and kisses her on the cheek? So the French assault each other for public greetings all the time! Clearly a most important metoo moment, meanwhile rapefugees rape and kill teens in Europe every day => culturally appropriate!! Fuck her. I've had numerous womyn grab my crotch in bars and clubs back in my party days like it's nothing for them. It's their prerogative (and granted I sometimes like my balls massaged, sometimes I don't)! But God forbid a public figure makes contact with a happy soccer fan giving her a kiss! Toxic masculinity! We do not deserve this! Wah!
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Hassan_Rouhani says
TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
On the picture, he's grabbing her shoulder.

It's pretty clear from the picture and the video that he's grabbing her left boob.

It's not clear but it's possible, and if so it could have been an accident, esp. when you're a bit buzzed. This man has no impact on this woman's life, never has and never will.
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His left hand grabs part of her left arm and part chest, the fingers likely reach the boobs under her jacket, still very likely coincidence because the whole thing is over in a split second, does not seem like a deliberate touch. She should defend herself vigorously instantly or have the station provide her with a bodyguard if she is so uncomfortable. everybody has a right not to be touched by anybody if they don't want to, not just women, but realistically you need to put measures in place first if you don't want that to happen.

FortWayne says
That’s not sexual. In Italy that’s just a hello.

I'd agree. She should be happy that she doesn't live in some parts of Europe where rapefugees are free to harass women for hours and assaulters and rapists get the lightest sentences on immediate parole. Maybe a bodyguard would be best for her.
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socal2 says
The Democrats are already complaining that we are going to throw children into adult detention centers with all the pedophiles and sex traffickers.

And the leftoids are the ones letting those sex traffickers in in the first place.
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Goran_K says
Trump just shit all over the Democrats mid term hopes.

I expected that move in one of my earlier posts yesterday or two days ago where I mentioned Trump needs to tread lightly and that I expect a concession/compromise here. He is outplaying the Dems at every turn. He wasn't wrong in the first place but the leftoid feelz were whipped into a frenzy shitting all over their fatherland and so he put the ball squarely back into their court. I mean, nobody wants to have any more trigglypuff sightings than absolutely necessary, really.
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Parted ways heavy-hearted with VCEL between $12-$13 to focus on ATRS, but it will only be a temporary vacation. Some ARRY left though I feel like VCEL (both 4-5 baggers within 1-2 years) it may be getting ahead of itself here unless it's being bought out. Expect ATRS to solidly move over $3 within the next 30 days.
  mell   ignore (1)   2018 Jun 20, 5:00pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

I would say to a lesser degree technology and to a higher degree leftoid "everybody gets a trophy and a degree" marching orders. There are some very bright techie kids if you just challenge them, similar to other brain skills. If you tell them they are victims and deserver good feelz from their intellectual "oppressors" they will never ever foster their IQs and work that brain hard.
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Patrick says
Hassan_Rouhani says
Instead, it suggests changes in lifestyle could be what's behind these lower IQs, perhaps due to the way children are educated, the way they're brought up, and the things they spend time doing more and less (the types of play they engage in, whether they read books, and so on).

It's the phones.

They provide continuous distraction, training young brains not to concentrate on anything for very long. This lowers the ability to do anything mentally taxing, like taking IQ test.

There's the theory and some verified data that the context-switch and multi-tasking on phones causes the brain to lose the ability to focus. Also everything is memorized for you. But still, you could also use your phone to play more chess-matches and analysis per day than you could ever do before, anywhere and anytime. But of course they are used for social media mainly ;)
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Note also that the lamestream media immediately reacts with the same pattern: "new order by the Donald => questions abound! => Donald must answer or is he hiding something?!" They don't even research they just automatically question everything and demand answers to make it look like it's incomplete or not a solution. Had this happened under Obummer the lamestream paper would have been deemed "rayscyst" for automatically questioning and scrutinizing the prez on every order. The fact they stayed silent when Obummer's camps where pretty much the same as those today speaks volumes of the leftoid hypocrisy and lamestream media bias. NPR was shitting over it all day today as well when in 8 years of Obummer there was no peep. Lame!
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lostand confused says
I am watching the Trump rally in MN. Trump tells the single protestor to go home to Mommy !!! I love this man. I was wrong, I wanted him to take care of jeff Sessions-if he did before the mid-terms it would have been non stop outrage. Now it is turning into an advantage and after the mid-terms he can deal with that old goat.

To the other protestor-was that a man or a woman, I couldn't tell-he needs a haircut -hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck he's on fire! #MAGA
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Who gives a shit what the jacket says. Usually I'd say Occam's razor sez it's just a coincidence but I'm starting to think they are triggering the leftoids like the Pavlovian dogs they are. Esp. since the lamestream media rips Melania every chance they get. This is why the left will keep losing until they stop behaving like retarded cry-babies. A jacket now, really?!
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lostand confused says
This is the liberalism I like! More liberlas like this .

Agreed. If they would apply the same freedom and civil liberties to free speech of non-leftoids and would stop harassing people that don't pander to the lgbtqawesomo++--xyz247genders and immigrant communities they'd be dandy.

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