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Nice! He's 100% correct. The lamestream media whore excused and just stopped short of justifying deliberate doctoring of evidence by the prosecution. Fuck msnpcbsn!
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Patrick says

The news is lying to us.

They are pretending this is far more serious than it really is, to stoke fear and obedience.

It's almost insignificant. If no one told you there was an epidemic, you wouldn't even notice.

Agreed. Imagine no lockdowns ever happened and the lamestream media and lefotid sheisters never drummed up the fear porn, you would be going about your way every day, very rarely hearing about a friend of a friend's grandma or grampa in the hospital for some serious pneumonia going around, the kids and adults would have had a minor to strong cold and herd immunity would have been reached within the year.
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porkchopexpress says
As I've posted before, I had COVID. It was the moderate flu for me. I don't know anyone personally who has died from it. However, the bigger issue with COVID is long-term symptoms and/or permanent injury in some way...not death. Trust me, this virus is treacherous that way so I wouldn't rely on only "death" as a barometer. I used to think like many of you until I got it, and you all know I'm anti-government, Pro Trump, pro freedom, etc.

Is the government politicizing it? Of course. Is it being used to hurt our country economically? Yes. Is the virus a nothing burger? No.

I agree that long term effects can be significant, but that is the case for any novel virus where there's no existing defense so that it elicits a rather strong tcell and macrophage reaction, causing inflammation etc. It won't be the last time. I had 5 years of much worse long term effects from a viral or bacterial infection before fully recovering, but since there was no perceived widespread infection (it was around and post h1n1 flu season) and no leftoid and lamestream media sheisters interested in drumming up fear porn against a GEOTUS (obummer was prez back then) they didn't report on it and actually partially swept the severity of h1n1 and the botched response by the obummer admin under the rug. And I certainly didn't blame whoever infected me with the trigger infection which lasted over 4 weeks and certainly didn't run around like a lunatic cussing at joggers and chastising people for not wearing masks. Instead I imported off label immune boosters from overseas and other supplements paired with athletic rehab after doing extensive research and slowly but surely clawed my way back from barely completing a mile in under 11 minutes to running a half marathon in 2 hours. Life is a journey and fuck those maskholes!
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They do. It's in their DNA. Looking good, talking (often lying) and selective fucking guaranteed (and still does to some extent) them survival. They don't feel bound by truth or logic either as it's mainly used as a weapon, and nobody wants to restrict their own weapons. It's not even their fault, it's human nature, but it's the fault of weak men to pretend everything they say is gold.
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Japanese families still mostly follow a strict hierarchy with the oldest male at the top. He forgot though that in a globalist marxist world culture is irrelevant.
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MAGA says
mell says
They do. It's in their DNA. Looking good, talking (often lying) and selective fucking guaranteed.

I've never heard of selective fucking. (I'm single)

10%-20% of kids are from a different man (with an unsuspecting provider in the picture), and traditionally wommyn chose the fathers of their kids very carefully before government started bailing them out and since then quite a few started fucking around aimlessly.
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ThreeBays says
Onvacation says
If we don't come up with an honest election system.

Trump incited you to believe that lie :-).

It's not a lie it's a fact. No ID, no deadline, no controls = dishonest banana republic election system
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She has been facing similar treatment from leftoids in the EU and its lamestream media for years and needs bodyguards and secret locations (like Wilders) at times.
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Look how these people turn hysteric. It's one thing to calmly explain that these are management orders and they're sorry for the inconvenience but to break out into hysteric tizzies and losing control over your arms and legs over a controversy over a cold virus is a pathological leftoid degenerative disorder.
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Globull warming! Manbearpig!
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richwicks says
NuttBoxer says
What, a guy thinking he can house cows in his backyard an exaggeration!?

No, the idea that food tastes significantly different when you buy it from a store versus buying it directly from a farm is a tremendous exaggeration.

Exceptions are fruits - they are often picked green so they aren't spoiled by the time the market receives them.

Carrots, potatoes, corn (in most cases), peas (in most cases), cucumbers, tomatoes - there's little if any difference. Don't know much about steak, but I doubt it. I've had venison, that's Bambi. The carcass is left on a hook for a week (at least) to let the meat tenderize in a shed - as the cells break down the meat becomes less tough, because a deer can absolutely beat the living absolute shit out of any human being. Meat has to be aged. So the idea of fresh meat, is a new one.

The current fad of "organic food" drives me nu...

Most farms grow most of their food for stores and mass consumption so their food has to be in line taste wise. But if you let food grow mostly untreated it certainly tastes different. There are certain types of tastes in "wild" fruits and vegetables you won't get in a store, for example extremely tart and juicy oranges, which simply don't taste well to the typical processed food palate and thus don't sell. Also mass farming vs free range farming makes a big difference in health and taste. It's not so much necessarily being certified organic though it helps, but the smaller the production the better the quality usually. Ever tasted a (usually smaller and dinged up) "cosmetically challenged" apple which either fell from the tree or had some other minor issue? So good.
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stfu says
CDC could have eliminated 50 percent of the positives by simply reducing the PCR cycles from 40 to 20. It's not an accurate test. This is propaganda not science.

Very good point.
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SF is a shithole - we have a guy with a transponder breaking into the car(s) in the neighborhood at ease multiple times a week, people have resigned to the fact that the police is doing nothing and just have to remember not to leave anything in the car, not even registration or other papers. Some have bums sleeping in their cars regularly. Do not buy any property in SF or the immediate surrounding, the leftoids have destroyed this city. It's going downhill fast.
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To clarify, just because people are (rightfully) bashing the leftoid shit government corruption doesn't mean that there aren't pockets in CA that are still better than many if not most areas in other states (crime and hobos are very local to SF). The climate is unbeatable and nature is stunning. Wine country is gorgeous. Plus CA is not the only leftoid run state, the corruption runs deep in every blue state. It's time to move into one of those pockets for a few years, then re-evaluate whether it's time for a new adventure and to abandon the state.
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WookieMan says
Patrick says
Not just city, statewide:

Fuck that. You just made a vacation decision for me. Carolina's it is for the summer trip (maybe). I've been, but wife and kids haven't.

CA is fucked up and I will give them $0. I applaud you for your efforts, but do you ever feel like the ship has taken on too much water and there's only a few life boats left? I know you rent so you have flexibility and don't worry about property value. Is it just work at this point or family?

Covid tests are a pain, but I'll do them for travel INSIDE. I'm not going to wear a mask outdoors though. Ever. Or be shamed for it without fists being thrown.

So yeah, likely no Tahoe for this family. Idaho might be a 2nd option. Coeur d'alene is a cool area. Otherwise coastal Carolinas. Either way I know both those areas will give little shit about masks if at all.

That's a misrepresentation. Many states or municipalities have oudoor mask mandates, but they are for contact closer than 6 ft. You can walk around without a mask and just tell people to stay 6 ft away from you if they have a problem, you won't get fined. I have not worn a mask once outdoors. Few municipalities designate town centers, parks and bar and restaurant rows as outdoor "mask zones" where karens may get mad at you if you don't follow, but those aren't enforceable. Plus on the Nevada side in Tahoe everything has been open indoors as well. Prices have been extremely cheap and the crowds have been staying away. One of the better seasons.
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No. It's unconstitutional. In the public outdoors you never have to wear a mask, just tell the covidiots to fuck off. Or cough in their direction. Or both.
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HunterTits says
WineHorror1 says
It blows my mind how home prices are rising during these "unprecedented" times.

How much is it Indian and Chinese (despite the capital control bans, there's ways around them) hot money tho?

This is also a misrepresentation, prices are not rising. Inventory has been low in many areas in CA and Covid and the moratorium made it worse, so the few that are on the market push up the computed avg slightly. Any area where more houses have been coming onto the market prices are being slashed, such as SF. Have been shopping for a few months now and even in the hot areas only those shacks (mostly sfhs) priced to sell sell fast and above ask. Most sit on the market for about 2-3 months. I don't see a crash or serious drop but prices are pretty stagnant right now. Of course xi-den pushed out the foreclosure moratorium til July, but those smart enough won't wait for the flood of foreclosures in summer and put their shack on the market now.
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Blue says
Does anyone think Prop 19 makes any difference for inherited investment properties which are not in the trust may get tax rate adjusted to market value.

Perhaps a little. But more important will be the anticipated final end of the moratorium in summer, with properties likely coming onto market starting spring to frontrun the coming foreclosures.
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WookieMan says
If you're like our crypto pumpers here, follow the money. High wealth people are getting out of CA. They can easily handle the high cost of living there and likely have amazing properties. Why are they leaving? This is one situation where I'd maybe start following the money.

There's no doubt that CA is taxing its most productive members to the hilt while fucking things up, but IL is in no way better, it may actually beat CA in terms of corruption, so really if you're looking to make a difference you'd move to TX or FL, but we all have family and other ties, plus the climate in CA is unbeatable, compared that to TX and FL. Still on the long run we will likely relocate out of state, but probably only for FL, TX, CT (also blue) or a combo of ME plus summer house. The leftoids in CA can be pretty annoying but they are also moving out of CA ind infest most other states, so if you find a more conservative enclave in CA you may be fine.
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WookieMan says
mell says
but IL is in no way better, it may actually beat CA in terms of corruption

Definitely not claiming IL is better. $$$$$ speaks loudly though. I'd hit the 13% progressive income tax in CA. It's a flat 4.75% here in IL after deductions. My monthly nut is $1,200/mo PITI. Same house in CA and everything else the same I'd easily be approaching $4k/mo. Sure there's potential appreciation, but Uhaul rates are showing otherwise on a level I haven't seen. People are leaving in droves at this point.

Work aside, I can travel to CA one week a month with the income tax savings alone for a year in my situation. So 2-3 months of visiting? Factor in the cost of living and I've got even more money. I've researched the hell out of this as we looked into moving out there very seriously. Income in CA for white collar jobs is no different than any other part of the country. It simply isn't. ...

Yeah obviously house prices and rents (now to a lesser degree) are a big negative for CA. I wouldn't buy to invest now but maybe buy something nice for the next couple of years that will hold its value or appreciate, just have to stay clear of immediate SF area. Longer term it's probably Calexit, we'll see.
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HunterTits says
Patrick says
I'll always love Gina for mocking the stupid demand that she publish pronouns for herserlf:

I did that at work for my Slack name: It/Cousin It

HR did not come down on ey but my boss tried to get me to pull it. He said, 'that is for when people feel the need to seriously identify how they want to be addressed"

Me: "Yeah, and? Are you saying this isn't me being serious? Because I am."

Him: "But that is a mockery of the pronoun thing"

Me: "yes. And I take it very seriously"

I ended up pulling it tho. I already have been Cancel fired once last year...and it was because of what happened on Slack.

The thing is you can put in whatever you want as long as you stick exactly to the issue (and it's not a slur or similar), and you have the stamina to lawyer up in case you get canceled. The law is clear and you would win that case almost certainly and could potentially make a lot of money (lost wages in IT plus compensation for damages easily adds up to a million or more), but you need the stamina and nerve to go through with this. It's not my thing but I have a buddy who has won multi-million dollar lawsuits (of course after lawyer fees it's far less but still substantial) - not for pronouns, but similarly the trial took years and stamina as well. If you're right your right and the law is on your side, and they can't treat you differently because they think you're making a mockery out of it (as long as you stick closely to the issue and don't make other broad statements), but they're obviously banking on nobody wanting to go through a year-long lawsuit.
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If they don't bow down to the leftoid retards we will give them business, if they do, see you later.

BayArea says
RC2006 says
Hopefully this will influence who they hire in the future.

That’s what it boils down to in the end when this type of BS is happening

Business owners are watching... and choosing who they hire next.

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BayArea says
I paste it again

“Our message really is that we don’t want to see our business owners or others begin to arm themselves,” the police chief told reporters.

Wow, that just doesn’t sit well with me.

This will eventually boil over when one of the remaining small business owners gets robbed mad has enough, but you can bet small businesses will leave or stay away from the bay area which will only further the exodus.
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G36 says
hey y'all
what happened with the stock market correction? Seeing an all time high on my stock portfolio....where are the market timers here? Or did they mean next year?

Tech looking tired, job numbers sucked, but you have inflationary forces working against any pull-down. We had a brief jitter but probably didn't qualify for a correction, it's more volatile though so keeping some cash to daytrade the swings works well. I'd still be careful here, it's still early into 2021.
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Cash says
Fed will be buying stock market direct lol instead of just bond buys... Stimulus check in the pot no way the market dumps,
not that a vulture black swan isn't flying over it just hasn't found the spot to land yet but be on the look out when DX hits the 88+/- area things could
change very quick.

One thing you notice more now are larger profit taking dumps whenever the market has pulled ahead for the day for a while, we don't have the eternal ascending boring market anymore. Roughly 20% in cash now, but still plenty left to swing or invest into select biotechs.
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Tenpoundbass says
Amazon has a huge problem. None of their merchandise can be guaranteed authentic. Their new warehouse structure, requires all vendors to ship them their products.
Then Amazon ships it out. That means, the folks selling knock off iPhones, and the Guys selling fakes, all end up on the same shelves. You don't know which one they are going to pick for you. Plus Amazon is having the Ebay effect.
Their fees, and costs of doing business on Amazon, has risen their prices until they are no longer a bargain, compared to buying direct from an online store.

Agreed, price wise it's not even cheaper anymore. But they will want to make up for that with prime, wf, aws and other more profitable ventures.
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richwicks says
Tenpoundbass says
Their only crime, which wasn't always. Was being the only conservative News Channel on Network, Cable, or Satellite television.

Neocons aren't conservatives. They are "former Marxists" - seriously. No kidding. They aren't and never have been conservatives. They are authoritarians. Their attempt in the 1960's and previously was to promote communism, and when that didn't work out they supposedly "switched" and became "conservatives".

Communism didn't work, so they moved to fascism.

Fox promotes the establishment. They will lie, they will distort, they will omit information to give their listeners an incomplete level of information needed to make an informed decision. EVERY "news" source does this now...

I don't subscribe to the "equally bad" narrative. Yes, many valid points but it's much better for the avg. productive upper middle class citizen to follow the fox doctrine. There's no way denying that, that's why conservatism works better, you're mostly being left alone. Even if they go to useless wars outside the nation, at least you don't have wars inside the nation.
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This is horrific - the amount of serious side effects is by the hundredfolds higher than any flu vaccine, why would anyone take this shit unless super high risk? And even then they could just wait it out at home and controlled environments only. Herd immunity has been reached in most of the US quite a few days ago.
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Friends don't let friends take mrna
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As expected the correction is here, TSLA being taken to the woodshed, as mentioned earlier you won't see 900 again for a long time if at all. Those lofty valuations will come to an end. All of tech battered, taking gains was prudent as well as having at least 10%, better 20%+ cash reserves. People realized xi-den doesn't do shit unless told to sign papers by his puppet masters, and cummala well you know how she goes. Welcome to volatility. Don't think we will see a full on crash, but def a significant correction before volatility subsides.
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market taking a beating after figuring out this shit recap. wants trump back.
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The whole market was plumped and pumped juicy so some whales could sell while retail just figured out to jump back in and is now getting taken to the woodshed.
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zzyzzx says

When they're right, they're right!
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Patrick says
Never drink Coke anymore, and let them know why.

If enough people do this, they will change.

You can drink Dr Pepper for the rare soda cravings, tastes better and is owned by a German billionaire family ;)
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TSLA is vastly overvalued here - 900 was a gift to sell to all those riding it. If the market correction gains a hold, TSLA will likely go to $500 which is almost a 50% haircut. If it trades sideways it may stay in the $600-$700 range.
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EBGuy says
clambo says
I regret not having the balls and sufficient autism to use my margin to buy 5,000-10,000 shares of GME.

Please don't. This stock will end up in single digits.

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Automan Empire says

I know actual gay people who are given real life abuse over stupid controversies like this. That's why I'm not letting up on the topic, and pushing back on people trying to walk away as if they don't actually care about the controversy they started/participated but can't actually defend, as if it were a matter of no consequence

So fucking what?! Cry them a river. This "abuse" argument is easily dismantled. Every day there have been and will be kids, teens and adults who get far more "abuse" than your avg homo/trannie who is mostly celebrated these days. They may have horse teeth, big braces, acne, a lisp or other speech impediment, autism, social awkwardness or they may just be ugly as fuck. The amount of "abuse" they take is staggering (esp. from kids) but that won't change as being an asshole at times is part of human nature, gay/transgender etc. or not. You can educate people against bullying, make them go to church and become better versions of themselves, but you can't change a single person by going against science and nature. In fact this gender neutral bullshit will harm more humans than any pedantic insistence on gender appropriate behavior- which is wrong too - ever has. Even worse are laws to force people into group think, that's just one step away from stalisism or any other leffoid power trip fantasy. I've worked with people of all genders and sexual orientations before it was cool and always treated people by their merit and stood up for the teased underdogs, but this nonsense will cause much more harm. At the end of the day you have to say 'fuck em I'm going to do it my way' to the haters, it has always been like that, it will make you a stronger and more successful person, a better friend and parent, businesses or power-tripping politicians pandering to you won't, they will morally corrupt you and make you a worse person.
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Next stage of this nonsense is everybody is part of a protected group for some reason and going at each other's throats in perpetual victims Olympics, business will only sell one line item that constantly has to be updated to not offend anyone and any creativity or variety in life will have been stifled by the unholy Orwellian alliance between power tripping governments and the businesses at their teets. Then collapse, leftoidism has failed once again. Luckily there are plenty of not infected, unwoke counties to take over the reigns. It's not too late for the US yet ;)
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Let's be fair, Roubini's track record is not exactly great, and that's an understatement. I believe bitcoin or digital currencies in general are here to stay, but not to take profit in this insane run or advising people to buy is perilous IMO. Of course if you don't take gains it's just your choice but on one thing he's right, plenty of retail buying at the top already have gotten and will get burned. But to say it wasn't a great trade/investment months/years ago seems like sour grapes. Unless you believe it is harmful for society besides speculation like richwicks there's nothing wrong with a good trade, and this was one of them.
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We went up on all the anticipated stimulus and tech craze from !Covid!, now there's nothing more to anticipate and the market will either go sideways or somewhat tank in an oscillating manner which may already have started. Inflation is preventing a crash but the bull run is over, select stocks only.
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