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Rocketmanjoe says

Libertarian Party


Libertarians believe that if someone is peaceful, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States.
Libertarians believe that people should be able to travel freely as long as they are peaceful. We welcome immigrants who come seeking a better life. The vast majority of immigrants are very peaceful and highly productive.

Indeed, the United States is a country of immigrants, of all backgrounds and walks of life…some families have just been here for more generations than others. Newcomers bring great vitality to our society.

A truly free market requires the free movement of people, not just products and ideas

Yeah exactly LEGAL immigration. And see this other word: peaceful. Well get rid of all the illegals and criminal offenders that the leftoids welcome and you can reduce immigration significantly while boosting public peace, prosperity and free trade.
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Patrick says
LeonDurham says
Which policies are those exactly?

Let's start with Democratic support for mass illegal immigration and government benefits for illegals.

You have great patience. This question has been answered many times and at this point repeatedly asking "which policies are these" is unproductive. The American people figured out that the Dems are the party of the new slave labor oligarchs and that's the reason Trump is prez and doing pretty well.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Who hired the illegal immigrant that killed Mollie Tibbetts

Irrelevant. Trump is fighting illegal immigration, the party affiliation of perpetrators is irrelevant. Just because the Trump admin is finally cleaning this up doesn't mean all Republican voters are angels and follow the law. Everybody hiring illegals should and will be prosecuted/fined hard.
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Goran_K says
I'm glad Mitch has been taking his dick pills recently.

lol plow right through - even the cucked mainstream repubs are starting to sound more high-T after the MAGA infusion. Remember the Republican party before Trump? A total disaster of cucked soyboys that would march in asschaps, pussy hats and heels hands-up-don't-shoot style if the Dems demanded them to prove they aren't rays cyst or misogynist. My how times have changed for the better. The only current international leader one-upping the Donald is Matteo Salvini making Italy great again.
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Goran_K says
I think you mean a local government subverting Federal work, that would be the correct word to use.

Makes me sick every-time I see this, such a beautiful full-of-life girl. And this asshole got fucking acquitted.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Goran_K says
I think you mean a local government subverting Federal work

Is that not orange that the guy is wearing? Did he not get tried? What sanctuary City policy was used to subvert his day in court?

*Libertarian disappears from the thread*

Sanctuary policy prevented him to get deported because SC do not report illegals to ICE - Kate could be alive today! The blood of Kate Steinle is on every defender of sanctuary cities. Then he was acquitted for murder.
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CBOEtrader says
FortWayne says
That's flat out racist.

Asians work hard = dog whistle white supremacy

yellow supremacy! Must rezist!
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Hard Work is an important part of toxic Whiteness.

Toxic straight male whiteness is the worst of all kind!
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Rocketmanjoe says
mell says
The blood of Kate Steinle is on every

The blood of Mollie Tibbetts is on every Republican law maker and support of Republican law makers.

bullshit. somebody broke the law and hired an illegal. Leftists and Dems DEFY federal law openly and pass local governances to hinder federal law enforcement and collaboration of LEOs! not even the same ballpark, not even the same fucking league.
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Goran_K says
Tim Aurora says
You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.

That only happens in Hollywood and Democrat make believe stories.

Yep - and then they call everyone who doesn't agree with them a rapist after being accused by some twat that can't remember where and what and with whom their rape fantasy happened or not 30+ years ago, which can't be corroborated by anyone else and instantly leads to hundreds of women who have no problem openly standing with the accused after many years of hanging out privately and on the job. Bizarro world.
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HeadSet says
You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.

That statement will be agreed with by everyone here, but that is a deflect from the issue. The issue is Kavanaugh facing a specious accusation with few details and no corroboration, about an event that supposedly took place 36 years ago. The accuser even says no clothes were removed, sort of like a dry hump at best between two drunken teens.

Yeah and it bothers me that words like rapist are thrown around easily, similar to Nazi. Almost mocking the pain real rape victims or holocaust prisoners had to go through. I would never call a Dem or lefty rapist just because of one person's uncorroborated statement (let alone of a hazy tussle where no clothes were removed, crazy!). When the accusations are that severe then it is absolute paramount to conduct a thorough investigation that yields proof beyond reasonable doubt. You also don't put people on trial for murder just because of hearsay and dish out capital punishment. Furthermore, as Nassim Taleb asserted, we should institute the same punishment for proven false accusations as the actual proven crime would carry.
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dr6B says
@Twoscoops, not disagreeing with the idea but these lists are usually bogus. I'd bet Slovenia should be high in the list, Switzerland is missing etc. They probably wanted to stick USA and one non-white country in the list. Extremely low Polish crime statistics is impressive though:

Poland does have a fair number of immigrants/guest workers from Ukraine (500K to 2M), but they are culturally very similar to Poles.

Switzerland has taken in a fair amount of rapefugees in the past, but has reversed course in the most recent years (similar but not as hard as Austria), so it may become safer again as it used to be. Italy is working to join this list under Savini. Germany used to be super safe and in the top 10 - they used to have a program similar to America's most wanted but German style and far less sensational on public TV where pretty much each severe recent crime, be it a bank heist, murder or very very rarely rape was narrated and then the public asked for help to find the perpetrator(s) by showing clues and recovered evidence on TV, that's how rare big and violent crimes against normal innocent citizens were. Sadly traitor Merkel changed all this. Oh and btw. this was not a left/right issue, both major parties on the left and right and their chancellors before Merkel were always strict on illegal immigration and always honoring the quota and swiftly kicking out criminal immigrants.
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Patrick says
There are lots of studies that show that what women find most attractive in men is confidence and dominance, because those are the traits of men who were able to protect women and children, and for women, protection comes before all else, even money.

Money is significant, but not essential. Mass murderers get love letters in jail, which makes sense. Mass murderers are confident and dominant enough to kill people, and that's what she's looking for.

A lot of this stuff makes much more sense in evolutionary terms. What traits in a mate are most likely ensure that your genes get passed on to future generations? Attraction to those traits (beauty for women, dominance for men) gets selected for, and all the whining in the world won't change it.

This also explains the rapefugee paradox - most if not all those open border feminists have secret rape fantasies with those raw animals who want to subjugate each and everyone, esp. women. In Sweden and partly Germany many older female social rapefugee workers with mostly low sexual market value have (had) documented long-running affairs with some of the refugees. So they welcome barbaric hordes while at the same time castrating and castigating their beta white men for man-spreading (and apologizing for it).
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HeadSet says
Fat women are not going to like this

Then those fat women should be content with being ugly or lose the weight. Unlike Down's Syndrome or even baldness, a fat person can actually cure their "illness."

Yeah and actually I would not call that fat, overweight starts after normal weight, fat is a healthy dose of overweight, obese is a healthy dose of fat and morbidly obese is what that creature is. It's like a setting 11 on a guitar amp that goes to 10 that only spinal tap, motorhead and manowar could reach. But in a bad way.
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bob2356 says
Patrick says

In one of her tweets Hopkins calls Poland one of the safest countries in Europe,

Except for all the countries that are safer, many of whom took in considerable refugees. But hey don't let facts confuse a good bogus narrative.®ion=150

As she reflects on Poland’s culture she compares it with the cities and countries of Western Europe. Poland, that is seen by Europe’s left as an authoritarian or even far right state,

WTF. Authoritarian far right countries are supposed to be safe. That's the whole point.

lol the chart clearly proves the point, on average the safest countries are all middle and eastern Europe where clearly a conservative trend has been sweeping the countries. Italy will join soon if the coalition under Salvini can do its work long enough. Ukraine is pretty poor (still) and France/Britain is currently a lost cause. In northern Europe the most leftists government, Sweden, has disastrous crime whereas Norway shut its borders long ago, Denmark recently and even Finland has begun doing so. All proves the point. Spain always used to be very safe, but I expect that to slide hard if they stay left and keep taking the rapefugees the other mediterranean countries don't want. They are just starting to fuck up.
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HeadSet says
If your prediction comes true, those new leaders will be China, Japan, Korea, and Eastern Europe

This is already happening, Asia is overtaking the West in wealth per capita, Eastern Europe has gained a lot of ground on Western Europe lately etc.
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HeadSet says
Already happened in 2017.

Interesting, please elaborate. Do you think it has already bottomed? Or is it the first shock?

Sigh. You must be new here.

lol according to an unnamed feathered animal we should be in a full stage depression by now, also according to fake economists such as Paul Krugsheister. Next year for sure!
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HeadSet says
Asia is overtaking the West in wealth per capita

Per capita? That would be really hard to do just by the sheer number of people they would have to divide the national wealth by. For example, since China has 4 times the population of the US, it would need to have 4 times the GDP to have the same per capita income as the US. Japan may be closer, but with a third of the US population, but they only have about a quarter of the GDP. But I can see Japan pulling ahead since they have a declining birth rate and the GDP will constantly increase.

Sire that's true overall but it's catching up.

Will take a while longer for mainland China ;)
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Goran_K says
The Chinese Canadian White Supremacist?

WTF is this horse shit?

lol leftoids playbook: everyone who disagrees with me is literally hitler! Rezist those Chinese supremacists!
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Good answer/explanation.

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Quigley says
The real tragedy is this:
Moore actually has a lot of talent and innate ability to put his finger on the pulse of the nation and see how it’s feeling. Some of his earliest documentaries did that and were rewarded accordingly. He was at his best when he confronted a society-wide issue and examined it from different angles.

But somewhere in the past decade or so things changed. He realized that his audience was mostly from the Left, and started catering to that group exclusively. He put his native ability to find the truth on hold, sacrificing his talent for the expediency of pleasing the Leftist crowd.

Then disaster struck: he told the truth in public on October 2016, predicting Trump’s win and pinpointing the exact reason for it.
His Leftist friends and crowd immediately excoriated him. He lost the hero of the Left status he’d enjoyed, and has spent the past two years trying to go Batshit Leftist insane enough for his audience to forgive him.


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HeadSet says
Show me a time when Americans haven't celebrated their roots? Have you forgotten where your family came from?

Like St Patrick's Day? Lots of celebrations all over, but how many actually can speak any Gaelic?

America prospered most when primarily Caucasian with a limited number of primarily Caucasian and Asian immigrants. Also those immigrants overcame real adversities without whining or pissing on the flag uniting under the American identity. Like the Irish or Italian who now have to make a bid to keep Columbus day because of leftoid idiocy. No country with majority unassimilated diversity has ever succeeded. Those that take in so many immigrants that they reach majority diversity need to make sure the immigrants are tribally compatible and integrate into the country's identity faster than new immigrants arrive and they need to strictly enforce existing laws to swiftly kick out those undermining the system. Otherwise it's lights out.

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Patrick says
LeonDurham says
As if there are people who support illegal immigration? Who is arguing for it?

Most Democrats directly support and approve of illegal immigration by:

* granting government benefits to illegals, such as free tuition
* refusal to support ICE's defense of our southern border, to the degree that ICE employees and their families have been attacked
* refusal to even utter the correct legal term: "illegal alien"

Illegal alien was dropped eventually for illegal immigrant, but even that wasn’t enough for the P.C. police in the Democratic Party. Now, we are told, they are in fact “undocumented immigrants.” Undocumented, of course, sounds as if the only thing separating them from legal immigrants is a few bits of paper that old Uncle Sam just forgot to give them.

In a shameless perversion of both fact and language, some of the more extreme proponents o...

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Patrick says
Google needs to be regulated because it is a monopolistic utility which deliberately interferes with US politics while falsely claiming that it does not.

Drain the Swamp!

Draft order for Trump Executive Order to start Antitrust Investigation

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There's blockstack on top of which you could build a general search engine (currently you can search for users to connect through apps) and there are already decentralized search engines such as presearch. It's a matter of adoption to give the leftist/globalist/cultural-marxist internet censors serious competition.
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Lol seriously? I'm pretty loyal to family. He must have pissed them off quite hard. A simple difference in political opinion usually should not generate a family attack ad like this. Funny. But then again the left isn't too much into the nuclear family model anyways these days ;)
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Aphroman says
Only if you pretend that business would pay higher wages to Americans if only we eliminated illegals.

lol they do. You must have missed the countless news about companies paying farmers, bakery employees and construction workers more now that they can't find illegals ready to hire. This was a huge Trump success.
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FortWayne says
Variety of restaurants isn’t our strength.

Other countries have that too, yet still shitholes.

Diversity exists in shithole nations just the same. There is no benefit. It’s just neutral for most part. And destructive when it gets out of hand.

Rocketmanjoe says
Patrick says
Diversity weakens a country

@patrick Do you ever go out to eat? Do you only go to American restaurants? Me and my wife we go out to eat, we eat at Korean, Chinese, Italian, Mexican ... We have many diverse types of food to choose from. Wouldn't it suck if we didn't have a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from?

So why does our diversity of restaurants make this country weak?

Next, shoes. Wouldn't it suck if the only shoes we could buy are NIKE? Luckily we are able to choose from a diverse selec...

Correct. Iceland doesn't have a large variety of ethnic food yet it's one of the safest countries due to very little ethnic diversity but relatively high intellect and education.
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FortWayne says
If you are Republican when young, you have no heart.
If you are a Democrat when you are older, you have no brain.

Similar: if you're not a socialist when you're young, you have no heart, if you're still a socialist when you're older, you have no brain.
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HeadSet says
Aphroman says
If being Republican makes one so happy, why are So many Republicans ashamed to be labeled a Republican, and instead prefer to seek cover with the fake ass label “Libertarian”?

"Libertarian" and "Republican" are two different animals. For example Libertarians believe in wide open borders while Republicans........ Hmm, you may have a point.

Libertarians have many different facets. Some simply support legalization of drugs and prostitution, some but not all increased legal immigration. They are very diverse as are in fact the Republicans by now since Trump shook them up. Time for the Dems to do the same to avoid sliding into oblivion.
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LeonDurham says
So if this is all a left wing conspiracy, why were there no accusers against Gorsuch?

Rocketmanjoe says
lostand confused says
How dumb are dems-if you are going to manufacture a he said she said-at least say it happened privately-that way you can keep the doubt-you claim this hapepend in aparty in front of people and all involved people deny the incident- even your lifelong friends.

Is Mark Judge going to testify? Last I heard he wasn't. Sounds like he doesn't want to lie under oath for his friend. If I had a friend who was so close to being confirmed I'd be testifying... Unless of course I'd have to lie.

If he didn't do nothing then why the rush to confirm?

None of this matters. There was no report back then and there's zero evidence. This is not Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia, you cannot simply make up shit without any evidence and demand this to have any weight.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
doik says
He's going to get appointed. That's not my point. My point is that people need to stop being tribal hypocrites and hold government officials to the same standards regardless of which team they play for. This includes people on patnet. There is nothing you can write on patnet that will have any influence on national issues. The only thing you can do is have the integrity to not be a hypocrite.

Let me get this straight:

Somebody comes out 35+ years after an event, claiming something has happened. Their own "Lifetime Friends" say they've never heard this account, and their own Therapist notes a very different account involving 4 boys and a gangrape. There is no evidence at all confirming this story, not even a friend's testimony. Therefore, we need to postpone confirmation and have an FBI Investigation.


This is the definition of insanity and a banana republic that lost all its jurisprudence. I hope he gets confirmed swiftly and this charade will fade into the archives of dark memories of this nation.
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doik says
You refuse to believe it only because of your tribal politics. If he played for the other team, you'd be calling for his arrest.

Absolutely not. I don't care what team a person is on (I would defend a Dem/lefty as well if accused like this), neither should anybody when in comes to 'in dubio pro reo' and defending jurisprudence as an absolute necessity to freedom and personal liberty, esp. when there is zero evidence. In fact if there will be any evidence proving this didn't happen punishment should be the same for Ford as a man would get for sexual assault. The reason these unsubstantiated claims are being made every day is because women have no skin in the game and can lie freely. Likely though there won't be evidence on either side so this case should just be dropped and K. confirmed.
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WookieMan says
mell says
The reason these unsubstantiated claims are being made every day is because women have no skin in the game and can lie freely.

This is the thing. Men can't be molested or raped. Only women. If a man were to claim this same thing, he'd likely be shunned by women forever. A woman does it and it's the fucking truth no matter what.

There are bad dudes out there for sure. But chicks fuck around and play games all the time. They literally can destroy someone's life with ZERO consequences. I'm just happy I'm with a non-nut job one.

I am of the opinion, which has been stated here now and on multiple threads, that if a accusation is proven false, the woman should be thrown in jail for the equivalent time for the accusing event. So if rape gets 5 years and it's provable the chick was lying, she gets 5. This actually would help the real victims of sexual assault more the...

Agreed. Also more men than women are raped in the US every day, the prison population is often forgotten. More men are victims of heinous crimes each day than women, those are the forgotten victims.
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It's not all that clear cut - there are recent studies that show nicotine having brain-protecting properties. Whether it can outweigh the negatives though is unlikely in terms of smoking. However, weed mixed with tobacco simply tastes millions better than smoking pure weed. Also the problem with smoking is more that ingesting any type of vapor through the lungs is harmful, worst is probably wood smoke. If you do it in very moderation once in a while it's like with everything, sola dosis facit venenum.
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MisterLefty says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Unlike Weed, which involves the inhalation of burning things aka smoke
Edibles require no smoking and inhalation. And yes, smoking anything is bad for you. Even wood smoke from the campfire or fireplace. It's both a danger of inhaling micro particles which clog small blood vessels and a danger of inhaling toxic gases and chemicals, including the addictive nicotine.

Nicotine is the least - if at all - harmful substance in smoke. Cigarettes have far more worse crap in them than nicotine (which actually may be beneficial in some ways), that's why they're a bad deal.
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curious2 says
mell says


is a vasoconstrictor with a range of effects. You are right that it can help cognition, but that comes at a heavy price. Smoking can cause circulatory problems including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attacks. In males, it can cause erectile dysfunction. There is a well founded stereotype of the hyper-intellectual smoker, who lives for books and dies from smoking. An even larger number of idiots smoke too, of course, but that is because idiots always outnumber hyper-intellectuals.

I wonder whether the reason I know hardly any smokers that had alzheimers or severe dementia is that - as recent studies show - nicotine does protect the brain or that they died earlier of other causes such as heart attacks, strokes etc due to circulatory issues. Maybe a combo of both. It probably depends on the delivery method on how harmful or beneficial it can be. Smoking is definitely not a good delivery method.

MisterLefty says
mell says
Nicotine is the least
Very addictive.

Generally known as addictive, yes, but also in those recent studies of those patients with patches/gums (instead of smoking) it was not very addictive that way (for some not al all once they recovered from smoking it). Interestingly in the few years of mild self-experimenting (non-smoker since) when studying I never felt any addictive properties (I assume you have to be a heavy smoker for a while to become physically addicted) and I know several people who started and stopped smoking (at least a pack a day) like clockwork without any issues as if they were not physically addicted at all. Of course then there are also those 2-3 pack chainsmokers who can't stop and develop shaking hands. Medicine is fascinating..
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Definitely seeing changes everywhere, incl. former hotbeds such as the bay area. More inventory, sellers slashing prices, houses don't sell way above asking anymore and stay longer on the market. Watch the short housing ETFs such as SRS.
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lostand confused says
It used to be the right was made fun of for preaching people rode dinosaurs etc. Now the left is the stupid party-violent too.


The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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