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HappyGilmore says
mell says
You got that backwards. Everybody was saying whatever they wanted before the left started making a big fuss about it w/ their identity politics.

You mean people realized that that not everyone is Christian and decided to be polite by wishing Happy Holidays?

Please explain how being inclusive and not honoring only one religion is identity politics. I'm all ears.

Forcing people to change their speech is identity politics and oppressive. Inclusion has nothing to do with preemptive obedience in fear of hurting muh feelings.
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bob2356 says
mell says
anon_ab61f says
mell says
I'm coming out 5k ahead.

How do you know that when the bill is still in committee?

Put it into a calculator provided on the web. Of course preliminary.

Perfect. It's on the web it must be true.

Dude it was some major newspaper or news agency. I thought you like those and their news. I do not itemize and earn an upper middle class salary. So makes sense.
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mell says
@E-man they had a very bullish investor conference yesterday. No competition on the horizon for years. Should reconsider ;)

C'mon @E-Man, last chance for sub-$5 :)
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mell says
BayAreaObserver says
Yes - I read up on them a bit. For a dollar and change it might be worth a small investment to see what they might be able to do.

@BayAreaObserver Did you get in? Up 30% so far, expect more upside $2+.

@BayAreaObserver EGLT Leaving the 1.20s behind. Did you buy some?
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And the winning continues - MAGA!
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HappyGilmore says
Adding $1.4T to the debt = winning?

Depending on how you measure it, Obummer added $6T-$9T to the debt during his 2 terms. Compared to that $1.4T surely seems like winning, esp. without QE. As mentioned earlier I'd like to see tight spending and more debt control/reduction, but this is zillion times better than Boosh/Obummer.
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Patrick says
For me, they are pretty much the same.

If you're attacking the user rather than sticking to attacking his point, that's my definition of incivility.

As an added bonus, it helps me using less profanity. I don't mind it used at the right time, but we def see an overuse these days and it is especially troubling - and highly unsexy - in women where the left has promoted this "you go grrl and can't do anything wrong" mentality, to their detriment as they fall for this bs. A woman with an unclassy, potty mouth outside of the bedroom is a huge turn-off. Had to twist a shiv against the left in here ;)
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anon_13ce6 says
errc says
Had to twist a shiv against the left in here ;)


To demonstrate what the new ‘civil’ Patnet is all about?


We're just having good fun on here.
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BayAreaObserver says
@mell - No, I did not buy, too many distractions for me right now in addition to being very conservative with my investments at the moment.

10 years or so ago I would have moved on it, would have gotten into Bitcoin long ago as well. One of my old co-workers got into Bitcoin in the $300-400 range and still riding it. Not sure how much he is in for on the initial investment and if he has sold anything so far but age wise he is better positioned to take a hit than I am. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong but all I am doing is watching and therefore I can sleep at night since there is no money at stake.

If I decide to dabble in the market again, I will wait until after the mid-terms in 2018. Too many moving parts right now for me to be comfortable with and I believe the market is getting a bit long in the tooth. Still watching a few of Logan's recommendations as well as some others that have popped up here but just watching.

Nice. Expect 2018 to be much more volatile than the past years. So you probably will have plenty of opportunities. GL
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HappyGilmore says
Quigley says

If they say something that’s correct, why would I disagree with them? Should I disagree with people who are saying fair and accurate things? If you’ll read my post history, I only disagree with faulty statements and opinions. Never do I call someone out for stating the truth. If this makes me seem partisan, it’s probably because Leftists can’t stop lying long enough to make a sketchy opinion!

Is it difficult going through life always being correct? Do you find it to be a burden?

You have to redirect that question to Iwog.
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I don't think that's a surprise. The boomers are old now and want their free cake and the millenials are constantly triggered and poor and want theirs too.
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Yes it will, but prices will depend more on the general state of the sector and rates which could stay low.
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anon_08dee says
mell says
The boomers are old now and want their free cake

They've been paying into medicare there entire working life. It's not free cake once they're 65 and over.

It is if the paid cost of services rendered largely exceed the payments, which they - unfortunately - do. It's called healthcare inflation and it is one of the most rampant forms which you won't find in any government inflation report (insurance payments alone are useless to measure inflation precisely for the reason that there is forward debt created for future generations when the paid cost of services exceeds payments). Its definitely less free than starting out young millenials on free health care, but it is still a form of free.
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The problem with net neutrality is that NFLX and other streamers et al are clogging the web making fat $$ while the providers can't do anything wrt charging them more for taking advantage of most of the bandwidth.
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anon_08dee says
mell says
while the providers can't do anything wrt charging them more for taking advantage of most of the bandwidth.

Yes, exactly. Why can't the ISPs get some kind of monopoly on content as well as the fees for the connection. They should get it all.

Each person can stream at most one movie at a time. Why should Netflix and a handful of other people that won the race get to cash in leaving the cable, DSL and Dish out of the action ? Don't they get something for having control of the actual hardware that brings us the internet ? AT&T demands their taste. Common people !

Pretty daft. Why do mobile service provides throttle you after you used your 4g speed? Of course you are free to buy more..
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errc says
Even though it's 100% true?

This is the dangerous truth by proclamation that Iwog practices. Let me tell you where I disagree with you:

errc says
Are you not a little curious why he's never asked the same question to Sniper?
errc says
Everyone posting here, yourself included, knows that all the incivility stems from Sniper harassing everyone who isn't a far right winger. Does it not seem a little bit strange that Goron asks this question of me when all I'm doing is mimicking Sniper, yet he's never asked the same of (Sniper)by far the most egregious of offenders (you've said so yourself)

You are not doing it in the same fashion. Sniper is more subtle about what you call "harassment" and while you may feel offended, he/she hasn't posted anything grossly uncivil lately, and if he/she got censored he/she moved on to their next comment without complaining. Now I will agree with you that the current spat you're having with Goran is certainly borderline as well and some of your posts should probably not be jailed (I wouldn't if I were moderator). However there were some that were verbally pretty strong in Iwog's fashion that are not even close to what Sniper is currently posting, even if the content of his/her posts may seem a nuisance to some at times.
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errc says
If that's your position, doesn't it make more sense to "nationalize" comcast etc. and make ISP a public utility? Who paid for the infrastructure? Who built the internet?

I agree with you in the sense that the companies who built the infrastructure never got their fair share, i.e. Juniper et al. And it could certainly be nationalized and probably run reasonably well as it was originating from the military in the first place. Of course there would be concerns of government censorship but we have them now as well. Not saying allowing companies to do whatever they want and block whomever they want is the holy grail, but if they do it solely based on traffic usage (and not content) why shouldn't they be allowed to have a tiered paying system and throttles?
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errc says
TwoScoopsMcGee says
No, Cowardly Anons should not have privileges and up/down voting should require a login of some kind.

So many Anons are alleged former posters who can't stay away, so trying to guess who the masked villain really is isn't really uncivil.

In your opinion.

However, when one is disingenuous and dishonest as all hell, and their intent is malicious, then yes it’s absolutely uncivil.

Although I think this is working reasonably well, I am still in favor of either no moderation or rotating moderators, i.e. term limits.
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anon_72aec says
mell says
Yes it will, but prices will depend more on the general state of the sector and rates which could stay low.

In other words, no, it won't.

Yes it will. Question is how much. Regardless It's a giod first step of legislation to ending crony subsidies.
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Patrick says
Doesn't Trump know that anyone accused of anything in the press is proven guilty just by the accusation?

That's how our system works! Without the press dispensing justice, we would have to rely on the courts, evidence, and all that crap.

Trump needs to acknowledge that press accusations are never wrong, or else that proves he has no moral compass.

Haha agreed. Imagine an interview like this would have been conducted by Fox with Obummer or even Boosh. People would have been up in arms if somebody from the press media told Obummer he had no moral compass. Clinton News Network = bunch of hypocrites
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Goran_K says
He's going to resign tomorrow.

Good riddance. This guy was a total idiot during Gorsuch's senate confirmation to SCOTUS.

Bye idiot.

Lol well it couldn't have happened to anyone better. But note how quick he is deserted and stabbed in the back by his female and even many male Dems. This is were I miss Iwog. This is a display of blatant modern female privilege brought on by feminism and its cucked leftoid men. All it takes is one misstep in the past and you're history while wommyn can't do anything wrong and are allowed childish temper tantrums and libel amidst political discussions without repercussions. Frankenstein shouldn't have been such a rabid feminist now that he can't chase away the ghosts he helped conjure.
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HappyGilmore says
mell says
Lol well it couldn't have happened to anyone better. But note how quick he is deserted and stabbed in the back by his female and even many male Dems. This is were Miss Iwog. This is a display of feminine privilege brought on by feminism and it cucked leftoid men

Awesome. Calling Dems cuckoid leftoids is A-OK.

I love moderation!! There's no problem here at all!

What do you mean? Many Repubs are cucked too. It's a state of mind, not an insult. Albeit one with grave consequences.
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RC2006 says
When they started their feminist frenzy he should have took a stand and told them to pound sand. The shit he did was in bad taste when he was a comedian not a senator. Some of these guys are assholes and some are real predators, but the way the media has been convicting them is wrong. Majority of these women coming forward are quid pro Hollywood attention seeking whores.

Agreed though I don't like Franken I think this is ludicrous. But hey he called for that crap.
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Rew says
mell says
But note how quick he is deserted and stabbed in the back by his female and even many male Dems. This is were I miss Iwog. This is a display of blatant modern female privilege brought on by feminism and its cucked leftoid men.

What you see as "deserted and stabbed in the back" I simply see as putting decency, people, morality, and country over any slight advantage Franken gives to a political party.

As to being a "display of female privilege", if it is privilege which allows my sisters, mother, wife, to go after people who wronged them ... I'm all for it.

I'm not sure I'd call not being grab-assed and groped a 'privilege' though. Pretty sure the constitution, fed law, and state laws, would say it is a basic human right. Maybe the GOP can add that to its legislative agenda though?

Pedo, grabbing, sex misconduct, predatory assholes I have no tolerance for, in ANY shape or form.

The female privilege I am referring to is not about NOT being groped or harassed, we can all agree that everybody (male or female) has a right to that. It is about to decide if and when actions turned into harassment/assault while criminal laws for any other type of crime demand it to be reported in a timely manner and with enough evidence to press charges. You may be right that the party is better off without him in terms of decency, but you don't know for sure. Imagine for a moment a random dude coming forward claiming that Franken had stiffed him out of a large sum, or hit him in the face or even sexually assaulted him and all he had was a photo with him and Franken goofing around in an inappropriate/juvenile manner to prove they had contact. You'd think anybody would have cared, let alone driven him all the way to resignation? Don't think so.
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All drugs should be legalized. The war on drugs has failed miserably and it goes against basic civil liberties. Interestingly Obama raided dispensaries (and raw dairy farmers) while Bush left the states alone. Hope this administration will do the same eventually and let Sessions talk just be hot air.
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errc says
And if many of them are stupid, ignorant racists and rednecks, what is so bad about speaking to this truth?

Because nobody can make that call on who is really uneducated and who isn't. Leftist education these days is truth by proclamation going against science worse than you'd expect from a religious right-winger. I'd say that knowing how to run a farm requires far more intellect and brain power these days than a degree in liberal arts or gender studies.

errc says
I mean Trump has said before the his core base are mindless morons.

“I love the uneducated!”

“I could shoot a baby on 5th Avenue and these halfwits will still vote for me. Very dumb and easy to manipulate!”

A lot of these quotes have never been said or said in an entirely different context. On both sides.

The problem is that the left is far more violent and vengeful towards their political opponents and uses fascist tactics, ironically something that was once - way back then - mostly attributed to the right, when the left was actually fighting for free speech instead of oppressing it.
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KimJongUn says
She had no problem with the videos of her being fucked in the ass broadcasted all over the interwebz in 4K but killed herself when bunch of twitter cunts called her some names? Strange times are these we live in.

I suspect that part of the reason is that grrls cant' do anything wrong these days and are - at least superficially - celebrated as empowered by their sisthren when doing porn. But that endorsement can change in an instant when you violate the PC code of conduct and her former (really never) allies turned into hyenas and she probably found out she never had much support and that can be a rude awakening.
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Rew says
Hutch says
because there was no forgery!


People need to ask themselves: is someone more credible when they admit a wrong, something inconvenient/bad, or correct an account, or does someone who never admits wrong or fault have more credibility? Integrity isn't a buzzword.

The case becomes weaker by the day, and GA is known for extorting money w/ her often frivolous suits. It was definition a half-lie, why even bother going after weakest of all cases out there.
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Haha amazing, that guy is lightyears ahead of the competition. Lowest Hispanic unemployment ever, "and they want the wall, too", "any Cubans in here? Lol every shiv is twisting the dagger deeper into the lamestream media.
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You forgot the most important reason for the economic success: MAGA!

Merry Christmas!

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It is a mathematical given that bitcoin on its current exponential trajectory will end in tears for may who buy in late, since it exhibits the classical ponzi/pyramid-scheme pattern. Nothing can go up in value like this without either being a ponzi scheme or some real unique material in incredibly high demand and depleting fast. Not saying it isn't here to stay as a valid form of payment and that much of the wealth from other forms of payment will be redistributed onto bitcoin, but at some point the musical chairs will stop and cause those who bought in late in the ponzi game to lose a lot of money.
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anon_c1d53 says
Eventually the bears will be right. When that happens, don't forget to stop by and explain why it happened.

@Patrick this comment shows you dislike this though I never clicked on it. Must be a bug.
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c0nfused says
mell says
The people to blame are the leftoids who are supposed to defend their country and resources, but instead open the floodgates. They are the real traitors.

It's the women. The whole thing is a giant shit-test. "Are you man enough to control me and the other women, or will you allow us to invite in foreign men to kill you and fuck us? Let's find out! Very exciting!"

Even among chimps, the males patrol the borders trying to keep the males of other tribes out, because their own females will gleefully fuck invading males.

Yeah and their leftoid cucked male enablers. There's a new video out of Germany where the train security caught a migrant without ticket who is trying to escape and resisting. While they are holding him down until the cops arrive you can see a handful horde of German women dressed up trying to interfere and hissing at the security guys to let the rapefugee go. Gotta know when to put the hyena into place.
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BayAreaObserver says
mell - Going to guess you are not totally familiar with the average everyday run of the mill born again, Sunday Christian, "patriots" that reside in that part of the world now are you ? The word "enlightened" is a very rare commodity in those parts. Same as marrying someone with a full set of teeth but that applies to Cambria County, Pennsylvania as well.

What competition, what is he running for ? Does he not know the election was last year ?

Please be sure to include the Altright favs in your description of lamestream media sources - The Gateway Fuckwit, Alex Jones, Rush, Dark Mice, Breitbart, 700 Club, Glenn Beck, The Heritage Foundation, Freedom Caucus, Anything Koch, - I'm tired now....

Jones was always fringe and he doesn't mind being labeled as such. However in the recent years many outlets fat worse than Jones on the left have emerged, claiming to be real news media and bring referenced by the lamestream media, so that abc, CNN, salon, buzzfeed, msnbc make fox news look like a beacon of science and real news reporting. Trump is just giving them a taste of their own medicine and it's working for him.
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anon_b22c3 says
BayAreaObserver says
What competition,

CNN, WaPo, New York Times, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Salon, ThinkProgress, Slate, Mother Jones, 538, Rolling Stone, all the TDS suffers here, Krugman, Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Pink Pussy Hats, Hollywood,

BayAreaObserver says
I'm tired now....

Me too, let me know if that's enough competition...

Yeah and they have driven their drivel so far and ferociously that some biologists are afraid to speak out and confirm that there are only 2 genders, and a tiny fringe amount of hermaphrodites ;) 2 scoops...
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Potatoes are falsely vilified these days. Baked or mashed potatoes are still a superfood.
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BayAreaObserver says
mell - Haha amazing, that guy is lightyears ahead of the competition.

I thought you were talking about competition like in people, not media. Who the hell is he still running against ?

Let me rephrase it. I mean in terms of how to communicate with the common people. For years politicians in the US and Europe have been and still are telling the populace they are worthless, should take rapefugees in the ass while paying big tax money to support the politocrats dirty lifestyles. It doesn't matter if you think Trump benefits equally or not but he is implementing policies addressing the concerns of the common people, such as limiting immigration (esp. from hostile countries/cultures), creating jobs by removing regulations, bringing factories/manufacturing back to the US, celebrating Christmas and such simple things as telling them they are worthy no matter what their beliefs are. It's very simple and yes, populist, but it's badly needed after western politicians have been trampling their citizens rights and abandoned them while living large and fat from taxpayer money, many of those have never been democratically elected (e.g. the EUrocrats in Brussels)! That's why you see more and more populist candidates win who put their country first, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland etc. The time of reckoning/MAGA is here.
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I've been skeptical and continue to be such as the underreported high inflation, but you have to give Logan credit with his call, he has been mostly right. And it's been good to my stocks, asset inflation anybody ;) - so whatever. MAGA!
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bob2356 says
Quigley says
Poll: 92% of Democrats ignorant and gullible

That's 8% better then the republican party.

Who gives a shit? You are supposed to carry out the will of the people and not think that you're intellectually superior - which most clearly aren't. There's nothing worse than an intellectually snobby attitude towards the common people. Trump deservedly won, after leftoids made fun of him feasting on a KFC meal and other "faux-pas". It's time to send the career politicians to hell.