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But I thought they were our trading partners J- :Between apr 6 and June 6 ,Feds intercept nearly 20K lbs of meat including pork from China .Products were hidden in boxes of headphones ,household goods and other items
July Enough weapon parts shipped from China bound for Melbourne Fla. to assemble more than 10 K AK47’s intercepted by CBP
July CBT seize enough parts to assemble 1k various cal from China bound to Seattle
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There’s been a number of other recent seizures of illegal meat in last couple of month s. This should be of major concern since there’s been at least 112 “reported “ outbreaks of swine flu in China during this same time frame .
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There’s been a number of seizures in the last couple of months of illegal meat shipped here from China .This should be of concern since there has been an outbreak of swine flu in China .112 reported incidents in China .
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I don’t drink anymore ....... I just don’t drink anyless either . The ones mentioned here are all good .Woodford Reserve I like quite a bit as I do Makers46 but one I have been drinking lately is Buffalo Trace ,sure is smooth ,they also bottle Old Rip Van Whinkle and Pappy Van Winkle ,if you can find a Old Rip Van Whinkle 10yr old Bourbon (appx $59) or special reserve ( appx $79) pick it up -you won’t be disappointed .Many of their whiskey’s go for 1500-and up .
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Regarding the dress code of Roseville High : "If you look at our school district's history, we would never ban the use of the American flag," Roseville Community Schools Superintendent John Kment told the Macomb Daily. "We have a long history of working with the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and other patriotic organizations. We would never ban an appropriate use of the American flag. We never have, nor will we ever in the future ban it” after the Facebook photo of Roseville High dress code went viral “ Metro Detroit school apologizes for mistakenly banning US flag in dress code” further “ Roseville High School officials said in a Facebook post that the reference to the U.S. flag in the dress code was an error, and should have read, "Flags shall not be worn in demeaning manner”
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“A lawsuit was filed Monday in State Superior Court against the State of California; Gov. Gavin Newsom; State Superintendent of Public Education Tony Thurmond; State Controller Betty Yee; and the California Department of Public Education; by a coalition of students, parents, and school leaders to stop the defunding of public school students in California. The defunding is in California budget Senate Bill 98, which deals with spending on K-12 education, and denies funding for students newly enrolling in a public school” “ Joseph Benson, Executive Director of John Adams Academy, noted that it is Northern California’s only tuition free, TK-12 Classical Leadership Education public charter school network. with three academies in Roseville, El Dorado Hills and Lincoln. Benson said they are expecting 763 new students to their newest academy in the fall, and had planned that the students would have state funding. Benson said they are defunded $6.3 million, with disparate impacts on the students. He said the newest academy has been six years in development – obtaining the charter, acquiring property, locating a developer, permits, etc… to open in August. They’ve purchased computers, books and hired staff to accommodate the nearly 800 new students. “We have a moral obligation to serve students. The state withholding funding does a gross injustice to students and families,” Benson said. meantime Democrat leaders send their kids to private school Claiming , they know what’s best for the rest of us
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I can’t help but wonder .......... “When Azar mentioned this on the Sunday talk shows a while back, Pelosi went balistic on him“ ....... was Nancy eating a Haggen Dazs
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This is incredibly complex issue and it’s one that has been oncoming for q number of years now . Not only is SEA important part of our supply chain , both in terms of raw material (40%) as well as consumer products for our consumption , it also plays a key role in our export products which could affect hundreds of thousands of US jobs.So the trade routes are important to keep open .However at the heart of the matter is the oil and gas discoveries . “A total of over 2 000 billion barrels of proved reserves and potential resources were estimated to be located within.” China claims its within their territorial waters , which it is not (according to the UN ) We have responded at a variety of countries requests and view this as a national security issue . We’ve moved our headquarters of the seventh fleet to a base in Japan . Its deja vu all over again -Tonkin Bay will be a US naval base as well Subic Bay ( despite Duarte on again off again about allowing our ships , even though we’ve made repairs and upgrades at his request ) China may have a 90% homeownership , as a result of their one child per family policy so does Cuba . Their faltering on bond repayments and their economy is based solely for expansion and exports . Japan has started paying their companies to pull out of China , imagine what would happen . Did I read divide China like China divides us ? I think it’s in the works
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The judges ruling is a job killing act that hurts more than it helps drivers .I ride Uber probably about 4 x’s a month It’s usually on time ,efficient, and generally cheaper .Most drivers I talk to ,use Uber as a supplement to their income i.e., students trying to keep their costs down ,retirees who could use the extra bucks , unemployed and seasonal workers , many of whom drive when they want to .There either has to be a new classification since Uber can’t currently offer benefits that without risking their employees’ independent-contractor status.of which the majority in talking to prefer to be independent. Since Uber has been in business Ca.DUI’s have dropped significantly.Most people won’t wait for yellow /green /what have you taxis to take their sweet time getting to you while charging you an astronomical amount .The same goes for travelers if the cost goes up much higher than people will opt for short or long term parking creating a long jam both on the freeway as well as parking lots . Drunks will risk the chance of driving home There as to be a better way to classify gig workers
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With so many app based and delivery services that are being offered , perhaps AB 22 will be the answer for drivers to act as independent contractors, thus saving thousands of jobs while making our lives easier and convenient .
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Japan is spending upwards to 2Billion dollars to help their multinationals leave China . They just like us have found their supply chain lost during the pandemic . Why don’t we offer our multinationals Incentives to leave i.e., subsidies, direct loans , looser regulations , the whole enchilada. For national security reasons alone excluding China stealing intellectual trademarks , shipping hazardous materials and dumping products that our companies can’t compete with, the use of slave labor in making goods , manufacturing the precursors of meth and fentanyl that are killing our citizens every day . We can also help our neighbors to the south of us by giving them many of the assembly jobs thus ending the Illegal immigration Issue by giving them meaningful work at a decent wage ensuring democracy in the America’s
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According to a recentl Gallup Poll “ - When asked whether they want the police to spend more time, the same amount of time or less time than they currently do in their area, most Black Americans -- 61% -- want the police presence to remain the same. This is similar to the 67% of all U.S. adults preferring the status quo, including 71% of White Americans.

Meanwhile, nearly equal proportions of Black Americans say they would like the police to spend more time in their area (20%) as say they'd like them to spend less time there (19%”
Preference for Amount of Time Police Spend in Your Area
Would you rather the police spend more time, the same amount of time or less time as they currently spend in your area?
More time Same amount of time Less time
Black Americans 20 61 19%
White Americans 17 71 12%
Hispanic Americans 24 59 17%
Asian Americans 9 63 28%
U.S. adults 19 67 14%
All figures in percentages
Gallup panel June 28-July 6th 2020
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Misc says
It comes down to Uber/Lyft having to pay social security and medicare taxes, as well as contributing to California's unemployment fund.

In other words, California customers will have to pay more for Uber rides to pay higher taxes.

But to make up for it they will lower the driver's pay.

Bingo ! Nailed it
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Bay Area Says - 3.) Speaking as an immigrant who is a US citizen: I am against the mass importation of cheap labor from places like Mexico, India, China, and Eastern Europe for the benefit of corporate profits. Again Americans first!

What most Lib’s fail to understand is that Democrats are only supporting illegal immigration as a result of their corporate /union / land developers contributions to their political campaign fund chests .Corporate and big land developers interests are on cheap labor , unions trying to fill their dwindling enrollment ( heck you no longer have to speak English or have a HS diploma or equivalent to join trades now ) . If one looks at the history of the Clintons , Pelosi , and so forth you’ll find them on the opposite end of the spectrum until recently -Corporate funding and so called progressive voters have led us to this problem, which is fleecing the middle class taxpayers to the breaking point
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Personally , I would have been impressed if the teams instead of boycotting the games , would have donated the playoff winnings to the local community’s park and recreation dept setting up basketball leagues, and family functions associated with the leagues , aa well as to the family of Blake whose children are obviously traumatized by the event . Boycotting the playoffs doesn’t do a damn thing positive but perhaps tarnish the image of the players and the NBA.
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“ a billion here , a billion there , pretty soon your talking about real money “ - Senator Everett Dirksen
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Eric Holder says
"Strict guidelines established by the Clean Air Act and enforced by air-quality districts can also prevent burns." One weeklong wildfire blaze will undo a year worth of carbon reduction -I guess they can’t tax wildfires . With nearly 5billion spent on fighting wildfires since 2007 not including what this years massive blazes will cost , one would think they might try a different solution -wouldn’t they ?

Eric Holder says “
And when a certain politician suggested that cleaning of flammable build-up from the forest floor could be the cure for devastating fires he was derided and called all kinds of names on national and local TV”........... Bingo ! the answer has been there all along . Well at least they haven’t banned bar-b-ques / grilling ......... I mean not yet anyhow
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