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Luckily she didn't have JERRY CURL JUICE in her hair. Has she started a GO FUND ME account yet?
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Then they threw a lighter at her.....must have been a ZIPPO..lol...disposables dont stay lit
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whenever i see pictures of young women like that, I usually think: when I was that age, would I have done her? for her, the answer would be HELL NO.
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Ceffer says
They had a perfectly functioning, degenerative ghetto scene going: warlords, hoes, dealers, gang killings, beatdowns, weapons, looting, property destruction, lots of attitude, crackheads, demented drug casualties......

......and then, came the trannies.
pimps, hustlers, loansharks, thieves,
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rd6B says
Trump should run the video of this removal 24/7 in November, and also note the deafening silence of most D politicians about erasing of memory of person who did more in ending slavery and race equality than a trillion Pelosi's.

I wouldn't say a trillion....maybe 2 times...remember, she kneeled and wore a kente scarf..
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are you saying that people are going to leave the comfort of their reclining chairs and their plate of hot pockets to actually stand in a line to vote (or sit in their mobility chairs)?
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richwicks says
What is literally the worst thing Trump has done?

I think he grabbed a pussy once. I personally don't think that is bad though.
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Did chief running bull finally give him "permission"?.....lolololol
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richwicks says
All these people, are irrelevant and they are all paid over 10 million dollars a year.

I dont care how much they are paid...I'm not paying them.
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what is the purpose of this shed? For when the wife kicks you out of the house?
  komputodo   ignore (3)   2020 Jul 9, 8:47pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Fuck California.

I grew up here, but fuck this shithole.

But try to stay there long enough to pay your share...I left in '86
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Patrick says
This is exactly how things should be.

Show up at a post office and pull out a gun to rob the place, and you should die immediately.

Please share this video, to discourage such banditry.

Doesn't that look fake?....4 trigger pulls....barrel discharge once....the 4th seemed like it would have hit the old man...and no blood
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Automan Empire says
you'll find the local voting authorities take fraudulent registrations seriously,

lolol....and you know that how?
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RC2006 says
Guess he doesn't want to run a second term after all, don't think this can be surgar coated. Regan signed the last amnysty and that was one of the stupidest things he ever did and only helped dems and turned CA solid blue.
Trump has finally realized that he can do whatever he wants (just like the libs) and roll to victory in 2020...reagan signed the amnesty bill in 86...since then CA has had two 2 term repub governors......wilson and Schwarzenegger.....doesn't sound like that bill turned CA solid blue
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Shaman says
That’s the reason and it seems reasonable to me.

Using the term latinx...Indoctrination is complete....Sounds stupid to me....like when you have kids, they are your hijos even though its a mix of males and females......now you want them to be called hijx?...lol
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WookieMan says
I can't get anecdotal evidence from everywhere, but the media 1,000% is hyping this. And sure, people may test positive, but if they're not going to hospitals, who gives a shit? I think it's been around since December at least and we didn't get the mask recommendation until late April and early May? Now cases are spiking while wearing them? All this shit doesn't add up.

So you are torn between believing the lying media and what you have seen with your own eyes and info from people that you actually know and trust? Maybe one weekend you will go somewhere like to the beach and actually see 1000 people there and then the media will say nobody was at the beach and you will start doubting your own eyes.
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I wear a mask a few minutes a day when I drive because where I live, the cops will use it as a excuse to pull you over and fine you...but I wear it as a chin warmer, mouth and nose uncovered...and thats how i wear it when I go to the store until I actuall get to the door where I pull it up so they will let me in.....once I leave the store, its back down warming my chin....ready for the drive home.
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Ceffer says
Does it seem like an excessive number of young people, especially celebrities, are dying in recent months?

According to yahoo, there are more that a million "celebrities" I've never even heard of...
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Patrick says
Did you own slaves?


Then you have zero guilt.

If I had owned slaves, I still wouldn't have any guilt
  komputodo   ignore (3)   2020 Jul 12, 8:55pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I imaginee that the guys that captured the slaves and shipped them to america and other destinations treated them a whole hell of a lot worse than the guy that spent money to buy them. You could probably argue that the buyer gave them a second chance at life. That is unless your total knowledge of slavery comes from watching "ROOTS".
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Any idea how they come up with the approval rating numbers?
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WookieMan says
I get high paying jobs, but outside of that there are a shitload of cities with full on winter that are much better to live in versus NYC.

But can you get a giant $25 pastrami samich at a jewish deli in those other cities?
  komputodo   ignore (3)   2020 Jul 15, 10:48am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Seems easy to set new records when it is a new "disease" with no past history...
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Al_Sharpton_for_President says
Competitive eaters have had their fill

In the battle of man versus food, the limit of human capacity has almost been reached

or the past 15 years the field of competitive eating has been dominated by Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. “I’m always pushing for a record,” the planet’s most decorated glutton told the press at America’s premier hotdog-eating contest earlier this month. “I know that’s what the fans want.”

The world No1, who is 6ft 1in and 230lb, duly delivered, eating 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Mr Chestnut, 36, had improved on his previous world record by one hotdog — but research suggests that he is approaching the outer limits of human performance.


What exactly is a sitting?
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Tenpoundbass says
I hoped they would like it, and discover a great brand that didn't need to be canceled.

They sell their products worldwide and you are concerned that some celebrities and snowflakes that never buy food that needs to be prepared want to cancel them.
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Patrick says
lightning-footed jigs

Jigs? lol..thats racist
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MAGA says
My first exposure to a spreadsheet was Visacalc on a Apple II.

quattro pro
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what is there to figure out? regular school was sub par education and online also...done
  komputodo   ignore (3)   2020 Jul 25, 8:54pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I know I'm chilled...between this and NK on the brink of nuclear attack and the end of the world in 9 years due to climate change and the glass vial shortage for vaccines and Trump wanting to be Dictator For Life and police violence and the toilet paper shortage.....I know I am fucked.
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Shaman says
Time to tell them to shut up and get back in the kitchen to make a plate of sammiches.

Do you have your's well trained?
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Why do all the patients look fat?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says
Every word that traverses T-Mobile's SMS network should be replaced with the phrase 'TRUMP! IS GOD! PRAISE HIM!'

I like the way you think
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Ceffer says
Wasn't that rather presumptuous of them to guess the gender going by anatomy alone? Something is seriously wrong with those people. All babies should be assumed intersex until they are segregated by preference at the age of six and given the appropriate hormones and surgery.

Yes....All babies should be referred to as THEY
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I'm really enjoying Licor de Agave.....700ml for $2.60 in Mexico
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I think that a couple of highjacked planes flew into it and then evaporated.
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I heard they found a MAGA cap at the bombsite.
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mell says
Plus American portions are big

Big? Thats like saying stacey abrahms is big..lol....I think you mean HUGE...enormous. You could say they eat like glutinous pigs and wouldn't be exaggerating.
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Shaman says
Also try to eat six servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Do fruit roll ups and juice boxes count?
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ignoreme says
but really I think if you just avoided processed foods and tried to just eat things that you can recognize as coming from a plant or an animal, seasoned with ingredients that you know what they are (no secret sauce) you’d be just fine.

But thats too hard and even though I'm not working and sitting on my ass all day, I just don't have time to prepare real food...Plus it doesn't taste as good and the most important thing about food is not whether it's healthy, it's all about how it tastes.
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