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Were we all suckers to believe that the USA stood for something more noble than a pack of greedy rats with a big army to glorify them, salute them and lay down their lives?
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Shaman says
Fauci is dirty.
Because of specially what?

He contradicted cult diety Trump so he must be attacked.
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WookieMan says
Just move if the US is so shitty for you.
If this thread hurts your feelings there are plenty other posts to comment on, some are very critical of other things in America

Many subjects here reflect well on Trump.


I made some substantial contributions to discussions here and you should stop your bitching about that.

Just saying. Do you think anyone would ever move because you don't like their post? Are you that awesome? Or do you just want me to know that you have feelz?
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WookieMan says
be a part of the solution. I am. You're not.
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Onvacation says
America, love it, or leave it.
Suicide is painless
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WookieMan says
People can bitch and whine all they want.
Yeah, that’s how it is with Trump, like that speech at the Black Hills.

Holding office is common among landlords. (and retired cops)
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WookieMan says
move or shut the F up.
Are you like that with everyone? Mostly tenants huh?
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Conservative Media Is Outright Lying About Seattle

Across conservative media, Seattle is being portrayed as a city in chaos, under siege, and simply burning. Where are conservative outlets getting this? Easy … they’re making it up.

For days, Donald Trump has been tweeting about the “anarchist take over” of Seattle. According to Trump, the city is being “pillaged” by “terrorists” who are murder-burning their way across the city. These “armed lunatics” have “taken over a major American city,” and what frustrates Trump most is that the mayor and governor don’t even seem to know that their city is missing. In addition, the media is conducting a “total blackout on the insanity” in Seattle. Trump has ordered Mayor Jenny Durkan to “take back the city fast” and promised that if they don’t do something, he will!

The “autonomous zone,” formed by peaceful protesters in a small area of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, has been described by Durkan as an example of free speech and genuine patriotism; and by The New York Times as “part street festival, part commune.” But what viewers of Fox News and other conservative media are seeing is something very, very different. Across conservative media, Seattle is being portrayed as a city in chaos, under siege, and simply burning. Where are conservative outlets getting this? Easy … they’re making it up.

The Seattle Autonomous Zone grew up in the wake of the protests over the police murder of George Floyd, and also in response to aggressive actions taken by the Seattle police (both in the the last two weeks and in previous protests) and has largely been in place since Monday. The reaction of city officials has varied from tolerance to cooperation, and even encouragement. City officials have helped to make sure that services within the area are continuing, and that sanitation supplies are secure. Seattle’s police chief has continued to express frustration, particularly after police deserted and boarded up a precinct house, but the perimeter of the “zone” has largely remained open for people to come and go, and is free of the lines of heavily armored forces seen around protests nationwide. For the most part, local officials seem content to simply wait, so long as the area stays peaceful.

But peaceful is not what Fox News or OAN viewers are seeing, what visitors to right-wing blogs are reading, or what listeners to the vast array of right-wing radio stations are hearing. On those sources, the zone is not a small area where people are distributing free pizza and constructing a somewhat pitiful community garden—it’s a hotbed of violence where buildings are burning and people are dying.

To support that position, Fox News hasn’t just been making up stories—it’s been manufacturing images and video. As the Seattle Times reports, Fox has “digitally altered” images to make the situation in the area seem dire. That includes putting together elements from multiple images to create a misleading collage, lifting signs and symbols from one area to impose them on another, and it means that many of the images Fox is using to present the image of chaos in Seattle … aren’t even from Seattle.

Images that appear to show masked and armed men inside the zone are in fact composites taken on different dates and in different places. Burning buildings are actually from shots taken in St. Paul during the first days of the protests there. Some of the pictures Fox has merged together in their “coverage” of the current Seattle are actually two weeks old—or elements from two-week old pictures have been inserted into current scenes to make the situation appear worse than it is. Fox has also continued to report, and other sources have repeated, claims that businesses inside the zone are being extorted for protection payments, even after the police chief in Seattle investigated these claims and found nothing to them. The protesters within the zone are anarchists in the sense that there is no formal leadership, which has led to numerous voices claiming to speak for the group and issue various lists of demands (some of which have appeared on Daily Kos). But the most prominent demands of those in the zone are a defunding of the Seattle police, charges against police involved in violence toward Black people, reparations for past victims of police violence, and a dismissal of charges against protesters. In the last few days, representatives from the police have met with some of those inside the zone in hopes of finding points of agreement. The decades, the Seattle police have been involved in repeated acts of violence—from an assault on peaceful protesters during a 2019 protest, to a brutal, unnecessary arrest captured on video, to even suing to be able to use more violence. The department has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for using unnecessary levels of force. That’s why, under the Obama administration, the department was investigated for Civil Rights violations and required to take steps to address systemic problems. Against that background, many in Seattle, including many Seattle officials, seem open to the idea of making the Capitol Hill area an ongoing experiment in operating without police, and for how shared community resources can be mixed with ordinary shops and businesses. Conservatives aren’t upset because Seattle is burning. They’re terrified because it is not.

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Onvacation says
I suppose you believe Trump colluded with the Russians and extorted the Ukrainians too?
Let's change the subject to supposing about you.
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Onvacation says
There is a well known syndrome where people irrationally hate Trump and call him a racist without any evidence.
What's that one called? Trump's niece wrote a book about it syndrome?

Or is it the "You're not in my cult, so you are sick" syndrome
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Cash says
The Deep State Moves On America. This will be deleted so watch soon.

Called nut cases.

By your own propagandists!!!! STEVE BANNON


Ex-Trump strategist admits ‘Deep State’ conspiracy is bogus: That ‘theory is for nut cases’
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Steve Bannon Admits There’s No Truth To “Deep State” Conspiracy Theories

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon says in a new book that there’s no such thing as “the Deep State,” and that the entire conspiracy theory about a deep state plot to remove Trump is absolutely bogus. This is a huge blow to Republicans and right wing media outlets who have been talking nonstop about a “Deep State Coup” against the President since day one.

The term “deep state” has been thrown around by Republicans since pretty much the day that Donald Trump got sworn into office. And let’s be fair too, there’s been plenty of Democrats who have been thrown around the phrase “deep state” since Donald Trump was sworn in. They’ve seen all of the investigations that have gone into Donald Trump as just a coup by the so called “deep state” to take down Donald Trump. Donald Trump himself has referenced the “deep state” and the coup that’s taking place. He did it just this week, but according to one person, one person who’s very close to Donald Trump, in fact, he was a Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, man by the name you may have heard of him. Steve Bannon. According to Steve Bannon in a new book by author James Stewart, the book is called, “deep state” Trump: The FBI and the Rule of Law. Steve Bannon tells the author, yeah, the deep sea is not real. We made that up. Here’s what he says. The “deep state” conspiracy theory is for nutcases America isn’t Turkey or Egypt? Nutcases if you’re out there on the right and you’re talking about the “deep state”, I want you to know that Steve Bannon thinks you’re a nutcase.

I also want you to know that I think you’re a nutcase, but, but Steve man, and also who thinks that you’re a nutcase and he’s been a part of it. And he helped propagate it through both Breitbart and his time with the Trump administration. Steve Bannon was pushing this “deep state” narrative, which he freely admits. He also admits it was a complete lie. It’s false fabricated. This is not the first book where Steve Bannon has made this claim. There’s also a book “deep state”, uh, written by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie where they were interviewing Bannon talking about the “deep state” and how horrible it is. And Bannon said, you do realize that none of this is true.

So now we abandoned on multiple occasions telling us that this whole “deep state” lie is not real. And what Bannon goes on to say in the new book is that, you know what? There is an intense bureaucracy in DC. It’s complicated, it’s complex. There’s lots of levels and layers to it, but it’s not a conspiracy. It’s not a “deep state”. There’s no coup taking place to remove Donald Trump from office, and that’s coming from Steve Bannon himself. That’s a pretty damning indictment and that should say something to everyone out there who keeps talking about the “deep state”. “deep state” isn’t real folks. Yes, we have intelligence agencies. Yes, they do things that we don’t know about, but overthrowing our own government isn’t one of them. And here’s the thing. These conspiracy theorists out there, they create conspiracy theories to explain things that they don’t understand. It’s a coping mechanism for them. It’s the way to explain an unexplainable world. So they create these lies, these falsehoods. They know they’ve created it, but they invest so much of their time into the creation of this lie, this theory that they themselves begin to believe in it. I mean, it is a form of psychosis. They have created this alternate version of reality. They know they created it, but they get so invested in it that they believe this is the new truth and the reality where they had created this themselves no longer exists. It is a mental problem and it’s a problem. We should probably take a little bit more seriously in this country, get these people to help that they need, but for now, we need to put this “deep state” conspiracy theory to bed. It’s not helping anything. It’s making everybody look just a little bit crazier than they actually are.

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jazz_music says
They have created this alternate version of reality. They know they created it, but they get so invested in it that they believe this is the new truth and the reality where they had created this themselves no longer exists. It is a mental problem and it’s a problem.
Bannon defines TDS right there
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Booger says
Lies from lalaland

It's another JPEG courtesy of right wing nut cases ministry of lies.


Florida has 269,811 confirmed cases not 42,402 AND Florida has 4,242 DEATHS
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@patrick Thank you, I appreciate the apology.
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That’s no fun, where’s the conspiracy?
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You are branded by what you support.

E.g. the bloodshed of January 6th, the great lies of Trump, Limbaugh, Fox, OAN, Newsmax.

I lost patience with such people after years of reaching out. But many more will turn their backs. Get used to it.
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KgK one says
he becomes powerful
We just escaped American fascist dictatorship by the skin of our teeth.

Bloodshed —The good part is that since the republic survived the attack it will now re-tool and become a less naive population because the next would-be fascist dictator who comes along, and that will be soon, will be a whole lot smarter and might have an even more inflammatory ideology. This Trump was a simple-assed kleptocratic fuck-up with no work ethic at all, and a life long history of screwing everyone who ever signed a contract with him. Once you get that, you have graduated Trump University.
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There is so much evidence of the slide to fascism that there’s a bunch of folks writing about it, both on the web and books too are being written on the subject.

Is that a sacrilege?

Watch a short video.


I don’t have to chat.

So evidently personal attacks are allowed here?
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FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut says
Trump will replace Democracy with Fascism, no evidence, just statements.
Yeah loaded with Trump’s asinine statements, Fox’ statements and Trump actions so you don’t deny he said and did them.

But the fear of Trump never got down to the American people, who mostly laughed and scorned his underhanded and corny style.

There’s no debating believers who worship this fallen con man klepto. It’s so weird. You’re all lied to so severely yet you need to believe in something that makes your stocks go higher. So there you go.

You can change your mind. Only you. Nobody here ever changed their mind because of a good argument. Your defenses have gotten stronger and I don’t have the levels of patience that marcus gave you.

Look at what I said again. There will be others like Trump soon. Each will be smarter, than the previous one. They might have a good work ethic. The rubes are so ripe for it now. Get used to people turning their backs. Get used to being branded for what you’re supporting. Good luck.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Meanwhile, you have still failed to explain how Trumps actions meet the multipronged definition of Fascism.
This clownish demand on your part is a side topic and a gift of my time that I wouldn’t give you.

Still, people all over are asking this question and writing about it.

This link is a good one with more good links inside

According to the author
“Fascism has not happened here so far.”

“you could call legitimately call Trumpism a fascist social and political movement” and that Trump is “using fascist political tactics,” but that Trump isn’t necessarily leading a fascist government.

But most experts did not even go that far, and some expressed concern that describing Trump as a fascist undermines the term and leads to a misanalysis of our current political situation. “If Trump was a fascist and we were in a situation akin to Germany in 1932 or Italy in 1921, certain kinds of actions would be justified,” Sheri Berman, a professor of political science at Barnard College, says. “But we are not and they are not.”

... The goal is to catch fascist social and political movements, and fascist ideology, before it becomes a regime.
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Limbaugh was among the first to exploit the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and was recently an enthusiastic superspreader of Trump’s desperate lie that the Democrats stole the 2020 election. —an historic attack on America’s democracy

Limbaugh’s national reach on talk radio excited right-wing rage and episodes of violence using taunts, lies, and misleading exaggerations. They found Limbaugh’s lies deliciously entertaining especially on the long commute.

Limbaugh saturated America’s airwaves with cruel bigotries, lies and conspiracy theories for over three decades,

A full accounting of Limbaugh’s lies and exaggerations; his racism and his misogyny; his homophobia and his Islamophobia; and his sheer cruelty could fill books — and have

Limbaugh’s monologues included quotes such as “Feminism was established as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

He branded feminists as “feminazis,” joked about people dying from AIDS, and did sounds meant to simulate on-air abortions.

In 2012, Limbaugh referred to Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University student, as a “slut” and “prostitute” after she testified about contraception before a congressional committee.

While he claimed to represent the views of the average American, Limbaugh lived for years as a caricature of an East Coast elite in his luxury condo overlooking Central Park in New York City. He sold the property in 2010 for $11.5 million, moving primarily to a sprawling mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, where he lived until his death.
Meanwhile, Limbaugh used his platform to condemn policies designed to actually help working class Americans. He fervently opposed the expansion of public health care and said an Obama-era health insurance program for low-income children “ought to die.” He condemned taxes against the ultra-rich, such as himself, and fled New York after the proposal of increased taxes on millionaires.
In 2006, Limbaugh — despite once saying that all drug addicts should be convicted and “sent up the river” — struck a plea deal with prosecutors in Florida after being charged with prescription fraud. Limbaugh, who admitted to being an oxycodone addict, was accused of “doctor shopping,” the act of deliberately deceiving physicians in order to receive multiple prescriptions.

After an avowed white supremacist massacred 51 Muslims inside two New Zealand mosques in 2019, Limbaugh speculated on air that the shooter “may in fact be a leftist” who shot Muslims “to smear” those on the right.
A day after a mob of Trump supporters — among them white supremacists and militia members — stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, ransacking the seat of American democracy, Limbaugh falsely told his listeners no looting had occurred and that the protesters only “took selfies.”
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Patrick says
You can say that, but the statistical evidence the Biden lost bigly is overwhelming.

And it looks like the audits are turning up specific details of the fraud, like the thousands of oddly crisp xeroxed ballots in George with only a Biden vote filled in.

Court battles challenging the outcome of voters lost in every single state, numbering 60 I believe.

Meanwhile these auditors better find something as much as they are getting paid.

… and the whole story exists to keep the grift flowing and the base charged up for 2022. Without this to enrage you there would only be the bleak reality of having been conned by the loser. Also you can hear comforting details all the time to assure you of your outrageous fortune on OANN, Newsmax and Fox.

Speaking of news: he’s not getting reinstated, not in August, not ever. He’s not an insurance policy. So that’s not the way it works. Pelosi would be president if the election had a valid challenge.
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HunterTits says
Nice to see you still posting bullshit, Jazz!
Your tears are breaking my heart
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HunterTits says
Typical Democrats, right @jazz_music ?
Could you say something more divisive?

What fills you with this fear and outrage? Vaccinations?
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FuckCCP89 says
You're the one obsessing over Trump, not us.
Something for you and your followers with the high approval polls
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
The sleepers have awoken. Keep attacking. No matter what.
You mean donating.

Also keep chanting “Hang Mike Pence”
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FuckCCP89 says
(Rhethorical question, we know you did.) Did you score any LV merch?
Wow, that’s an extremely ignorant thing to say even for you.

You and your partisan grifters threaten the continuation of human life by recklessly abandoning nuclear treaties, reigniting the nuclear arms race and ignoring climate destruction while accelerating fossil fuel extractions.

Your fears and outrage makes you a useful idiot to the rich and powerful
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FuckCCP89 says
So didja score any? C'mon, man, don't be shy!
LOL you fight like a girl
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HunterTits says
Seems this the best that the TDS trolls can do these days.

Real sad. Pathetic, even.
He’s done. You fascists are going to have to find a new daddy to worship.

Speaking of sad and blah blah blah.

I know when that day comes it will be entertaining as your outrage
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Donald says
I just bought my tickets to the Trump re-instatement ceremony in August. I even paid extra for the VIP tickets
I’m so glad you did that.

How much do you donate and how often?
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HeadSet says
each state certified their own electoral college results and sent them in and there is no Constitutional provision to undo the certifications.
If only the mob could have handed the physical electoral college ballots over to him we could still have Trump heading our government with an interim government announcement
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
EVERYBODY knows Biden didn't win,
Right because it gets repeated so often that it doesn’t matter that it’s not true. They are all quoting dead leader, I mean dear leader. That’s what matters. He’s going to fix them all, haha!
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