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Goran_K says
Name me 10 right wing personalities who openly support and align with Russia. Go.

Wow I can't believe you'd ask this question.

Secretary of State who wear's Putin's medal? Trump's son in law? Flynn, Manafort, Tiller, Kushner, Page?

Or are these not "personalities" in your book as if it matters a single fuckwit? The ENTIRE Russian investigation including at least one conviction and a lot of indictments are entirely about Republicans openly supporting and aligning with Russia. Speaking of personalities who align with Russia, how about Donald Trump who was apologizing for Putin during his own convention?
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PaisleyPattern says
The people blocking him most are McCain, Corker and Flake. One has cancer and two are retiring. Trump will soon have control of the party and things will start moving.

ROFLOL......blocking DONALD TRUMP??????????

The Republican congress voted to repeal Obamacare 60 times in the last 8 years. The Republican party WILL NEVER repeal NAFTA or any other globalist treaty ever. The Republican congress has always wanted to cut taxes to the bone. The Republican congress will NEVER allow Donald Trump to build a law nor will they ever allow Donald Trump to deport all the illegals.

Donald Trump is carrying water for the Republicans in congress. He's their gimp, their choad, their cuck. The Republicans in congress hold all the cards and they are setting all the policy. End.
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Well Trump is a complete blithering twitter princess baboon so I'm sure the Democrats don't need much.

Maybe the new standard candidate for idiocracy is more of the same.
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joshuatrio says
Patrick, can you just ban the anonymous posting feature? Even with the increment values, it's being abused.

Why is it being abused? The comment above is spot on accurate. If anyone is abusing logic and reason, it's Goran for insisting that Germany's economy is in shambles. Ever drive a Mercedes or a BMW or a Volkswagon? What a wreck that place is!!
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Patrick says
What if I just go back to generating random combinations of words for non-registered users, like WineHorror or CatClimber?

Much better.
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Fox has gotten confused as of late. They are no longer the disloyal opposition. They are caught in a twilight zone between the Democrats and the Looniecrats who support Trump.a
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Strategist says
If you don't need much and still can't find someone, you are in trouble, aren't you? Give Trump a chance and see what happens. Country comes before politics.

You think?

Republicans are going to tear this country to pieces. You may not think that giving billionaires tax cuts worth billions on their estate taxes will do anything, however the reality is there's only one earth and the more you deliver it into the hands of the aristocracy, the less you get. Basic math.

So I'm interested to hear what spending will be cut? The answer of course is none. This is a monkey fucking a garbage can and it would be hilarious if it wasn't going to do so much damage.
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Nope. I'm satisfied with the way things are right now. I refuse to let Goran moderate one of my threads so lets try this and see how it works. Maybe ultimately it's better if people moderate their own stuff.
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Goran_K says
I would ban anonymous posting. The only legitimate reason for "anonymous" posting is for people to shit stir with little repercussions.

Not true at all. People like you often use ad hominem when you can't respond or answer a question. In this very thread I've had to delete posts by you that were nothing but childish attacks, accusations of a granny porn addiction, etc.

Being anonymous forces people like yourself to address what is said instead of who is saying it. So obviously you're not going to like it.
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I'm going to presume that the downvotes I get are from people who believe the polls are massively biased against the Republicans while in reality they seem to be biased against the Democrats.

Speak up. Don't be shy.
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That's nice but I thought the polls were broken and there was some sort of conspiracy against Republicans? Did you make an error?
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Goran_K says
I think we should give mods the ability to re-categorize threads by their actual category. I actually do want to help you keep this board SFW. Help clean the place up.

Not acceptable. I refuse to participate in any thread that Goran is moderating and I think allowing him any control here was a mistake.

However if you're going to let Goran moderate the #politics tag, I'd like the right to tag my own threads whatever I wish.
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Goran_K says
See Patrick?

To be clear, you want to force everyone to create threads that you can moderate. Right?
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Goran_K says
I want to help Patrick have a site that attracts an audience that isn't just trolls and shit stirrers.

You are a liar, a troll, a shit stirrer, and you're such a fucking baby that you've posted screen shots of your brokerage account.

You are uniquely unqualified to even moderate a petting zoo.
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Patrick says
The site is already in hell. Trying to escape it.

All forums end up like this. The reason is the lowest quality people who aren't allowed to participate anywhere else find their home and their voice.

The solution, and I know you don't like it, is to have a quality standard for each user. An objective one not tied to politics. Lying, trolling, refusing to answer questions, etc.
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I know you don't personally have anything against Goran, but try arguing with him. See how frustrating it is for someone to LITERALLY never answer a question and then have him mock you for the same thing despite having answered him in great detail.

This is the guy who said the German economy was in shambles (he said literally in shambles) and then when pressed for details, refused to discuss it. That's the kind of thing that ruins forums.
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Fucking White Male says
Your insistence that other posters answer your questions is one of the more ridiculous positions on

Were not in a fucking court room and you are very far from being the judge.

I'm glad you brought this up.

The only way to expose fallacies is to ask questions. The only way to hold a conversation or debate a topic or reach a consensus is to ask questions. A failure to answer a question is a failure of a position and the loss of the argument however what a troll does is immediately erect a straw man or talk about granny porn.

If Goran lies about the carbon emissions of lawnmowers, and the discussion is about carbon emissions, why shouldn't he be required to answer questions proving he lied? See how this works? The disingenuous people drive away the honest people.
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A forum is where good ideas are supposed to win. Refusing to answer a question directly related to a point you produce denies the person you are arguing with a win. It's a win he deserves but you're a troll so you deny giving it to him.

Goran, you lied about lawnmower emissions. You made it up. You pulled it out of your ass. This is a very clear and specific example of a troll denying someone a win in a discussion.

That's why forums fail. The people who play fair and are honest are driven off because their ideas aren't allowed to rise to the top. Right now the worst offenders on the board are Piggy and Goran. No contest.
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Patrick says
Just civil productive conversation.

I agree and I'm explaining why conversations here can't be productive. I even gave a specific event.
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Goran_K says
Do you really get angry about conversations you've had on the internet? I think that's a bigger problem than anything you've mentioned thus far.

Why do you get so angry?

Pure ad hominem in every sense of the word. Goran can't win this one either so he's turning it into an attack on an individual.

I don't even need to dredge up historical examples of why this place fails. Goran provides them real time.
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Patrick says
My hope is that separate moderators will each do the right thing for their topic.

You can't have Goran as a moderator. Errc was dead on accurate when he said Goran went on a long rant about an old lady in a bra however he's never said a peep about the gross abuse that CIC has wrecked on nearly everyone here. Even anons.

He's going to let him post because they share the same politics.
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Goran_K says
Why does it have to be about winning? Wouldn't it be better if people just posted, exchanged discourse, and entertained themselves?

Everyone who was entertained by the free exchange of ideas has left the site. The reason is you and others don't allow the free exchange of ideas. One simple question you can't answer and you go straight to ad hominem. Every time.

Patrick is asking why the site is a wreck. I'm explaining why.
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The majority of people who should be participating here should be liberal and Democrat and against Trump. Those the the demographics of California and polls say Trump is only supported by about 38%.

Why are 90% of the threads here mocking Clinton or Obama and praising the orange baboon?

The reason is the right wing bullies dominate discourse here. They drive other people away, especially CIC and what results is a "conservative" echo chamber.
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joeyjojojunior says
More Goran trolling. This guy should not only no be a moderator, he should be banned along with CIC

That was the first thought I had also. As long as Goran has been here, there's no way he doesn't know this.
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rpanic01 says
You presume wrong, I don't care about the race. Down voted for putting it under investing.

It's odd you wouldn't care about the election or the accuracy/bias of polls but you somehow care about......a hashtag?
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rpanic01 says
Patrick is trying to set up mods probably to make it easier for himself and you are sabotaging it because you don't agree.

I'm not sabotaging anything. I created the thread and I'd like the right to keep the trolls out. The fact no one is defending a MASSIVE assertion made thousands of times since November 2016 in the light of the latest election couldn't make this issue more clear.
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Stay on topic please.
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jazz_music says
@Patrick to some extent you must be one of them. That is the only explanation. You enjoy watching the punishment of those who stand against the dominant talkers.

He's not one of them, he's just sympathetic to the election of Trump and the issues that define madness on the left. He also doesn't participate in most of these squabbles so he doesn't have a good feel for the character of people such as Goran.
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Onvacation says
So what is the ideal temp of earth for human habitation?
I know you won't answer.
I win.

I answered you with about 5 paragraphs.
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Onvacation says
I was just making the point that Iwog often accuses others of what he does all the time.

Except you're lying about it. You're a troll and you are what makes this place a shithole.

That question of yours has been answered ad nauseam over and over again by at least 3 people and the fact you come back and lie about it again and again.

Patrick I know it's a chore however if the final arbitrator of who is screwing up the form rests on you, you're going to have to do things like go back and look at the discussion and see who's wantonly lying.

Right now the trolls run the board.
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These are NOT personality conflicts. These are QUANTIFIABLE differences in the people who are here to troll and the people who are here to have a discussion.
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KimJongUn says
@Patrick, is it in line with your vision when moderator of #investing forum deliberately starts political thread in #investing instead of #politics in order to control the narrative (not my assesement - his own admission)?

I think you're seeing a demonstration of what happens to a thread when the trolls are prevented from trolling.

They go haywire and desperately attempt to stop the moderation.

I'd like to continue with this experiment, in fact if Patrick would let me moderate the entire board for a week, you'd see an amazing change.
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Onvacation says
He can make it the safe space he desires

I'm not looking for a safe space. I'm looking to have some intelligent moderation so when you lie your ass off, there can be some accountability.

Honestly for this site to start to attract reasonable people again, a lot of you pure trolls need to leave. THAT'S the secret formula and it's why y'all are wailing and gnashing your teeth.

I want one fucking thread to moderate in politics and look at how much misery and screaming and complaining and crying it has caused.
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KimJongUn says
All I see is an abuse of moderatorial power. You were given the permission to moderate #investing subforum, not to turn it into on the day one.

I have 35 followers on this board. Next is Patrick with 22 and the next after that is APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch with just 9.

I haven't played this card before but now that Patrick is testing moderation, I'd like a little deference to be shown to me on this issue.
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zzyzzx says
When I comment about how Iwog is misusing the investing tag in a political thread, he deletes that comment pretty quickly. I didn't even write anything political!

One of Patrick's rules is stay on topic. I'm actually trying to do this. Consider this an experiment in cleaning up the board starting with a single thread.

What SHOULD be talked about here is the actual TOPIC which for 10 fucking months has been "DA POLLS ARE ALL LIBERAL!!!!" and then when one giant data point appears contradicting this, none of you want to talk about it.
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I'm moderating according to the exact same rules Patrick posted. If you see any deviation from that, you can let Patrick know.
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Trolls win again.
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Patrick, you're taking all your advice from the absolute worst people on the board.

If you want to know why the site participation is declining, that's why.