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NuttBoxer says
curious2 says
If you want to read about Lex Scantinia, you might start with Wikipedia

Your source Wikipedia still says...

"The conflation of the Lex Scantinia with later or other restrictions on sexual behaviors has sometimes led to erroneous assertions that the Romans had strict laws and penalties against homosexuality in general... As John Boswell has noted, "if there was a law against homosexual relations, no one in Cicero's day knew anything about it."
A Roman's masculinity was not compromised by his having sex with males of lower status, such as male prostitutes or slaves, as long as he took the active, penetrating role... Male prostitutes and entertainers, even if technically "free," were considered infames, of no social standing, and were also excluded....

So, you are talking about a law that prohibited raping citizens of particular social standing. Half the population were either slaves, entertainers, or prostitutes, and prostitution was also legal. To the extent Lex Scantinia applied at all to consensual sex, it prohibited some male citizens from submitting/serving. It was definitely not a prohibition against homosexual relations generally, which remained legal until after Constantine imposed Christianity.

IOW, more than a thousand of years of history disproves your original, false claim. Thebes, Sparta, Athens, and Rome prospered at the top of the food chain for many centuries, much longer than all of American history. Note again that the history of Rome spanned 1,000 years of a rising republic and empire, then conversion to Christianity, which resulted in decline and fall.
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Onvacation says
Are you saying the concrete floors turned to dust mid air after falling a couple of floors?

They were crushed by impact: a falling avalanche crushing everything below. At the moment of getting crushed, each floor had the support of the structure below, but the force of the impact exceeded the strength of the structure.

Onvacation says
Please link to a steel tower collapsing from fire.
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Onvacation says
Towers burn and partially collapse. They don't completely collapse and then burn.

When you say "They," you are referring to towers that have not been hit by a Boeing 767 with at least 10 floors above the impact point. When 10 floors of WTC come down like a hammer, they crush with overwhelming force.

Onvacation says
Have you watched David Chandler's video linked above? Are you aware of wtc building 7?

Yes, yes, and I am through wasting time with your questions and your indirect defense of Islamic terrorists by trying to shift the blame for what happened. The evidence is very clear: Muslims decided to strike terror into the enemies of Allah, as per Islam, including Koran 8:12 and 9:5. They hijacked airliners, flew them into buildings, and caused the buildings to collapse.
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NuttBoxer says
selective breeding.

Either way, you are endorsing it when you choose fighting breeds such as the pit bulls. They were bred to fight. The weaker, less aggressive fighters were killed by the stronger, more aggressive fighters, which were then bred. Just as race horses are bred for racing, pit bull dogs were bred for fighting and killing. You brought the result into your home, creating an unnecessary risk. Other dogs, that have not been selectively bred for fighting and killing, do not pose nearly the same risk.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

From the comments:

help identity this woman who threw hot coffee on this brave woman for speaking out on the Lib gov and Justin Trudeau's poor handling of the illegal migrant issue at our border.

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marcus says
Don't you know that eventually, in the same way that those "others" melted in to the white group, all these other groups that you fear or disparage will be part of a larger group ?

No, and you don't know that either. You persist in seeing only skin deep, projecting your own constant racism onto everyone else. If you look at Islamic migration throughout history and around the world, you can see that Islamic Hijrah results in violent conquest. The "larger group" is forced to submit to Sharia, as per Islam. The followers of the dead charlatan Mohamad designed, fabricated, and optimized Islam for that purpose. It doesn't matter what color they are, but you can't see that, because your racism prevents you from seeing anything other than what color people are.
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FortWayne says
Roman Empire didn’t start with it either, but ended with it, before it’s demise.

You have the sequence backwards. Rome rose as a republic with freedom of religion, and continued to prosper as a polytheistic empire. Each of those periods continued longer than the entire history of the USA. Homosexuality was ubiquitous throughout both periods, as had also been the case in Greece (e.g. Sparta, Athens, Thebes) for centuries before. Then Constantine imposed Christianity, and homosexuality was banned per Paul and Leviticus. Then Rome declined and fell, and humanity fell into the medieval dark ages.

Also, in addition to learning some actual history, please try to learn the difference between its and it's.
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Patrick says
The Dalai Lama has told a press conference in Sweden that “Europe belongs to the Europeans”, asserting that refugees should be repatriated so they can rebuild their homelands.
Speaking to Germany’s Frankfurter Allegemier Zeitung newspaper in 2016, the Dalai Lama said refugees “should be admitted only temporarily”, stating he believed that “too many” were in Europe, and adding: “Germany in particular, cannot become an Arab country, Germany is Germany.”

He is correct, and perhaps some on the left might listen because he isn't white. Similarly, when Danish lawyer Jacob Mchangama (who is black) burned a Koran, Denmark legalized blasphemy. Leftist racism blinds many on the left to anything other than skin color, but is confounded when a PoC criticizes Islam.
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Strategist says
Arab countries must be for Arabs, and none of them will accept even Arab refugees.

The Arab countries are dominated by Muslims, and the Islamic agenda is to spread Sunni Islam into NATO by driving Sunni migration.

It's bizarre to see MSM call KSA an ally, while at the same time denouncing the President's travel ban as racist: KSA has had a similar ban against non-Muslims for decades. The point of Hillary's War was to increase Saudi control over NATO, by (a) preventing Libya from competing with KSA in the oil and gas markets and (b) driving Sunni "refugees" into NATO countries. Hillary's MIC clients got paid too of course.

So, of course Arab countries do not take Arab refugees. The purpose of life, per Islam, is to be a slave to Allah by imposing Islam. The point is to drive Sunni Muslims into NATO democracies, and hijack them from inside. Allowing Sunnis to seek refuge in other Sunni countries would not serve that agenda.
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marcus says

My argument was simple. 2 statements.

Your "argument" was simply wrong. For example, BLM started in 2013, before Donald Trump had even declared his candidacy for POTUS, so you can't blame him for identity politics on the left. As for racists, you had been making some of the most racist posts on PatNet for years before Donald Trump became a candidate. For example, you don't want to import white Nazis from Europe, but you do want to import brown Muslim/Nazis from MENA, because they're brown and the MSM (per Tony Podesta, registered foreign agent for KSA) tell you the "intelligent" and "progressive" thing to do is to import them.

While trolling, you ignore serious questions. For example, if importing African Muslims is such a good idea, why doesn't KSA import them? Africa has millions of black Muslims who could help to 'diversify' (in your superficial exclusively color-based view) Arabia, and yet KSA doesn't import them. Why not? I know the answer, but do you have even the ability to read and analyze the question?
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The video of the El Cajon incident made me wonder about the back story.

The event was a protest against police following the fatal police shooting of Alfred Olango, 38. He had arrived as a child refugee from Uganda, and then committed a series of gun and drug crimes for which ICE had been trying to repatriate him for more than a decade. He had a history of panhandling and mentally ill behavior, including wandering into traffic. Following the death of a childhood friend, Olango began behaving more erratically (SSRIs or other psychotropic drugs?). His sister called police because he was wandering into traffic. He committed, apparently, suicide by cop: he pretended to point a gun at police, and refused to drop it, but the pretend gun turned out to be a vape pipe. His family will likely inherit any proceeds if El Cajon pays a judgment or settlement.

BTW, the violence at the protest extended beyond the attack on the Trump supporter shown in the video. "ECM reporter Rebecca Williamson was filming the event when she was knocked down and had her camera bag stolen." No word on what she might have been wearing.
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mell says
H1Bs usually have a 5%-25% discount.

I think it's more than that. Remember a substantial portion of employment costs goes to "benefits," including mandatory medical insurance. If an employer outsources to a staffing firm or otherwise avoids paying "benefits," that can become a substantial discount. For example, when Scott Walker attacked the Wisconsin teachers' union, reportedly half the money that schools were paying was getting diverted to mandatory "benefits" including medical insurance over $20k/year per teacher.
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"The New America Foundation has received more than $21 million from Google; its parent company’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt; and his family’s foundation since the think tank’s founding in 1999. That money helped to establish New America as an elite voice in policy debates on the American left and helped Google shape those debates.
New America...employs more than 200 people, including dozens of researchers, writers and scholars, most of whom work in sleek Washington offices where the main conference room is called the “Eric Schmidt Ideas Lab.”
[After New America's Open Markets initiative scholar Barry Lynn] posted a statement on the think tank’s website praising the European Union’s penalty against Google, Mr. Schmidt, who had been chairman of New America until 2016, communicated his displeasure with the statement to the group’s president, Anne-Marie Slaughter, according to the scholar.
Ms. Slaughter told Mr. Lynn that “the time has come for Open Markets and New America to part ways,” according to an email from Ms. Slaughter to Mr. Lynn.
Ms. Slaughter accused Mr. Lynn of “imperiling the institution as a whole.”
After initially eschewing Washington public policy debates, which were seen in Silicon Valley as pay-to-play politics, Google has developed an influence operation that is arguably more muscular and sophisticated than that of any other American company.

I read about after seeing a terribly misleading comment on PatNet, and the user who posted it said it came from

The disinformation turned out to be part of the "New America Muslim Diaspora Initiative." Among other things, the Initiative documents "Anti-Muslim Activities in the United States," for example which "local government officials denounce Islam." Accused online of such blasphemy, these local officials can then be added to Islamic State kill lists, because the Islamic penalty for blasphemy is death.

The question becomes, why have "New America" and apparently Google become so intent on spreading Islam and silencing blasphemy? PatNet readers may already know about Pakistan and KSA's "Muslim world plan against blasphemous content," including online, and that KSA leads a war on "terrorism" which it defines to include questioning the fundamentals of Islam, while KSA and Pakistan fund and participate in terror attacks against other countries.
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Quigley says
People want to believe in the infallibility of doctors....

Yes, people cherish that fantasy, and doctors and nurses play up the part of bedside manner and the appearance of erudition and compassion. Many do mean well, but the actual practice tends to align with the financial incentives and institutional inertia, doing what is most lucrative rather than what works best.

BTW, a cautionary example from inside a hospital corporation in Chicago: a group of idealistic doctors and nurses organized to reduce nosocomial infections; their initiative worked so well that many ended up getting laid off, because without the infections, the hospital didn't need so many doctors and nurses. Hospital corporations maximize ROI.

BlueSardine says
"Extend", not "save"
curious2 says
Why can't people vote to save their own lives?

That is a good point, but then why can't they vote to extend their own lives? Are they so wretched that they look forward to their demise and don't want to prolong their misery? If that is true, then why do they seek out or vote for medical programs at all? And why wait, instead of checking out early? And what is the difference between suicide and diverting resources from medical research into sectors that simply waste the money? I suspect that as Petrodollar hypnosis drives the suicidal decision to import Islam, medical industrial complex hypnosis drives the suicidal decision to forgo medical research and spend instead on toxic placebos.
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dr6B says
US ignoring mental health problems

The US does not ignore mental health problems, it monetizes them. We subsidize infinitely modalities that have a 90% failure rate, e.g. toxic SSRI placebos and "rehab" programs. The rehab programs are especially lucrative due to also subsidizing infinitely the OxyContin fraud. Noam Chomsky might say that as a structural whole, the US medical industrial complex pays lavish attention to maximizing mental health problems by promoting addiction and diverting resources into ineffective treatments that prolong it.
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In a free society, everything is legal except the few things that are prohibited. For example, the government will not punish you for deciding to use drain cleaner as toothpaste or mouthwash, even though brushing and rinsing with drain cleaner would be a potentially dangerous mistake.

Returning to the OP topic, a basic problem of Islam is that it is "a complete system" that prohibits a free society. The whole premise is that everyone must be a slave to Allah, which in practice means being a slave to the dead charlatan Mohamad or whoever is in charge to speak for him. Islam commands Sharia and thus prohibits separating mosque from state.

In that regard, some who call themselves Christian have the same problem, unable to distinguish between church and state, but to a lesser degree because Christianity doesn't say many of the things that Islam says. Christianity does not command uniting church and state, though many who call themselves Christian do demand that.

Also, Islam's emphasis on conquest, and Christianity's emphasis on meekness and submission, make the two a dangerous combination. When the Pope tells Christian countries in Europe to import Muslims, he is facilitating Islamic conquest and Christian submission.
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Dan said it best: capitalism rewards bargaining power, not value. When the CEOs of the biggest banks assemble, they wield enormous bargaining power: they finance political campaigns, grant or refuse credit, etc. They can threaten to shut down the economy. A truly public government would maintain a backup financial system, like the Post Office banking that European countries have. The Constitution authorizes the federal government to operate a bank, but we don't currently have anything like that. Instead, we have politicians financed by commercial banks, who make us dependent on commercial bankers.

The average nurse provides more value than the typical CEO of a big bank, but our system rewards the bank CEO, who wields more bargaining power due to controlling politicians and resources. The RICO fraud euphemized as "robo-signing" showed that banks have plenty of ambitious executives who commit outright fraud, and control plenty of politicians to escape punishment and to settle for illusory re-financing of loans that wouldn't have been collected anyway.
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Patrick says
I wouldn't say it's so much that people themselves forgot 9/11, but instead that Saudi Arabia uses its trillions to make sure that their central involvement in the attack is not brought up.

...and especially that NATO MSM and politicians deny always the central role of Islam itself. As long as they can point to at least one Muslim who didn't personally fly an airliner into an office tower on 9/11, politicians can continue pretending the motive (Islam) had nothing to do with the crime.
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Blue says
Pakistan troops slit BSF jawan's throat along International Border.

Pakistan is a terrorist state, as per Islam, enabled by US support.
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Every American is guilty....

even the guy who got exonerated, and the attorneys and judges and others who helped to exonerate him?

Your comments are really negative and hateful towards Americans in general, and Democrats and Republicans in particular. If you hate America that much, perhaps you should consider other places?
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dr6B says

Titania should really #FlipTheScript on Islam by endorsing #IslamoFeminism. Just take all the current Sharia rules about the value of women vs men, and flip them. For example:
1) If a man accuses a woman of assault, he must produce four women of good character (i.e. IslamoFeminists) to testify on his behalf.
2) A man's testimony is otherwise worth only half as much as a woman's.
3) A son can only inherit half as much as a daughter.
4) A woman of any age can take up to 4 husbands, as young as 6 or 9yo. These can be arranged marriages.
Please feel free to add to this list by simply flipping the gender rules of Islam. Just remember, the existing rule that only males are required to register for conscription must remain unchanged.

Since women are a majority of voters, they should be able to #FlipTheScript in Pakistan in no time.
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@Tenpoundbass, I saw a fake meme hoax falsely attributing a made up quotation to Kurt Cobain. I had never used the "flag" function before, so I tried it, and the comment disappeared without explanation. I did not mean to imply there was anything personal about it, so I am sorry if it appeared that way. It's only a fake quotation misattributed to a beloved musician who is unfortunately no longer available to deny it:
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Tenpoundbass says
Well Snopes is not a reputable source.

Your anger at Snopes isn't a valid reason to post a fake meme that was also debunked by Spin and The Nation, among others. Have some respect for the dead. Misattribute your fake quote to Ted Nugent if you want to, he might not even deny it. Just leave Kurt Cobain out of it.
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Tenpoundbass says
NO proof he didn't.

There's no proof that you didn't say or do a long list of things, but that isn't an excuse to pretend you did. That particular misattribution is a really low and despicable tactic that casts doubt on the credibility of the people who spread it. Kurt's daughter is on record saying what she thinks, but she is careful not to claim to speak for him. In contrast, you are basically grave robbing by trying to steal his credibility.
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P N Dr Lo R says
Patrick says
Poland benefits tremendously from its lack of "diversity".
And adherence to its Catholic faith.

No, their lack of diversity results from their refusal to do what the Pope tells them to do. He tells them to import and to support Muslims. Poles refuse, rightly. Defying the Catholic church, doing the opposite of what the Pope says, works much better for them than adhering to the "infallible" charlatans in the Vatican.

Ireland stood up too, and the Vatican cross-dressers showed their own unbelievable arrogance and lack of grace by calling that "a defeat for humanity."

BTW, I would really like to know why Nazinger became the first pope to resign in since 1415. He blamed his age, but other popes had continued longer and until they were older. Did he resign because of his involvement in priests' rampant molestation of children, or something in his Nazi background, or because he had told the truth about the inherent violence of Islam? Knowing the Vatican track record, I suspect the latter: he had to resign because for one moment he had dared to tell the truth.

In addition to the Vatican supporting Islam, one should also consider the complicated relationship between the Vatican and Nazis, which also did not help Poland:

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Evan F. says
you guys can't even spell correctly

Sadly often true, and liberals are on average more intelligent than "conservatives", but that can lead to blinding arrogance. Consider The Best and the Brightest, for example. People who identify as liberal have been terribly misled about Islam, partly because gulf state Petrodollars have corrupted the channels and sources of information that liberals tend to trust. I think often of a good friend IRL who is very bright with multiple postgraduate degrees, and yet his predictions have proven spectacularly wrong for more than a year now, because he suffers from TDS. TDS, in turn, is largely stoked by Petrodollar-driven disinformation campaigns, including registered foreign agent and public relations manipulator Tony Podesta. You can say that many "conservatives" can't spell, but some of them can; you can say that they tend to be wrong about many things, e.g. Comet pizza (now with more children!), but they are right about Islam.

Read properly, the story of the boy who cried wolf has two morals:
1) don't cry wolf when there isn't one;
2) don't ignore the boy who cries wolf, because there might actually be one.
People who call themselves "liberal" seem to see only the first, and to ignore the second.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

NIcotine is an addictive vasoconstrictor that can cause serious medical problems on its own. In addition, the potentially flammable vaping liquid can contain other toxins. Vaping has reportedly caused serious burns, including fatalities. There is also no long term safety data regarding the lungs, and a friend IRL explained in detail why he suspects the vapor might prove even more harmful than smoke.

And, finally, vaping is commonly sold to schoolchidren, who are considered too young to decide whether to take all these risks. They choose vaping because they can conceal it more readily than smoking cigarettes in a bathroom, and because some are misled to believe it doesn't cause harm.

I lean libertarian and believe that if you want to poison yourself, that's your choice, but it would be incorrect to claim there is no harm associated with vaping.
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Islam correlates with below average IQ and literacy, and I think Islam causes that result for several reasons.

dr6B says

That shows Islam with the lowest SAT scores of any religion as of 1990.

This site addresses both IQ and literacy, and cites UN data from 2011:

This site goes further, though I cannot assess the credibility of the cited sources:

Reasons why Islam causes lower IQ and literacy include:
1) killing or driving away atheists at every generation (atheists tend to have the highest IQ);
2) Islam does not emphasize learning about anything other than Islam, and prohibits teaching anything un-Islamic (e.g. if it contradicts or even questions Islam). PatNet has a thread noting that when Birmingham, England, reached 20% Muslims, state schools began discriminating against non-Muslims and stopped teaching anything un-Islamic. That limits education.
3) Madrassahs tend to teach only the Koran, so relentlessly that people can recite it; if the only thing that you believe worth reading can be recited to you, then literacy loses much of its importance.
4) Because apostasy and blasphemy are both capital offenses in Islam, parents in Muslim countries discourage their children from the earliest age from learning anything that might potentially cause apostasy or blasphemy. Discouraging learning is precisely the opposite of the highest IQ societies, which emphasize and encourage learning.
There is also a self-reinforcing cycle of IQ and literacy, a sort of network effect. A mostly literate society creates demand for many services that require literacy, e.g. online. A mostly illiterate society does not create the same demand, and so does not develop the same effects.
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mell says


is a vasoconstrictor with a range of effects. You are right that it can help cognition, but that comes at a heavy price. Smoking can cause circulatory problems including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attacks. In males, it can cause erectile dysfunction. There is a well founded stereotype of the hyper-intellectual smoker, who lives for books and dies from smoking. An even larger number of idiots smoke too, of course, but that is because idiots always outnumber hyper-intellectuals.
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Since most of the regulatory attention seems to focus on kids vaping, one should also probably mention that nicotine is a potentially lethal neurotoxin, often used as a pesticide. Large numbers of kids with poor impulse control sneaking potentially lethal quantities of neurotoxins into schools: what could possibly go wrong?

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Cig taxes are high
Vap Juice taxes are not high.

That is a good point, and similar to the Amazon vs local retail issue because adults tend to buy cigarettes locally and vaping supplies online. The regulatory campaign seems mostly to focus on kids, but there might also be other motives.
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Patrick says

could theoretically drive IQ in either direction, though in practice (aggressive polygamous guys getting married to multiple females chosen for their appearance) down is much more likely than up. Combining inbreeding with removing atheists and agnostics from the gene pool (via execution, incarceration, or exile) would logically result in a lower average IQ among the remaining local population, and that would compound with each generation.

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